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The Yanmar Liner was recovered from ship store which came for dismantling at ship recycling yard located in India. We offer complete range of Ship Repair Services at major and minor port in India & Worldwide locations . We supply complete range of used , unused and reconditioned spare parts for all marine and industrial engines, main engines and generators along with deck equipments, Bridge Equipment , Engine Room Equipment along with required fittings, pumps, motors, fire fighting equipments, communication Equipment , anchors, chains, bearing etc.
The Spare Parts are in excellent condition and are OEM and 100% reliable and genuine used parts.
We supply and provide complete services for installation and repairs of engine room machinery like main engine parts and repairs, pumps, compressors, purifiers etc.

If any requirement of above mention Turbochargers, kindly do contact us for price and availability.
These teams are mostly crew which already have worked on board ships and are having tremendous experience in the field. The repair team are experience and helps the ship owner to select the correct part with best competitive price . These Turbos are sourced from ship recycling yards and removed in working condition from marine engines taken out from dismantling ships are Ship breaking yards. The spares and repair team is made available at short notice of with in 24 hrs to 3 days and capable of working on board.

The correct and reliable spare parts maintain the ship equipments and engines sea worthiness.

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