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Copyrights to the pictures and photos on this ESL and EL Civics Halloween lesson belong to individual photographers. Ryan Tandy highlights what he considers to be one of the pinnacles of Halloween celebration in the movies. Thank God then (or should that be the other guy) for Michael Dougherty’s superb Trick ‘r Treat, not just for its celebration of that magical time of the year when the barrier between the dead and the living is at its thinnest, but its ability to overcome its troubled early years. But thankfully the film managed to claw its way out of the grave, thanks in no small part to Dougherty’s commitment to the picture and the support of co producers Legendary Pictures.
Based on Dougherty’s animated short Season’s Greetings, and set in the small, Halloween obsessed town of Warren Valley, Trick ‘r Treat is an anthology, in the vein of Creepshow, Tales of the Crypt Keeper and the classic EC horror comic series, that tells five interwoven tales that take place on Old Hallows Eve. As well written a horror film as has been seen in a number of years, Trick ‘r Treat manages to mix humour, horror, gore and even a hint of sadness (the story of the Halloween school bus massacre will touch even the stoniest of hearts) into an anachronically ordered story that sits proudly alongside the other great horror anthologies. Simply put, this is a love letter to the holiday; Halloween’s version of A Christmas Carol that perfectly capture the spirit of this beloved time of the year. This sense of reverence is further embodied by Sam, the terrifying little creature who is the keeper of Halloween and its customs.
Anyone who claims any love for Halloween should have already seen Trick ‘r Treat, and those who are yet to experience its joys are implored to watch it as soon as possible. So as the nights close in and the pumpkins come out, I implore you to take a little time out and enjoy this hand crafted tribute to the night when ghosts and ghouls come out to play.
I love the people you brought to the party and, of course, I am a huge supporter of Gothic American civil rights. I have two daughters currently under the age of two, so trick-or-treating isn't something I have to worry about quite yet. I did not grow up trick-or-treating due to religious intolerance of Halloween's symbolism in our home, and I started out as a parent with the same thoughts. For parents that are on the fence about trick-or-treating, there are some other options that most communities offer.
Newlywed, new mom and first-time home buyer, Sarah is currently playing out her exciting life in Phoenix, Arizona. There are, of course, plenty that are set at that time of year; the combination of the supernatural history and abundance of innocent victims out after dark providing an easy backdrop for scares, but there are very few which actually pay tribute to the holiday itself. Originally intended for release in October 2007, the film was abruptly pulled by Warner Bros with no explanation, effectively burying it before it had a chance to see the light of day. Seeing the film’s potential they agreed to produce a couple of prints to be shown at various film festivals, where it wooed audiences and collected several awards.

Werewolves, serial killers and ghosts are all present and correct, and proceedings are over seen by Sam, a sack-masked, malevolent little imp who ensures that anyone not respecting the traditions of the holiday gets their comeuppance. The story subverts a few genre conventions, and even throws in a few knowing nods towards other horror classics along the way.
Even the small town setting, with its white picket fences and neatly manicured gardens, embodies everything we associated with the more commercial, stylized version of Samhain that has been presented to us in the last seventy years. Like a vengeful ghost of Christmas present, Sam represents the idea that Halloween should be respected as much as enjoyed and duly punishes those who refuse to play by the rules. But if you are one of the few yet to have enjoyed it Legendary Pictures are carrying out a special, one off screening on October 28th at the Egyptian Theatre, LA.
My friend Debbie Williams and I got together to join the Blog party over at A Fanciful Twist. Miss Esmerelda’s parents were thrilled that she wanted to wear a traditional Gothic American outfit for her costume. My husband and I both grew up trick-or-treating until the late hours of the night, making it our goal to fill up a pillowcase with candy (my husband accomplished this, I didn't). It's a fun tradition and there's no harm as long as the kids understand that it's all make believe.
Then one year, we just happened to be out walking our dog when the trick or treaters started and I heard the neighbors' children down the road yelling out their window that the trick or treaters were evil. She recently gave up her job in finance to stay at home with her baby girl, who between bath time and feeding time, keeps her very busy. The customs, the traditions, the spirit of October the 31st; all pushed under the rug in favour of murder and gore.
By the time it eventually saw release in October 2009 on DVD Trick ‘r Treat had built up both huge word of mouth momentum and a small but rabid fan base, and it has since entered the top five Halloween movie lists of many people. All the performances are excellent, and the technical aspects are similarly top notch (the comic style opening credits, another hint towards the EC influence, are particularly good).
Of course, just as Christmas is a time when people love their neighbours a little more, behind these perfectly painted doors the town people are able to indulge their obsession with the macabre for one night a year.
His stalking of the cantankerous and Halloween hating Mr Kreeg plays out like an R rated version of the meeting between Scrooge and Marley, as Sam tries to warns the old man of the error of his ways and force him to embrace the holiday spirit (albeit in a more terminal way than Charles Dickens originally described). The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Dougherty and several cast members, and the whole thing will be streamed live on Legendary’s Facebook page for those of you who do not live stateside. Take a look at what happened and then go see the other partygoers by clicking on the picture at the bottom!

We always make sure that their costume is tasteful and warm (it gets cold here) and that they stay with an adult.
I live on a street that prepares all month for the little ones to come out in their favorite costumes and yell "trick or treat!" We decorate, some parents have haunted garages, and some even dress in crazy costumes and scare the older kids. Little kids being so judgmental, I knew right then and there that I did not ever want my kids going that route.
Even John Carpenter’s same named slasher merely uses the date as an anniversary of tragedy and a convenient jump start for DVD sales every time the clocks go back. But the real star of the film is not an actor or the story, but the night of Halloween itself. His child like appearance is a personification not just the modern day aspects of the holiday but also the ancient, more sinister reasons for carving pumpkins and leaving out treats for the dead.
Most parents don't let their kids go running around the neighborhood unsupervised, and some don't feel it's safe to be eating candy from strangers. It is so much fun handing out candy and watching their faces as the candy drops into their bags. So over the next year, we discussed Halloween, the history, the traditions and the commercialism.
They’re big crusaders for Gothic American civil rights, so we were glad to help them out. I trick or treated as a child and even then it was scary, not to mention the world is full of toxic people that can contaminate the treats. Solution: Take your child to the store and have them pick out any Halloween items they want and buy it for them. And with the hundreds of possibilities for costumes today it is just so much fun to see their creativity.
My only caveat is that my children cannot be "evil" characters, and they've all been OK with that.

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