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The Traditional Indian Medicine is based on Ayurveda (Ayus = Life, Veda = Knowledge), a philosophy created in India. HARITAKI (Chebulae Fructus): This crude drug was derived from Terminalia chebula Retzus of the family Combretaceae and introduced from India to China, and then to Japan. It is used as a tonic medicine in India, and as an astringent, a stegnotic and an antitussive in China.
The primary textbook which is used in the course is Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine by Richard S.
Over 3800 citations make this book your evidence-based resource for the biochemical basis of chronic illness. Mechanobiology of cell and tissue dynamics, Developmental biology, Biophysics, and Bioimaging. One of the most fundamental aspects of biological phenomena is the mechanical force exerted by cells and tissues.

Dr Toyama had a formal training in physics and engineering during graduate (Osaka University) and undergraduate (Hokkaido University) school in Japan. The Mechanobiology Instituteis proudly affiliated with NUS, theNational University of Singapore.
In the Chinese scripture of Buddhism, the name for HARITAKI is read as "Kelire" in Chinese and "Kariroku" in Japanese. A must-have desk reference for laboratory testing associated with nutritional and metabolic medicine. The extraction of mechanical signature from cell tissue dynamics using an interdisciplinary approach, including imaging, quantitative analysis, gene manipulation, and biophysical modeling is fundamental to this project and my overall research. In addition, developing methodologies to quantify mechanical forces in vivo is another pillar of this project. I believe these studies on mechanical force, as a resultant of collective effect of molecular level activities are complement to the science in mechanobiology.

Dr Toyama then embraced biological physics during his Postdoctoral carrier at Duke University. As part of his work with Prof Glenn Edwards (Physics department) and Prof Dan Kiehart (Biology department), he revealed a novel role for programme cell death (apoptosis): it serves as a source of mechanical forces that promote tissue movements during epithelial fusion. In May 2010, Dr Toyama joined Department of Biological Sciences at National University of Singapore as an Assistant Prof with joint appointments of MBI and Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory.

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