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In spirit of Earth Day this Friday, Siemens a€“ a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions for homes a€“ is sharing the following energy conservation tips and facts families can adopt to reduce their carbon footprint and have a greener, earth-friendly home. For example, we all know about turning off your light and shutting off the tap, but did you knowa€¦. While there’s plenty of discussion regarding the environment and the economy, it seems as though consumers have twice as many reasons to be worried about how to conserve energy.
Take a look at these very easy ways to conserve energy in your home, each designed to help reduce energy consumption  and, in turn, your monthly utility bill as well. Take advantage of a home energy audit to identify primary areas of improvement in your home’s energy efficiency. Use power strips wherever possible to avoid overloading electrical outlets and draining unnecessary energy.
Program the thermostat to the highest comfortable setting in summer and the lowest comfortable setting in winter to minimize overworking the unit.
There are many other ways to conserve energy, but one of the best ways to lower your electric bill is to choose prepaid electricity.
Energy costs don’t just empty your wallet, they also lead to the generation of more energy which often comes from coal-fired power plants. The good news about your new flatscreen is that it drains less energy than your old flatscreen because they are getting more efficient. If you’re streaming movies online, make sure you’re doing it in the most efficient manner using Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast. Make sure that along with that sleek new laptop, you’ve also got the most efficient router or modem. If you love your devices make sure you’re using them in the most efficient manner possible. This entry was posted in News & Culture, Shelter and tagged how to save energy, save energy, ways to conserve energy.
I love the New York Times Thursday Style section, which recently featured a seductive plea by writer Guy Trebay (disguised as an article) for women to keep wearing summer dresses though fashion authorities are predicting their demise. A petulant husband recently emailed his wife a sex spreadsheet, detailing all the moments she’d rejected his sexual advances during the previous month.
Nonprofit organization the Rainforest Alliance is being sued over what Water and Sanitation Health (WASH), a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, claims is unfair and deceptive marketing of its rainforest certified products.
Home Depot has said that it will phase out vinyl flooring that contains phthalates by the end of 2015. In ever-increasing numbers, women are starting fulfilling businesses that also impact communities.
Organic materials happily co-exist with polished aluminum and Swarovski crystals in the must-have pieces that the enlightened company Shine Home is offering in its new fall 2008 collection. The top stories at EcoSalon for the first week of 2012.  A new year is exactly the right time to question – am I in the right job? Whether you’re motivated to have a green home or simply by the green it can put back in your wallet, it doesn’t have to be hard to conserve energy at home. The number one tip, regardless of what area you want to improve on, is calling your electric provider. Cooling: Oklahoma summers are hot, and it’s important to stay cool without breaking your budget on electric bills. If you can’t invest in a programmable thermometer, don’t worry: simply raising the temperature on the thermostat when you’re leaving for the day will work the same.
When you come back, feel free to lower the temperature and open interior doors to keep the cool air flowing. Think of your air conditioning unit as another member of the family: it needs check-ups, too. Electronics and Lights:  In a digital age, telling your family to unplug may seem like a death sentence. It’s become well-known that certain electronics and appliances can sap energy just by being plugged in, but constantly plugging in what you need can be a hassle.
Appliances: These handy gadgets definitely make life easier, although a bit more expensive, too. Water Heaters, Windows, and Roofs: These things are probably the last on your mind when it comes to turning your home green. Water Heaters: If it’s an option, replace your current water heater with a water heater that not only fits your home’s needs, but has an outstanding SEER rating. While this may seem like an unusually long list, there are plenty of things—big and small—that you can do to improve the energy in your home. We often consider the need to protect the air quality outdoors, but it is just as important and essential for us to protect indoor air quality.
While some risks are simply unavoidable, there are some risks which we can avoid if we had the opportunity to make informed choices. There are a variety of products that are used in homes and businesses that have fragrances. Indoor air quality typically focuses on the air that is inside of and surrounding specific structures.
About UsOver the last few years I have grown increasingly concerned about our dependence on foreign energy and the impact it is having on our economy, and the potential threat to our national security. Although some may think it difficult to make the necessary changes to save energy at home, the truth is that to conserve energy, all that’s required is a willingness to make some very minimal changes around the home. This audit easily identifies which areas of the house require the most electricity usage; it’s in those areas where you need the most help conserving electricity.
