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We can produce signs in a huge variety of sizes: from a few inches wide to ten metre  long shop or factory signs. We can produce any style of sign for business premises, shop fronts, directional signs, temporary lightweight signs, menu boards, car roof signs and door name plates. We can provide a complete range of health and safety signs, including warning, mandatory and fire signs custom made to any size, on sign panels or as self-adhesive stickers.
We can supply ready made sturdy street signs such as sandwich boards, chalk boards and a range of poster frames in sizes from A5 up to A0.
Banners are made from flexible PVC material and can be made to virtually any size, with hemmed edges to strengthen them and metal eyelets for fixing.
Vinyl lettering and graphics can be applied to glass on external or internal windows to provide additional information, decoration or just to to block out whatever is behind the glass like the shop front below.
Oregon Travel Experience serves both local businesses and the larger business community through our logo and directional signs. Almost 100 percent of motorists in a random survey told OTE they could recall seeing iconic blue highway logo signs. Want to learn more about how your business can be featured on an Oregon Travel Experience Interstate logo sign?
If you need the free Adobe Reader application to download the PDF, please see the link at the bottom of this page.
Oregon is one of two states in the entire US to offer these smaller versions of freeway logo signs. Off-interstate logo signs are similar to their larger cousins, but are scaled down versions with smaller logos for gas, food, lodging, and camping categories. Do you own a glass blowing studio near Cannon Beach or a hops tasting room in the Willamette Valley? The earthy brown color on this sign is easily recognized and directs travelers to nearby museums or historic sites. OTE coordinates the installation of museum and historic site signs with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). While businesses may view logo placement as a form of highway business advertising, the signs are in fact classified as official traffic control devices and are regulated by both federal and state laws. Are you already a sign customer, but would like refer OTE to your friends who own businesses that might benefit from an OTE sign?

Photoluminescent signs Exit We are an Chinese manufacuter specialized in photoluminscent safety signs production and sales.
We use materials such as foam pvc (3mm, 5mm or 10mm thick), acrylic, aluminium, dibond composite panels (aluminium coated acrylic) and lightweight correx, all of which can be adorned with computer cut vinyl lettering or high resolution full colour digitally printed vinyl.
More and more banners are being digitally printed in full colour with unlimited combinations of text and images. While permit applications are included under each sign type, linking directly to the sign category FAQ pages provides more in-depth information that may help you successfully complete the application. Typically the signs are located near a freeway exit and call attention to essential services (gas, food, lodging, camping and attraction categories). They not only benefit the traveler but are invaluable to the businesses who secure space on them.
The TOD may be exactly what you need to pull in a greater number of visitors and help grow your business.
The brown and white panels were adopted by OTE in 1991 to help visitors find their way to historical attractions while remaining consistent with nationally recognized colors.
Qualifying museums or historical sites are facilities approved by OTE after consultation with the Oregon Historical Society and the Oregon Museum Association. This is free downloadable software on the Adobe solutions website and will help you to print out your application and fill in by hand. Check more detail information about Photoluminescent Exit Signs, please feel free to contact us!
If you find any images that you have copyright, please let me know so that I can remove or give credits.
You can also find free road signs, free traffic signs,free road signs,free kids signs,free safety signs,free printable room signs, door hangers, free party signs, and free school signs.
Either you need to post a on sale sign, or a new opening sign, or seasonal business Promotional sign,you will find a perfect sign template. Printed signs can also be laminated with clear film to protect against abrasion and sunlight and thus give the signs a longer life. We can also cut signs to a particular shape (like the cartoon characters below), and fit vinyl graphics to other items such as the magic box, mirror and car roof sign also shown here. Custom sizes and designs can be produced to mix and match whatever you need to put on your signs.

Mainly for indoor use, they can be rolled up into a metal case and are very easily transported as they are very light.
When interstate logo signs were introduced in 1972, Oregon was one of the first states to adopt the concept, thereby replacing cluttered billboards.
OTE’s business customers report that logo and attraction signs help guide motorists to their venue, thereby increasing their revenue. With help from the Oregon Department of Transportation, OTE obtained federal approval in 1979 to begin off-interstate sign placement.
Tourists and vacationing Oregonians enjoy discovering new and unique places to stop and savor the flavor of the “real” Oregon.
Unless you have Adobe Pro (a paid software component) you will not be able to fill in the above permit applications on your computer.
Each free printable road sign template has different theme, like stop sign, one way sign, and other arrow sign template.
You choose your favorite sign themes and designs, enter your personal sign title and sign message, then preview your personal sign and print out from your home computers.
In many instances, highway signs help form a visitor’s first impressions of Oregon and are often a reflection of the local communities in which they exist.
Qualifying tourist oriented businesses are facilities offering cultural, recreational, educational, agricultural or other entertainment activities. Our highway business sign staff will look for innovative ways to help sustain your business while providing accountability for your investment. If you would prefer documents in Word, which may be filled out on your computer, please use this link. Please contact our office if you experience any difficulties printing your brochure and we will mail you one.

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