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This flagship facility includes a large reading room in the main level rotunda, information commons, administrative support areas, learning studios, classrooms, small group rooms and a variety study spaces for individuals and groups throughout the building.  The design also accommodates a large procedure room, multi-disciplinary labs, the Gross Anatomy Suite that includes a 20-station lab, a Simulation center featuring 11 MET rooms, standardized patient training exam rooms with necessary ancillary spaces and support spaces for simulated education approaches.
Working in association with CO Architects, McMillan Pazdan Smith played an integral role in the planning process, providing local expertise, and was responsible for construction administration services for the CM at Risk project. Fall Walks Around Our Beautiful Campus - Transforming Medical School Blog About Our Contributors RSS Feed Transforming Medical School Join USC School of Medicine Greenville students on their journeys to become exceptional physician leaders. Working occasional ambulance shifts can give physicians a taste of what it’s like to deliver care in the field. The school’s incoming med students are required to obtain their NREMT certification and maintain it for that duration, including riding shifts each month with Greenville County EMS. Two, it exposes the young docs-to-be to interprofessional care and the wide range of providers and connections that comprise our evolving emergency care system. Finally there’s empathy with patients, too, particularly the underserved and vulnerable ones.

At the end of the course, before they start seeing patients, students take part in a concluding multidisciplinary mass-casualty simulation event that also includes EMS, fire, law enforcement and other local responders, along with moulaged role-playing victims. A second-year program at the University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine in Greenville gives them two full years of the whole buffet.
One, it starts getting these students hands-on clinical experience earlier than traditional programs. This gives everyone the chance to walk through, and work together on, an MCI like they might face for real one day. They perform 12-hour monthly shifts as a third crew member who’s a working care provider, not an observer. Today we have healthcare teams—nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists and dietitians, and collaboration all across the healthcare spectrum. They take histories and vital signs and conduct exams, and each semester for those two years, they have to write up a patient case from first call to conclusion.

That means tracing 9-1-1 activation, EMS response, differential diagnosis and field care, ED and hospital courses, tests and procedures, OR and ICU activities and rehabilitation, as necessary. As students write their required reflections on their EMS experience, that occasional mistreatment is one of the recurring negatives. Empathy, it is hoped, may help them avoid dishing more out to some young EMT in the future.
Chelsea and Shelly help carry the study bags to the USC School of Medicine Greenville student lounge.
The 53 study bags from the Greenville Christian Medical and Dental Association await first-year medical students preparing for exams.

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