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Becoming sustainable is a relatively new responsibility for building managers and operators, but one that is starting to be taken seriously because buildings are very large consumers of energy.
Most of the industry today is focused primarily on infrastructure improvements, which is understandable because it is typically easier to quantify the potential savings that justifies the investment. If you have a disability or mobility difficulty, you may find that you become tired while trying to perform everyday tasks around your home (Mathiowetz, Matuska and Murphy, 2001), (Arthritis Care, 2010). Organise your regularly used household items so they are accessible and easy to reach (Santiago-Palma and Payne, 2001).
Get organised - some difficulties may be overcome by simply rearranging your kitchen so that items are close to areas where they will be used. Pace yourself - trying to do everything in a short space of time can make you tired (Santiago-Palma and Payne, 2001). Many activities in the kitchen can be done sitting down, which can help save energy (Arthritis Care, 2010), (Santiago-Palma and Payne, 2001).
Using appliances such as food processors or electric mixers can save time and energy spent chopping or mixing by hand (Arthritis Care, 2010). You may also consider buying ready chopped and prepared fruit and vegetables, or frozen vegetables, to save energy preparing these (Arthritis Care, 2010).
When you are cooking, consider preparing extra portions and freezing them for later use (Arthritis Care, 2010). There is a wide range of food preparation equipment designed to make tasks easier - including cutting and slicing, chopping boards, peelers and graters. Cleaning can be quite a difficult and tiring task, depending on your abilities you may need some assistance with heavy tasks such as vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom (Arthritis Care, 2010). Long handled cleaning items such as mops, dusters, window wipers or dustpans and brushes will help avoid bending low or over reaching (Arthritis Care, 2010). Choosing the most effective cleaning products can help minimise the amount of scrubbing or manual work you need to do.
Using a tumble dryer for larger items such as sheets and towels can be helpful, as these items are often heavy to peg out. All advice is either supported by references (cited in the text) or is based upon peer reviewed professional opinion. This website was designed to give information, ideas and examples of energy efficiency and will also show how energy conservation benefits everyone. In this portion of our website, you will find information about ways to improve energy efficiency in your home, the workplace and while driving, along with information about energy efficient products. Did you know using less electricity (by using CFLs, energy-efficient appliances, etc.) or driving a fuel efficient car reduces ground level ozone?

You need to do four or five energy-efficient things to see a difference; one or two won’t cut it. If you find this review inappropriate and think it should be removed from our site, let us know. When you follow another listener, we'll highlight the books they review, and even email* you a copy of any new reviews they write.
What’s Luxury in a Chicago Luxury Apartment? Recently, a professional asked me what exactly defines a Chicago luxury apartment.
This can make it difficult to get everything done around the home, or you may find you need to ask others for help. Rest is an important part of conserving your energy, and helps your body recover from physical activity (Mathiowetz, Matuska and Murphy, 2001), (Arthritis Care, 2010). For example, use a long handled reacher to pick up items from the floor, instead of bending down (Santiago-Palma and Payne, 2001).
For example, you could sit while preparing food or doing your ironing (Santiago-Palma and Payne, 2001). However, careful planning and use of appropriate equipment can make these tasks much simpler (Arthritis Care, 2010).
It may also help to store commonly used items within easy reach, to avoid bending low or over reaching (Arthritis Care, 2010).
You could try chopping up and preparing food in the morning, allowing time to rest before cooking your evening meal.
If you space out cleaning tasks over the week, cleaning the house will be much less tiring. If you live in a two storey home, you may consider having one vacuum cleaner upstairs and one downstairs. Front loading machines can be raised on a platform so you don't have to bend as low to load and unload. For example, iron in small batches rather than trying to do it all at once (Santiago-Palma and Payne, 2001). Our advice is impartial and not influenced by sponsors or product suppliers listed on the site. The idea is to eventually reduce our energy consumption and demands without diminishing our quality of life.
Please download the lightbulb comparison spreadsheet to determine how much you can save by switching your lighting to use energy saving bulbs, otherwise known as complact fluorescent lightbulbs. Shelton found that 40% of consumers in her survey admit to not programming their thermostat to energy-saving settings.

It’s important to be able to collaborate with like-minded individuals and to have fun while you work hard. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, everyone is either looking forward to a special evening and celebration with their significant other or trying their absolute best to escape all the lovie dovie couples and the holiday festivities. To be totally frank, I had a blonde moment  (I’m brunette for the record) when it said the first day was February 7. Listed here are some ideas on how to conserve your energy when doing jobs around the house. You may like to read our advice on planning an accessible kitchen and kitchen layouts for more information on setting up your kitchen.
Becoming more energy efficient will save you money, reduce pollution and ease energy demands within the economy. When we conserve energy or become more energy efficient, we are also saving money and reducing pollution.
Dropping 20 degrees could save 6% to 10% on your annual water heating costs, which are 14% to 18% of your utility bills. If you are a historical junkie, these estates are all open to the public for tours and visits.
Thankfully, the light bulb in my head quickly switched on and I realized that was Sochi time. A lightweight table top ironing board, or a fold away ironing board may be easier to manage than a conventional board (Arthritis Care, 2010).
And, take advantage of the links we list as resources to help you reduce your energy use and find out more about energy efficiency.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others are working to make information about outdoor air quality as available to the public as information about the weather. Also wrap an older water heater and the hot water pipes in insulating material to save on heat loss. The way that you live, work, travel, eat, drink, and dress affects the earth and the environment - and this concise, eye-opening book gives you all the tools you need to live a "green" lifestyle.
USEPA and the West Virginia Division of Air Quality uses this standardized system to provide the public with timely and easy-to-understand information on local air quality and whether air pollution levels pose a health concern.

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