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In most first and second degree cases, home remedies for burns are very helpful and easy to apply. Home remedies for burnsVinegarDiluted vinegar works as a painkiller and relaxes your skin tissue. Home remedies for burnsTea bagIn case of first degree burns you can immediately combine the cold water burn treatment with tea bags.
Home remedies for burnsLavender essential oilYou can also immediately put lavender oil straight onto the burned skin. Home remedies for burnsSoy sauceA surprisingly effective first aid for burns, especially the smaller 1st and 2nd degree household burns, is soy sauce.
Home remedies for burnsTooth pasteCoat the burn with a generous amount of toothpaste (not gel or liquid) and leave it on for at least 24 hours. Home remedies for burnsTomato or grated PotatoPut a slice of tomato or some grated potato or on the burn.
How to treat a burnsGet help!Do not hesitate, somebody with third degree burns should immediately be taken to a hospital to receive professional medical care. How to treat a burnsCold showerPut the person under a cold shower or apply cold wet cloths or in other ways soak eventual clothes with cool water.
First of all drink a lot of fluids, water preferablyEat a high Protein, high calorie diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Soothe the sore throat portion of your cold by adding a half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Inhaling steam is another tried and true method of clearing the respiratory tract and sinuses. These leaves, popular in Mediterranean cuisine, are also great for treating respiratory conditions.
Peppermint and other leaves in the mint family are great to use to make your own homemade chest rub. While these nine methods are sure to help you with your cold symptoms, it is important to remember to contact your doctor or visit an emergency room if your condition gets worse.
Bad breath is not only a cause for tremendous social embarrassments, and many an awkward moment, but it might also be a symptom of some greater disorder within your system.In order to get rid of bad breath, and be the cynosure of all attraction in your next party, you need to systematically address your dental, as well as your physical problems. Trust me, you don’t want to get rid of bad breath because it is a conversation dampener, but because if not treated in the right time, it might cause your set of pearly whites some sever and lasting damage. Although the immediate cause of bad breath might be odor-producing bacteria that works on the undigested bits of food stuck to your dentures, liver disorders and stomach upsets might also cause bad breath.
Before you try to get rid of bad breath, then, you must be sure that the cause of bad breath could range from Gum diseases, dental cavities, throat infections and other anomalies within the digestive system. While an urgent trip to the dentist is always advisable to cure bad breath, there are certain effective home remedies for Bad breath, which helps keep the bad breath in check. Home remedies for bad breath would include measures like keeping your body well hydrated by consuming lots of water, and keeping common ailments like coughs and colds at bay. One could also use a bevy of natural ingredients like after a heavy meal to make sure that the natural odors of the food is countered.
Other natural ingredients include sunflower seeds, baking soda, and nutrients high on pro-biotic value, which counters rapid production of yeast in the dental tracts. Whilst severe tooth decay and resultant pain definitely requires urgent dental attention, here are some simple herbal remedies that can help you deal with mild to moderate toothache before you take an appointment with a dentist.
Cloves are highly antibacterial and a strong remedy for treating and destroying the bacterial action in the decayed tooth. Another quick remedy for toothache, garlic is a bulb that is antibacterial and can treat infections of all kinds. Lime has lower levels of acidity as compared to lemon juice and hence will protect the enamel from erosion as well even if you use it for a long time. Wheatgrass is a great herbal remedy for removing the toxins and waste from the teeth and mouth and also preventing dental decay. Being an antibacterial and antiseptic agent, wheatgrass helps by busting the bacterial infection in no time. According to the books of ayurveda, asafetida is an analgesic and can treat aches and pains of all sorts. Oregano has anti microbial qualities and helps in cleaning the mouth and keeping it free from germs. A simple, grandma’s remedy that has been in use for centuries, freshly ground pepper mixed with a little salt will help in destroying the bacteria and healing the infection that has set in.
Bayberry is a common agent that is added to most toothpastes in order to mask pain and prevent tooth infections.

