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The University of South Carolina School of Medicine was established with the purpose of improving the health of the people of South Carolina through medical education, research and the delivery of health care.
The charter class graduated in May 1981, at which time the School of Medicine was fully accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education. During the past three decades, the School of Medicine has emerged as a national leader in primary care medicine.
University Specialty Clinics, the School of Medicine’s clinical practice, is one of the largest health care groups in the Midlands of South Carolina. The School of Medicine's basic science campus consists of fully renovated historic buildings and is located four miles from the Columbia campus of the University of South Carolina.
Keck Hospital of USC cafeteria workers organized a boycott at the Keck School of Medicine of USC campus on Wednesday, advocating for a wage increase for food service employees. In April, contractual changes for improved wages and benefits were made for 800 of the workers, but did not extend to the 100 or so cafeteria workers employed by Sodexo, a food services contracting company based in France. Yet, some of the workers do not believe that outsourcing management to Sodexo is a viable excuse for subpar contractual conditions. Sandra Maldonado, a USC dietary worker, echoed the sentiment in the January NUHW press release. In the same press release, President of the NUHW Sal Rosselli recalled instances of USC workers relying on government assistance. Elizabeth Middleton Burke was awarded the Gold Compleat Lawyer Award by the University of South Carolina Law School Alumni Council on April 21, 2016. Burke, a 1997 graduate of the law school, is an integral member of the RPWB pharmaceutical litigation team. Many of the cases Burke works are on behalf of female patients who have been seriously injured by prescription medication.
A native of Hartsville, who grew up in Lake City, South Carolina, Burke is married and has a daughter.
HISTORY: The LAC+USC DEM Emergency Ultrasound Program was one of the first in the nation to offer comprehensive training in bedside emergency ultrasound under the direction of Diku Mandavia, MD in 1993. EDUCATION: Annual 2-day, 16-hour introductory ultrasound course for incoming interns given each June. RESEARCH: Ongoing clinical emergency ultrasonography research studies include the RUSH exam in resuscitation, trauma ultrasound and appendiceal ultrasound. Medical Students: 1-2 senior medical students per month will have the opportunity to rotate on the emergency ultrasound elective offered through the USC-Keck School of Medicine. In the past three decades, the University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine has emerged as a national leader in primary care medical education, pioneering research, and providing humanistic patient care.  Noted for its high-quality medical education, the School of Medicine provides its students with one-on-one instruction that lasts throughout their medical studies. A distinguished core faculty of basic scientists and clinicians brings a variety of outstanding academic training and plant the seed for life-long learning.
With research as a major focus of the University, medical students have access to state-of-the-art research facilities and have the opportunity to learn alongside a dynamic team of research scientists.
Mission:  To improve the health of the people of the state of South Carolina through medical education, research, and the delivery of health care.
Transforming Medical School - Join USC School of Medicine Greenville students on their journeys to become exceptional physician leaders. Medical student class size has quadrupled since the entrance of the first class, and approximately 350 medical students are enrolled in the four-year program. Noted for its high-quality medical education, the school provides its students with one-on-one instruction that lasts throughout their medical studies.

