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The title and subtitle of this post is actually one of my favorite jokes from comedian Steven Wright.  But could you imagine if we had expiration dates? The cartoon below is part of the Over-Medicated series.  A while back when I adjusted my medications, I started to have these bizarre, nightmarish and freaky dreams. Last updated: 12 Mar 2013Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed.
Junk Food Junkies Go Healthy for Long-Term Rewards What Helps Kids Thrive in Face of Adversity? Miss M: There are a lot of people making money off of stifling the lives of these people, including myself. While it is nice to imagine your dog being forever healthy, every now and then they may get sick. If your dog does seem off color the first thing that any responsible dog owner must do is to determine if medication is necessary or not. If you spend a lot of time in company with your pet you will soon spot any sign of illness.  You know exactly how your dog acts when he is healthy.

Any loss of appetite or changes in body weight, especially if you haven’t changed the food recently, is possibly a sign of a health problem.
Other common signs of illness in an animal include problems urinating, strange odors from urine, hair loss and a runny nose or eyes. Some minor illnesses are caused by something as simple as a change in food not agreeing with the animal’s digestive system.
It is vital to check for signs of illness regularly so that your dog can receive treatment as early as possible before a condition worsens.
These symptoms can indicate kidney problems, issues with your dog’s prostate, skin parasites or a respiratory infection. A solitary incident, such as vomiting after eating a new food, is likely to be a reaction to a new ingredient. Effective pet meds are available to help treat a wide variety of conditions, from relatively minor issues such as a flea infestation to something more serious such as diabetes; all can be treated with medications. However, other more serious and persistent health problems will require the use of pet meds.  In cases where more serious medical conditions are suspected a veterinarian should be consulted for advice, and will direct any treatment that is required.

If your dog’s activity level suddenly changes or they seem disoriented, there is definitely something wrong. Some pet meds can be purchased over the counter, but this should only be done if advised by your vet.
While these symptoms can be caused by something simple such as eating the wrong thing, they can also be signs of something more serious, such as heartworms. Limping usually means that your dog has either hurt their leg or foot, but it can also indicate joint problems. However, to be certain, always contact your vet immediately with full details of the incident or change in behavior to ensure that it is nothing more serious. In order for the medication to help your dog, ensure that you follow your vet’s instructions very carefully.

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