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Herpes gestationis is a bullous disease that can develop in association with pregnancy, choriocarcinoma, or other similar tumors. Subsequent pregnancies are likely to produce an earlier onset than the preceding pregnancy.
Lesions consist of urticarial plaques and annular wheals, often surmounted by multiple small tense vesicles. Use of images for any purpose including but not limited to research, commercial, personal, or non-commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent.
Diagnosis of PG becomes clear when skin lesions progress to tense blisters during the second or third trimester. PG often is confused with pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP), especially if it occurs in a first pregnancy.
Melasma or ‘mask of pregnancy’ is perhaps the most frustrating skin problem during pregnancy that is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It results in dark patches or skin discoloration mostly on the upper lips, forehead and nose. While no specific treatment is available for pregnancy pigmentation problems, staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen when you are outdoors can surely reduce the amount of discoloration. Traditional skin lightening products containing hydroquinone may not be safe, but azealic acid or any topical product containing vitamin C or soy, which suppress pigment naturally can be effective. There are hundreds of over-the-counter products available to treat acne, but many of them are not safe to use during pregnancy. Instead you can try topical products that are sulfur based or product containing or alpha hydroxyl acids, glycolic acid or at-home microdermabrasion treatment. If these products do not gives satisfactory results, you can use topical prescription drugs like azelaic acid and erythromycin cream that are completely safe to use during pregnancy. Use foundation for oily skin or start using powder mineral makeup as they have oil blotting properties.
These itchy rashes or hives, medically named puerperal urticaria of pregnancy (PUP), usually break out during the third trimester. These rashes, though very irritating for a pregnant woman, do not harm the mother or the baby and usually disappear after the birth of baby.

If itchy rashes are pus-filled blisters, this may be an auto-immune disorder known as Herpes Gestationis.
Red, blue, brown and purple stretch marks that appear on your belly are largely hereditary.  Many high-tech creams and lotions claim to prevent these stretch marks. Beautiful and blemish free face without spots and acne helps in improving the beauty and looks.
LOTUS Herbals are well known cosmetics brand around the globe which is famous for its herbal beauty products. Pregnant women with PG should be monitored for conditions that may affect the fetus, including, but not limited to, low or decreasing volume of amniotic fluid, preterm labor, and intrauterine growth retardation. Based on work by Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan, Alara Eren, Jacki Buros (bot) and Alexandra Almonacid and wikidoc anonymous user Beland.
Since the skin is the outer most layer of your body, the changes that occur on it are quite evident.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, women with darker complexion are more vulnerable to this condition. If they are not treated right away, they may continue till delivery and sometimes beyond delivery as well. Using mat finish products underneath your make up can also soak the excess oil and help you get rid of irritation. Please consult your physician or other medical care provider regarding any medical questions you may have. PG typically starts as a blistering rash in the navel area and then spreads over the entire body. The primary site of autoimmunity seems not to be the skin, but the placenta, as antibodies bind not only to the BMZTemplate:Explain of the epidermis, but also to that of chorionic and amniotic epitheli. When a pregnant mother develops PG, the risk for the development of other autoimmune diseases increases, specifically Grave’s disease. Many women complain of dry skin whereas some suffer from acne problem; and there are still others who suffer from skin conditions like itchy rashes, herpes or skin discoloration.

Best ways to avoid stretch marks is to do light exercise and moisturize your belly regularly from the beginning.
If your skin is prone to acne and you are suffering from acute acne problem, you can use products containing alpha hydroxyl acids and glycolic acid to treat them. Aberrant expression of MHC class II molecules on the chorionic villi suggests an allogenic immune reaction to a placental matrix antigen, thought to be of paternal origin .Recently, both IgA22 and IgE24 antibodies to either BP180 or BP230 have also been detected in pemphigoid gestationis.
PG usually occurs in subsequent pregnancies; however, it often seems more manageable because it is anticipated. Prognosis of the fetus is usually good, but the rate of premature births and small-for-date babies rises.
After one to two weeks, large, tense blisters typically develop on the red plaques, containing clear or blood-stained fluid.[4] PG creates a histamine response that causes extreme relentless itching (pruritus). Recent studies have shown the risks are related to the severity of the disease and are not caused by the treatment with corticosteroids.[8] PG usually reoccurs with following pregnancies, and symptoms appear earlier and more severely. PG is characterized by flaring and remission during the gestational and sometimes post partum period.
Usually after delivery, lesions will heal within months, but may reoccur during menstruation. Passive transfer of the mother’s antibodies to the fetus causes some (about 10%) newborns to develop mild skin lesions, but these typically will resolve within weeks of parturition. In the post partum period, if necessary, the full range of immunosuppressive treatment may be administered for cases unresponsive to corticosteroid treatments, such as tetracyclines, nicotinamide, cyclophosphamide, ciclosporin, goserelin, azathioprine, dapsone, rituximumab, or plasmaphoresis, or intravenous immunoglobulin may sometimes be considered when the symptoms are severe.

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