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Beauty emergencies can strike anywhere, so there's no reason one has to prevent you from putting your best face forward. Women want to look their best, to look as young and healthy in their later years as they did in days gone by.
You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to fight the effect of time on your skin, you just have to understand the basics. Understanding how your lifestyle and your environment effects your skin, helps you take positive steps toward healthy, more youthful looking skin. For years, when it came to trending beauty treatments and products, the West has looked to the innovative concepts of Europe and Japan for inspiration. Let's take a look at the popular, multi-step beauty regimen that includes the amazing BB (Blemish Balm) creams. Latest trends in skin care: progressive skin care, specialty spas, noninvasive anti-aging solutions. By giving the consumer more options, business is again booming and the skin care industry is looking forward to a promising year. With less then a month left in 2013, we wanted to look back on the biggest trends over the past year and see how it compared with Mashable‘s list published a year ago. Cities will get increasingly smart as sensors and cloud-enabled apps connect transportation, metering, health care, lighting, and environment data, and make it actionable. Mobile money is enabling banking and financing systems in the developing world via mobile wallets, which should continue to grow both there and in developing countries. Google has Glass, and Samsung has a smartwatch, but Apple’s iWatch and many other smart wearable technologies are coming out soon.
Tablet computing is increasingly attractive and affordable in education, Juniper says, and are likely soon to go mainstream in place of full desktop PCs or even laptops.
In 2014,  mobile fitness devices will start to focus on the whole range of health and start to enter the tougher and more challenging health care industry. More wearables, more devices, and more intelligence: Our devices are going to get smarter about where we are, what we’re doing, and what they can do to help us.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may have captured all the recent headlines about gaming systems, but Ouya is only 20 percent of the cost of the latest Xbox. 3D printers were hot in 2013, but they’ll increase significantly over the next 12 months, Juniper says, as HP, Samsung, and Microsoft join the party. Most of Juniper’s predictions make a lot of sense, and you can see the budding trends right now.
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The ACA, for all of its merits, took an already complex world and made it even more challenging. Some colleges are moving toward evaluation methods like video chats that allow students to showcase what makes them unique in a way academic transcripts cannot. College admissions is an ever-evolving world, and for members of the Class of 2020, there is another application aspect to consider a€“ the holistic option.
Not all colleges and universities offer holistic admissions, and not all students will be comfortable with this option. Skin care professionals are beginning to adopt ways to incorporate treatments to meet the many holistic health needs of their clients. And as mobile grows in Africa and Asia, so will the provision of data, including data on better crop management, yield, and product tracking. Juniper says 2014 will be a “watershed year” for wearables — but privacy will be an issue as cameras go everywhere. As such it — and other cheap interlopers like the GameStick — pose a threat at the low end of the market, while other computer-based gaming systems pose a threat at the high end. So they’re turning to private cloud solutions and network-attached storage devices, right in the home. By understanding the system and factoring in your company culture and business strategy, you can create a holistic benefits strategy that meets the needs of your organization. If this describes you, you likely already realize how difficult it can be to concurrently complete your course work, gather application information and track annual changes to items like the Common Application.

The Bard Entrance Examination requires four 2,500-word essays, a letter of recommendation and an official transcript.
It is also a natural platform for highlighting the connections between your course work and extracurriculars.
If you find writing to be challenging but you excel in other areas, trends like Goucher Collegea€™s video application are for you. Who knows perhaps some unknown future technology will emerge and take the lead pushing these great innovative ideas into new realms of creativity! As criticism of current admissions practices such as standardized tests increases, promising new alternatives are emerging. A two-minute video supplants traditional application materials, such as exam results and high school GPAs. Holistic admissions often involves more care a€“ not less work a€“ but for the right applicant, its advantages can be tremendous. Each prompt mirrors a typical college assignment, and with its mandatory categories a€“ arts and literature, science and mathematics, and social science, history, and philosophy, the college can far more effectively assess students' ability to complete general education requirements. The simple video prompt asks applicants to describe how and why they would excel at Goucher College.
Students are also required to submit two works from their high school years, one of which must be a graded writing assignment. In some ways, the video application evaluates an applicanta€™s drive and vision, rather than his or her educational past.

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