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I’m impressed by the level of detail and it does explain treatment and testing quite well.
Its’ like playing Russian roulette with someone else’s health telling them to wait and see. I haven’t got  a problem if it’s all explained to the patient and they make a informed decision, But patients are   usually at a disadvantage they lack information to make that decision and trust the health professional they know best….
Treatment of hepatitis B viral (HBV) infection depends on how active the virus is and whether you are at risk for liver damage such as cirrhosis. The goals of HCV treatment are to remove the virus from the blood and reduce the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer that can result from long-term HCV infection.
Many of the medicines used to treat hepatitis B are not helpful for treating hepatitis D (See hepatitis B). Diagnosis of hepatitis C can be done with the help of blood tests that determines HCV antibodies in the blood.
A diagnosis of hepatitis C does not really mean that a patient needs hepatitis C treatment.
Interferon is given by injection and has certain side effects which include flu-like symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, depression, vomiting, fever and thinning of hair. This blog will help the Hepatitis C to cope with most clinical situations related to the abdominal and alimentary tract in patients with FMF.
Because chronic hepatitis often does not cause any early symptoms, the disorder frequently is discovered during a routine blood test.
If these tests show signs of liver inflammation or liver failure, you will undergo tests for hepatitis B and C and for antibodies that signal autoimmune hepatitis. This information helps to determine the best treatment and to assess your risk of developing cirrhosis and liver failure. The best way to protect against chronic hepatitis is to protect yourself against the hepatitis B and C viruses. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is seen most often in people who are overweight, especially if they accumulate excessive fat around the midsection.
If you are taking a medication that could affect your liver, make sure to have your blood tested regularly to avoid the development of chronic hepatitis or liver damage. The goals of treatment for chronic hepatitis are to prevent the disease from getting worse and to prevent cirrhosis and liver failure.
If you have hepatitis C, you should receive the vaccine for hepatitis A and B unless blood tests show that you are already immune to these viruses. If you already have evidence of cirrhosis, you should have a test called endoscopy to look for esophageal varices, enlarged veins in the esophagus that can cause life-threatening bleeding.
Corticosteroids and other medications such as azathioprine to suppress the immune system are the main treatment of autoimmune chronic hepatitis. Treatment for the less common forms of chronic hepatitis focuses on the disease that is causing the condition. If you have chronic hepatitis, you must avoid further liver damage from alcohol or acetaminophen (Tylenol).
If you experience persistent fatigue, the most common symptom of chronic hepatitis, make an appointment to see your doctor.
The likelihood of developing cirrhosis depends on the severity of the disease and the response to treatment. Disclaimer: This content should not be considered complete and should not be used in place of a call or visit to a health professional. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. Diet plans should always been if you just have autoimmune hepatitis treatment taken cider vinegar (ACV) has many people affected joints to move the joint replacement operation in the cells in three stages of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other auto-toxification. Home treatment will usually help relieve your symptoms and help you prevent the spread of hepatitis A virus (HAV).
If you believe you have recently been exposed to HBV, you should receive a shot of hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) and the first of three immunization shots of hepatitis B vaccine. Persons with long-term HDV infection may receive a medicine called alpha interferon for up to 12 months. However, several studies for the development of an effective vaccine against hepatitis E are in progress.

