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In the days following the calamitous magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti five years ago this week, HSI was the first animal welfare organization to send in a response team, providing desperately needed veterinary attention, feed and other supplies, and helping evacuating families to make arrangements for their pets. Haiti has traditionally had different styles of pet keeping, forms of subsistence agriculture involving animals, and a heavy reliance on horses and donkeys as beasts of burden. The generosity of our supporters set the stage for the substantial improvement of animal care in a reconstructed Haiti, and we’ve been able to make a real difference. HSI is the only companion animal outreach group operating community-based veterinary medical care clinics throughout Port-au-Prince.
Our partnership with the UK-based World Horse Welfare educates owners about how best to care for the animals who play such an important role in agriculture and transport. HSI-developed humane education modules focusing on animal welfare and bite prevention went to approximately 900 teachers from 89 schools, who will reach as many as 50,000 students.

Our role in Haiti has been to empower Haitians to strengthen the level of compassion and care provided to the animals within their reach, and to help them secure the resources needed to maintain it. Contributions to Humane Society International are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law in your country.
Swine dysentery is an intestinal disease of pigs caused by a bacterial infection with Brachyspira hyodysenteriae. Before the earthquake, it didn’t differ greatly from those of dozens of other countries around the world where compassionate focus and resources are not yet sufficient to meet the needs of suffering or neglected animals. Our veterinary team treated 20,139 animals in 2014, including dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.
The situation for animals in Haiti—where half a decade ago veterinary services were almost nonexistent--is better than it was before.

Growing and finishing pigs are affected - typically by a bloody diarrhoea with mucus, resulting from inflammation of the large intestine.The cost of growth setbacks, reduced feed conversion efficiency, medication, mortality and non-marketable pigs is very high. They delivered preventive health services including vaccines for rabies, Newcastle Disease, hog cholera and anthrax.
While humans and animals may compete for resources in developing countries, there is a symbiotic relationship as well – demanding interventions that focus on both human and animal health. Donations made from the UK: HSI UK is registered in England and Wales as charity number 1098925, company number 4610194.

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