This requires the help of a licensed electrical professional who can inspect the circuitry in the home and repair old or dangerous wiring, as well as replace circuit boxes, electrical outlets, or any other items that need to be replaced.

Use the cold water setting for washing clothes, and use the dry sensor feature on the dryer to conserve energy.
Leaving a computer monitor on may seem like a miniscule drain on energy consumption, but over time, it adds up. This means checking for air leaks in windows and doors, checking for areas that may need weather stripping, and checking insulation in the walls, attic and around plumbing. Offering low-cost energy plans to suit both personal and business needs, Payless Power is a company committed to providing people not only with some of the best electricity rates in Texas, but also with helpful customer service. Contact our customer care center at (866) 963-9353 or fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. From televisions to laptops to game devices, the season of giving is often filled with new technology. Coal-fired power plants pollute the atmosphere and emit greenhouse gases, which warm the planet. Keep your devices attached to a power strip so you can turn them all off easily when you’re done, make sure you properly dispose of your old devices (either recycling them, trading them in, or clearing them out and handing them off to a friend), and think long and hard about what you actually need and how it impacts consumption in the world we live in. I used to save anything and everything until my living spaces got smaller and smaller and I had to downsize. In the developing world, where war, famine and poverty are so sadly familiar, vitamins can make the difference between a child’s blindness and sight, or between a healthy pregnancy and a mother and infant at great risk. The mega home-improvement retailer is working with the Michigan-based non-profit Ecology Center to eliminate the chemical from its flooring.
But, to tell you the truth, I don’t go to any lengths to hide my sugary beverage obsession. Journalists and designers developed the infographic as a way to interpret vast amounts of data. Everything from lighting to cooling can be altered to make your home more energy and cost efficient without requiring hours’ worth of work. The Department of Energy estimates that up to 60% of your electric bill is from air conditioning alone, which adds up to 5% of the total energy used in the U.S.
A variety of sources recommend a temperature of 78 degrees when you aren’t at home to maximize on savings.
If you aren’t quite ready to turn the air on, open windows and turn on fans: the natural way to cool and ventilate a home still works! Routine maintenance, including fixing any installation, duct, or filter issues, should be performed to make sure you’re ac isn’t working any harder than it has to. Instead of completely living in the dark, simply swap how you surf the internet to get better results on energy usage. They’ll offer the same amount of light but for less energy, last longer, and are completely recyclable. Opening your curtains a little in the afternoon will provide light without entirely compromising your efforts to keep the heat out.
You don’t have to revert to the days of your grandmother to cut back on your bills, but you do need to tweak a few habits. First and foremost, that means running it in the evenings or early mornings, outside of peak hours, because they generate heat inside the home. Always wash things with cold water, and lowering the temperatures on your water heater can improve energy. Ask us about our financing options and our experts are always available to answer any questions you may have. Although floor mats are effective in many instances, they can’t prevent all debris and materials being tracked into the home.
He is running this site since 2009 and writes on various environmental and renewable energy related topics. Instead of just worrying about the problem, I decided to do whatever I could do to help others. Be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR ratings and the logo to make sure that the new appliances are energy-efficient. But according to NRDC, those devices may come with hidden costs because they drain energy in ways that we’re not prepared for upon receiving them. Also, make sure to unplug cable boxes in rooms where they’re not often used like in vacation homes or guest bedrooms. In fact, according to an NRDC study, these devices use 30 percent less energy than the older, less efficient models. This caramel apple recipe swaps nutritionally-devoid white sugar for the natural sweetness of dates. If you’ve got a spare afternoon and the time to read these tips, you’ll be well on your way to being green! Some providers even offer special discounts for enrolling in a program to minimize the energy used during those hours.
In addition, close the vents in extra rooms and close the doors: don’t work to cool rooms that aren’t in use. If you keep the sun from ever getting in to warm your home, then you won’t have to work as hard to cool it down! Plugging an array of similar electronics (the television, DVD player, and Xbox, for example) into one strip allows you to only turn the strip on and off as needed.
Cooking outside on the grill provides a delicious meal without using the oven, and offers up less cleaning, too!
If replacing an appliance isn’t doable, simply keep yours maintained and replace when it’s an option.
Shorten the length of showers, and turn your water heater off if you plan on going on vacation for a few days.

Therefore, the risk to the health may be greater due to exposure to pollution indoors than outdoors. You can improve the air quality by encouraging everyone to do this one thing on a regular basis. He lives a green lifestyle and is often looking for ways to improve the environment around him.