In February, 900 USC Keck health care workers went on strike protesting low wages and inadequate benefits after several USC students and National Union of Healthcare Workers representatives delivered a letter to President C. Sodexo is a large multinational corporation that functions in 80 different countries worldwide, and over 420,000 employees in total. An outside company, Sodexo, does,” the University responded when asked for comment about the Wednesday boycott. She joined the firm in 2003 and has since served in leadership positions on several multi-district litigations, including Lipitor, Chantix, Ortho Evra and Zyprexa. Burke advocates on behalf of consumers who rely on the pharmaceutical industry for safe and effective treatments. She serves as secretary of the Southern Trial Lawyers Association and is a past president of the College of Charleston Alumni Association.
This core faculty is complemented and enriched by a large number of community physicians who participate in both hospital clerkships and office preceptorships. A distinguished faculty features more than 300 basic scientists and clinicians brining a variety of academic and research training to medicine.
Most clinical departments are located on the Richland Medical Park campus in central Columbia.
The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer-client relationship.
Ultrasound Education for Anatomy and Physiology Conference is powered by WordPress and built on the Ashford Theme from Tim Bednar (v2.0). Affiliated hospitals include Palmetto Health (Palmetto Health Richland, Palmetto Health Baptist, and Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge), the Dorn Veterans Administration Medical Center and the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. Max Nikias notifying him about the strike and requesting his help in ending contract negotiations. Prior results achieved by RPWB attorneys are no guarantee of similar outcomes in the future. Ultrasound conferences covering advanced topics and reviewing primary applications are a regular part of Thursday grand rounds.
Continue Reading → 5 days ago Laura Simon Resources The College Program and the College Cup In between the hours of lecture and study, the patient interviews, lab checks, surgeries and call nights, medical students do occasionally get the chance to have some fun. Continue Reading → 2 weeks ago Carly Atwood, Laura Simon Resources Being Present As a current second-year medical student, I have found my life to be very stressful recently. With my first board exam at the end of April looming on the horizon, the level of intensity has heightened among the majority of my class. I find myself staying up later than usual to review old material, secluding myself away from others more, and becoming more concerned about my understanding of such a vast amount of material needed to perform well on the boards. It has been difficult to manage time between my studies and personal life, as it appears that “the boards are all that matters” to future residency programs. With such an emphasis on achieving a high score, I have really tried to spend as much time as I can with my head in the books.
For the past several months, I have experienced medicine through words, pictures, and lectures, with the exception of our time working with patients in our clinical skills course; however, even that pales in comparison to the days and nights spent studying drugs and diseases. Continue Reading → 3 weeks ago Resources Match Day On March 18, the Charter Class at USCSOMG celebrated Match Day, where we found out where we will be heading to complete residency training!
We all completed an application that was submitted to residency programs back in September 2015. Soon after that, students began to receive interview offers from programs where they applied, and we have been going on interviews between October and January.

After completing interviews, students put together something called a “rank order list” that allows them to rank the residencies in order of where they want to go. All of the residency programs complete a similar process with the applicants, and a computer system matches students with residency programs.
These lists were due on February 24, and then we began the month-long wait until we found out where we are going. I had to fly frequently to get to all of my residency interviews. I looked out my window just in time to catch a glimpse of the USCSOMG school buildings and Greenville Memorial Hospital! It’s been a wonderful 4 years, and it’s hard to believe we are quickly reaching the end of our medical school careers. This virus is in the Herpes family of viruses, has double-stranded, linear DNA, and has an envelope around itself. This test uses red blood cells from horses or sheep to determine if your body is making the antibody to this virus.
The virus is associated with other things too, like aplastic anemia and Burkitt’s lymphoma.
I don’t know how long you’ve probably had mono…but don’t play sports!” Continue Reading → 1 month ago Jeremiah White Reflections Spirit Week and College Cup This week marks the first annual Spirit Week for USCSOMG. Each day, students have the option to dress down by donating money or a pantry item to each day’s designated charity. While preparing for final exams last semester, I studied roughly ten hours each day for four consecutive days, memorizing everything there was to know about musculoskeletal anatomy, cardiopulmonary physiology and histology.
I completely immersed myself in the material by highlighting notes, drawing out molecular processes and consulting faculty with questions. What I failed to realize at the time was that I had not stepped outside in days, I don’t even remember what I ate, and most regrettably, I secluded myself from the people who were making an effort to support me.
The paradox that lies within medical school is that we attend in an effort to better the lives of others, but in the process we have to push away everyone in ours.
I fell into this trap most of my first semester, and it was not until a few days in the anatomy lab that I was brought back into reality. Continue Reading → 2 months ago Michael Alexander Reflections 1.21 Jigawatts!! Don’t worry, everything will work out just fine, you haven’t caused a rift in the space-time continuum or created a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull…but before we make any more covert jokes or pop culture blunders, let’s be clear: this is a virtual time travel machine, so you have nothing to worry about while reading this blog (other than your normal vulnerabilities to the time-suck that is the Internet). Try to think of this as a satirical post written by a medical student who likes Hollywood endings and hopes to briefly entertain you with a light-hearted personal yarn about what medical school is like (albeit from a unique perspective, just to mix it up a bit). You knew there would be some bumps in the road, and you get that self-selected group of students that just shine.
I’m hoping that we’re as blessed to have that self-selected group of residents that wants to blaze a trail. 1 because it’s a 1970s, established program…I mean you look around, we don’t have anything on the walls.

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