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Summer suns in Texas don’t mess around and the added expense of running your air conditioning can have your bills rocketing sky-high.
Plug your chimney with fiberglass insulation when not in use and make sure the dampers are sealed tight. Clean out the lint screen each time you use your dryer.r by placing a dollar bill in the door, if it can be easily pulled out, it’s time to replace the gaskets.
Aside from all of these options, Grand View Builders save energy every day by using the products that are already placed in their homes. As part of a continuing series that explores room-by-room energy savings, we’ve suggested low-cost ways to save electricity in your home office, kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.
Electricity Simplified was created to educate the public about the electricity industry in Texas and provide energy-saving tips and tricks. As we celebrated Earth Day yesterday, you may have though about how much water goes down your drains and pipes every day. Check for leaks. Do a quick inventory of your sinks, showers, toilets and the hoses outside your home. Consider water saving and energy efficient upgrades. Many new faucets, shower heads and toilets are low flow or have water conservation features. If you have a plumbing question or want more information on ways to save water and energy with your plumbing, consider calling a trusted local professional plumber. Sign up for our weekly enews and get the best family fun events and ideas in your inbox each week! If you have COPD, you know that saving your energy and breath for what matters is a good way to make life easier. Comfortable, easy clothes, such as those with elastic waists, zippers, or slip-on shoes can make getting dressed easier. When you have healthy lungs, the idea that standing up could be a chore probably sounded like a joke. Wheeled carts aren't just useful outside the house--they can also help you carry heavy or awkward items from room to room. The same activities, errands, and other events that you used to attend can still be a part of your life, but chances are you'll need to schedule your day so that you don't have to do too many things at once. It can be hard to consider letting some activities go, but managing the fatigue that comes with COPD means that it's probably more important to concentrate on doing activities that bring you joy than wasting energy on unimportant tasks.

If you’re just looking for free ways to conserve energy in your own home, there are lots of simple tricks that cost little to no money. ENERGY STAR qualified homes like ours use reliable building technologies that are proven to save homeowners money.
Having a licensed professional examine your outdoor unit can help make sure that it’s functioning at its highest capacity and not wasting energy through leaks and has the adequate level of coolant.
Those outdoor condenser coils can become dirty especially quickly if the surrounding environment is dusty, and coils can easily fall victim to falling leaves and lawn mower scraps. Trim foliage back at least 2 feet to allow for adequate airflow around the condenser, recommends Energy.gov.
The PUCT suggests adding trees and shrubs on the east, west and south sides of your home to keep it insulated naturally and cut your electricity costs. Set the pool pump to run early in the morning or at night to avoid peak electricity demand hours.
Using outdoor solar lights to illuminate everything from sidewalks and pathways to patios and driveways is an effective, easy and virtually maintenance-free way to tame your electric bill. Despite a higher initial cost, both CFLs and LEDs last considerably longer than incandescents and require up to 80 percent less electricity to operate, saving you money and time in the long run. All three of these tools are useful for outdoor security and utility lighting, providing lighting when you need it in the most efficient manner possible. These can be easy for you to upgrade on your own or with the help of a professional plumber.
Even in big homes, most of us have certain places where we perch for most of the day, such as an armchair, a desk, or a couch. If changing clothes is still a chore, there are shoehorns and other implements that can make it easier. Even if you don't fully sleep, spending time quietly without moving much can help you recharge.
Every once in a while, re-evaluate where your energy is being spent, and see if there's something you can let go in order to be present and energized for those you love. The inspection also should include checking and cleaning connections, examining the motor and testing belts. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) recommends washing the outside coils of your AC unit, clearing away high grass, leaves and any other debris.

Energy.gov also makes several recommendations about size, efficiency and costs to consider with gas pool heaters. According to Energy.gov, covering a pool when it is not being used is the most effective way to reduce pool heating costs—and to save electricity. The American Red Cross recommends a temperature of 78 degrees for competitive swimming, but that could be too cool for young children and the elderly, who may require temperatures of 80?F or higher.
Here are some suggestions for quick and easy things you can do at home to conserve water and energy with your plumbing, especially on Earth Day. Remember plumbers have professional grade products that often last longer than store bought parts. Keep common items handy at each of these places so you don't have to get up and move around if you want to write something down, change a TV channel, or answer the phone.
Many of the chores that come with grooming and other daily skills can be done more easily if you're sitting down. If you don't like to be idle, you could spend the time writing letters, reading, or working on a small project. In general, the energy consumption for each degree rise in temperature will cost 10%–30% more in energy costs, depending on location. Try putting a chair in the shower or in front of the mirror, so that bathing, shaving, and doing your hair don't wear you out. Outdoor solar lighting systems work well in most areas of the United States, according to the U.S. Pools do gain heat from the sun so consider this when selecting the level of transparency of the pool cover. A solar lighting system only will work well as long as the solar cells receive the requisite hours of sunlight.

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