Here are some easy ways to conserve energy by making some simple changes to your consumption.
First off, choose home or standard screen settings rather than vivid or retail settings which are unnecessarily bright. Fill up the dishwasher, use cold water and small loads if needed on your clothes washer, and filling your freezer actually makes your refrigerator work better! Check to see if your washers have economy modes to use less water; you can also keep the heat cycle on the dishwasher off for better results.
It’s so true, from tablets being added to classrooms across the country to individual games systems at home, children are constantly being exposed to technology. It is therefore important for you to make informed decisions that can help you to improve indoor air quality. It is important to monitor this in both homes and businesses to improve indoor air quality. Residents in certain parts of the country find that monitoring indoor air quality is paramount.
Next up, disable the quick start function which turns your television on slightly faster but drains energy even when it’s off. Making the shelter book an indispensable object of desire –onethat visionaries reshaping […] share Can We Really Trust E-Cigarettes?
That’s what makes it more important than ever to make sure we are teaching kids ways to conserve energy while growing up in a world of  Smart Technology. The Good,The Bad and the Ugly News &Culture Krissy Brady Are e-cigarettes really as safe as they appear? While a good chunk of my friends started smoking in high school,I was a late bloomer and didn’t pick up my first cigarette until my mid-twenties.
That an an Atari were pretty much the extent of the technology I was exposed to as a kid.Fast forward a few years, and my dad was the first on the block to have a portable phone.
Rhode Island-based designer Boris Bally follows a philosophy called “HUMANUFACTURED®,” a hybrid of art,design and craft. His latest project exploits the stark graphics of street signage to create conversation pieces for the sitting room.
You know the ones… they had a bag that came with them, and they were the size of your entire house. I mean, how efficient, how clever!Fast forward even more years, and my dad was the first person I knew to have this device where he could walk in a room, make a noise, and get his lights to turn on.
The Permacouture institute is a transatlantic business,with education programs in both the UK and U.S. Yes,I want my hair to be as thick and gorgeous as possible forever and ever,but more importantly,I can’tstand clogged shower drains! Saving us the time it took us to walk to the switch to turn on the individual lamps, in turn making our daily lives simpler.Life as a kid with my dad progressed the same way. Every year or two, he would have the coolest new device to save time and make life work simpler. It surrounds them.In our home, we have a remote control that helps up pick and choose which lights should turn on and when we should turn them on. We have a video monitoring system for when we are away from the house and just  recently, we started looking at a Direct Energy Smart Thermastat to make our home a truly Smart Home.With all this technology, its easy to take it for granted.
It is easy to forget that we have to teach our children how to be stewards of the environment, and that while all of this technology is amazing, we have a responsibility to take care of our planet by learning simple ways to conserve energy. Direct Energy has put together some awesome tips for making your home smarter and more convenient while conserving energy.
They can identify what is plugged in, what gets used and how often, and if it should be unplugged.
The Educators’ Spin On ItKid Powered Dinner- One night a week, have your kids help you create a meal with no electricity.
We love salad, but I am sure you could get creative.- Lemon Lime AdventuresToothy Tunes- Encourage children to turn of the faucet while they brush their hands by playing their favorite song while they brush at a whisper volume.
They will HAVE to turn the water off to hear their favorite tune while they brush.- Lemon Lime AdventuresEnergy Treasure Hunt- Have children put on their detective suits and go hunting for energy wasters like cords still plugged in, faucets dripping, electronics left on. With the new Direct Energy Smart Thermostat, you can teach children the value of conserving energy while upgrading your home with some of the coolest smart technology out there. To enter the sweepstakes, visit the campaign landing page and simply fill out the entry form.
Winners will be selected in Mid-November.At Direct Energy, they are committed to helping customers build a smarter home, and thus cut down on their energy usage – saving the customer time and making their lives easier.
Maybe it’s buying Smart Power strips for your devices, using dimmer switches, or installing a Nest Learning Thermostat. REGARDLESS, I ONLY RECOMMEND PRODUCTS OR SERVICES I USE PERSONALLY AND BELIEVE WILL BE GOOD FOR MY READERS. Please read the instructions for each activity thoroughly before deciding whether is is appropriate for your child(ren).
Lemon Lime Adventures is not responsible for any injury or damage while replicating activities from this blog.

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