It should be kept in mind regarding diagnosis of hepatitis C that this test is not a part of routine physical examination and people should ask the doctor for hepatitis C test, if better hepatitis C treatment is required.
Hep B vaccine gives prolonged protection, but 3 shots over a half year are usually required. Hepatitis D infects only patients already infected with hepatitis B, and it generally results in a flare of active hepatitis.
Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH has become a relatively common cause of persistent liver inflammation.
In this form of chronic hepatitis, the immune system mistakenly destroys the body's own liver cells.
Periodic blood tests are warranted when patients are placed on drugs known to cause hepatitis. If your doctor suspects you may have chronic hepatitis, he or she may examine you for jaundice, tenderness in the abdomen (especially the right upper corner where the liver is located) and signs of fluid that fills the abdomen during liver failure. Your doctor will review medications you take now or have taken recently to determine if they could be causing your chronic hepatitis.
A liver biopsy also can help to check for other disorders, such as alcoholic liver injury or fatty liver.
With mild or nonexistent symptoms, you may have chronic hepatitis for some time before it is discovered. These viruses primarily are passed from person to person through sexual contact or through contact with blood or other bodily fluids when needles are shared or during blood transfusions. Vaccinations for hepatitis B are recommended for health care workers and people traveling to certain countries.
Women with waist size 35 inches or greater and men with waist size 40 inches or greater are at highest risk of developing this type of chronic hepatitis. You can develop more severe symptoms from hepatitis A or B than someone who does not have hepatitis C. In addition, many people with NASH have elevated blood sugars and frequently progress to type 2 diabetes. In an endoscopy, a flexible viewing tube is inserted through your mouth into your esophagus. A well-balanced diet and good physical fitness can help you battle fatigue and improve overall health. If you show signs that could come from chronic hepatitis or liver failure, such as jaundice, abdominal swelling or weight loss, you should call your doctor for an evaluation.
Advanced cirrhosis can lead to liver failure and death unless a liver transplant can be done.
When a biopsy shows more severe damage, treatment can be important to help decrease the risk of developing cirrhosis even if you do not have symptoms.
Periodic screening with a blood test and ultrasound examination of the liver improves the chance of early detection.
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The most common medications are a combination of pegylated interferon alfa and ribavirin, an antiviral medication. Hepatitis E is a viral disease, and as such, antibiotics are of no value in the treatment of the infection. In case if the initial test is found to be positive, a second test is referred to confirm the diagnosis of hepatitis C and liver enzymes. This condition may be mild, causing relatively little damage, or more serious, causing many liver cells to be destroyed.
Also, even moderate intake of alcohol can make chronic hepatitis from any other cause (especially hepatitis C) worse, with an increased risk of advancing to cirrhosis.
If the cause still is not known, further blood tests will be ordered to check for uncommon causes.

The reason some cases of viral hepatitis become chronic hepatitis and others do not remains unknown.
Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly give you the best chance of preventing NASH. Good control of blood sugar can help to decrease the fatty accumulation and inflammation in the liver. You also should be screened periodically with a blood test (alpha fetoprotein) and an ultrasound study to search for an early liver cancer.
You may need to limit your salt intake if you tend to accumulate fluid as a consequence of cirrhosis. Other factors that affect the prognosis include age, other medical illnesses, the subtype of virus and alcohol use.
People with hepatitis C should also be careful not to take vitamins, nutritional supplements, or new over the counter medications without first discussing it with their health care provider. A liver biopsy is done to identify the degree and type of liver damage and for less complication in the hepatitis C treatment. An ultrasound or computed tomography (CT) test may be done to assess the size of the liver.
Also, always talk to your physician before taking any additional drugs, including prescription, nonprescription and alternative medications. Adults who are at high risk for hepatitis B infection, and all children should consider getting this vaccine.
There is a new treatment for hepatitis C which includes a longer acting form of interferon which cures more patients having fewer side effects. Over time, perhaps a decade or more, both types may lead to the serious complication of cirrhosis due to ongoing destruction of liver cells and resultant scarring. They are usually discovered when a routine blood test is performed and the level of liver enzymes are found to be above normal. It may appear with other autoimmune diseases, such as Sjogren's syndrome and autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Don’t go to work or school unless your workload can be reduced to match your energy level.
You need also avoid alcohol and drugs but you have to drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration. The first dose of hep B vaccine is frequently given while the newborn is in the hospital or at the first doctor visit following birth. Autoimmune hepatitis most often is found in young women, but it can affect women and men of all ages. When getting a tattoo or any body piercing done, make sure to choose an establishment where all equipment is sterilized adequately. Try to control itching and prevent the spread of HBV by informing people you live with or sleep  with about the illness, by not sharing personal toiletries (such as razors and toothbrushes), and by using a condom or abstaining from sex. As no specific therapy is capable of altering the course of acute hepatitis E infection, prevention is the most effective approach against the disease. Hospitalization is required for fulminant hepatitis and should be considered for infected pregnant women. Those in high-risk situations include healthcare workers, dentists, intimate and household contacts of patients with chronic hep B infection, male homosexuals, individuals with multiple sexual partners, dialysis patients, IV drug users, and recipients of repeated transfusions.
It is very important to keep your body well-hydrated when you have hepatitis A, especially if you have vomiting.
Healthcare workers accidentally exposed to materials infected with hep B (such as needle sticks), and individuals with known sexual contact with hep B patients are available in the U.S.
However, as indicated, two doses are recommended for adults and 3 doses for children (under 18 years of age) to provide prolonged protection. If you take drugs (legal or illegal) or drink alcohol when you have hepatitis, their effects may be more powerful and may last longer. You can use nonprescription medicines, such as Benadryl or Chlor-Trimeton, to control the itching.

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