An antibacterial spice and also wonderfully healing, turmeric paste can be applied on the affected site for increasing the blood circulation to the area and also in destroying the bacterial action by increasing the immune cells on the affected area of the tooth. Ginger is a stem that helps in increasing blood circulation when applied on the infected area.
Meeting you all after a long time, well was busy with my baby and some other urgent work at home. For this remedy you would need 1 spoon grounded oatmeal, 1 spoon milk and in it add a pinch of turmeric and last 1 spoon of strong green tea.
Valentine Day has always been special for girls, I would say one more reason to pamper ourselves. To make the pack you would need 1 teaspoon of  puree of raw unpeeled carrot, 1 teaspoon of orange juice and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. I started suffering from heart burn post pregnancy especially when I eat certain kind of food. Now you can get rid of your facial hair naturally without undergoing threading, waxing or using bleach. Leave it until it dries off completely and you are able to feel the some stretch on the face, then take little water in your hand and pat it on your face making the face mask wet. Take 2 spoons of ginger juice(you can grate ginger and then squeeze it to extract the juice) in a big spoon or a small bowl.
Chinese Skullcap tea is effective in curing headache and ache in the patients of the concussion. Small sun burns, steam, a hot iron, or hot coffee on your skin, these burns can be treated right there at homeHowever whenever the burns are more serious you might be dealing with a third degree burn. Cover the burned area with a cloth which is soaked in vinegar diluted with cold water; doesna€™t matter which sort of vinegar.
For second degree burns wait until the wound starts to healSoak some black tea bags in cool water for a few minutes. Lavender has painkilling properties, promotes healing and gives you less chance of scarringWhen the burned area is bigger you can pour Lavender oil onto a gauze or clean cloth, and apply it directly to the burn. When you get burned you lose (trace) minerals like copper, selenium, and zinc etc, these need to be replenished to speed up the healing process.
While there may not technically be a cure, these nine home remedies will have you over your cold in no time. All you have to do is boil a pot of water and then place a blanket over your head and the pot to trap the steam. Mix one cup in with a glass of water 2 to 3 times a day and you will see your mucous production levels stabilize. Turmeric powder can be burned like an incense, which can cure cold symptoms like a runny nose. Rubbing peppermint oil on your chest has the same effect as a medicated chest rub, but it comes without all of those dangerous chemicals. The most basic remedial measures must be initiated through proper maintenance of dental hygiene, like regular brushing and flossing of teeth, eating healthy food and taking proper care of your digestive system. While at this, it should be worthwhile to cultivate the habit of consuming an apple per day to keep dental complications at bay! But the minute you get one, you will know how distressing and acute it can be and all you want is some relief from this agonizing pain. Take clove oil or crush a clove gently between the infected teeth and leave it on for a few hours in order to suppress the bacteria that are causing the tooth pain and distress. For quick relief from pain and burning, place a clove of garlic under the tooth and crush it by biting on it.
However, it may not be a strong remedy as garlic and will suit only mild to moderate cases of toothache. The vitamin C in lime also helps in treating dental caries and gum problems as well, which too can cause severe and unbearable toothache. For reducing toothache, chewing on wheatgrass will help as it can remove the bacteria and toxins and stop the pain and irritation a well. You can use wheatgrass extract as a mouthwash by adding some water to it and rinsing your mouth in the morning as well as night for preventing tooth decay. For toothache, oregano oil can be applied on the decayed tooth for masking the action of the bacteria and reducing the toothache associated with the infection. The numbing action of this bark helps in keeping the pain under control and it acts as an antiseptic that can treat infections and decays of the teeth. Make sure that you use freshly ground turmeric for the purpose to get the full benefit of the active ingredient curcumin and to reduce the toothache tremendously.

When ginger is applied on the decayed tooth, it irritates the surrounding area and the toothache will be masked as a result of this.
But to make up for my absence today I am going to share my very special anti-ageing pack which I tried for some time and is working very well for my skin. For this we need to postpone the common skin problems related to ageing like wrinkles and dark skin patches to name few. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which helps protect the body from free radicals which are naturally occurring particles in the body associated with accelerated ageing.
I personally have very good experience with this, after washing the face I feel my skin clear, glowing and tight. People with oily skin may reduce the amount of olive oil added to pack. Mix them up properly and apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 10 minutes. It can take some time for the brain to improve from a head injury and during this time, headaches, faintness and mild cerebral (thought) issue are common.
Burns ARE serious injuries, so we wona€™t be beating around the bush, this might be an emergency and wea€™ll get right to it!
A popular way to consume garlic medicinally is smother it in honey to cover the strong taste. Ginger can also be taken on its own or mixed with a teaspoon of honey to balance the strong taste. Home remedies for bad breath also include regular consumption of yogurt, which detoxifies your system and removes the root causes of foul breath.
Toothache is mostly caused due to decayed tooth, which could have affected the tiny nerves, and blood vessels harbored in the pulp chamber. Once the bacteria are removed, the pain will automatically subside and the infection too will recede. The clove will release the juice that will act on the surrounding bacteria and prevent further decay and pain. Chew onion slices in your mouth and allow the juice to remain in your mouth for as much time as possible. You can add some lime juice and make it into a paste and use a cotton ball for soaking the paste and placing on the affected tooth. Apply oregano oil as often as needed to keep the pain under control and prevent the microbes from multiplying and intensifying the toothache. Bayberry bark can be crushed to form a paste with vinegar and applied on the decayed tooth to minimize the pain. This home made pack if used regularly will help you fight these problems, but remember nothing can replace the place of balanced diet and good exercise routine. Today Stylebees brings an easy Valentine’s special pack with seasonal veggie and fruit, since what else could be better than that. All you need to do is chew upon 1-2 green cardamom for heartburn treatment when you are suffering from it. Use it for alternate days initially and once the face becomes clear of hair reduce the frequency. The loss of consciousness is often brief and is normally followed by a rapid and complete retrieval.
For severe tooth decay, this method may not entirely remove the toothache unless the decayed tooth is extracted. Another way to use asafetida is to fry it in ghee or butter and apply this on the affected tooth. You can add some freshly ground garlic as well along with ginger to get the benefit of both.
Have a lick of this 3 times a day and make sure you do not have water after this for 15-20 minutes. If you want to look for more noticeable consequences, you should combine the tea with other cures such as Oats, and Cayenne Pepper and St. There is always the possibility that they go into a state of shock, which means fainting, pale skin and sweating.

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