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I saw this man at the grocery store here in Hell with warts all over his arms, face, head, and even more horrible growths on his neck. I have genital warts (HPV virus) around my anus area and want to know what can I use to get rid of them or make the itching stop.
I read something about the HPV virus that causes plantar warts being connected to increased chances of cervical cancer?!
Anyone use or used, veregen for genital warts?I recently contracted this stupid hpv, because someone decided to take advantage of me when i was blacked out, anyways the doctor gave me this cream, and i have been using it for two weeks now, even though my case was on the rectum and wasn't severe at all, but to my surprise i have noticed it working because alot of the small developing warts are gone, and their is only like one or two left, even though it has painful side effects, i was wondering if anyone else has used this cream, and did it work for them?
Unfortunately, i contracted this bad std, but luckily i had the courage to go seek help, anyways i was prescribed veregen that i have been using for almost a week inside my anus as the doctor said, since thats where my warts are, i couldnt really find other peoples experiences with this cream, did it work for you?
I first had a single wart on the toe next to my big toe and its been there for a year and now I can see tiny warts on my big toe as well. I just finished gym class at school and we are learning martial arts so I have to walk in barefeet with about 60 other kids. I got a wart on my index finger about two years ago and have tried every over the counter remedy to remove it.
Its known that applying vinegar (acetic acid 3-5% solution) for 5 minutes can help to highlight hard to see warts, genital warts.However, it's stated that there are other skin conditions which could be also highlighted by applied vinegar.What are they? What was that, is it contagious, and why haven't they killed it with fire?Hundreds of warts!
Are there any home remedys fro removing warts?BTW: I did cut it off, but it grew back a few weeks later.

How long until they went away?Did they come back?I would greatly appreciate your experiences and advice. I have very small warts which I have had frozen 3x, used nystatin, retin-a, podofilox, garlic, vitamins, banana peel, apple cider vinegar, and getian violet on and nothing makes them go away.
The problem is- now I have several smaller warts that have appeared and I cannot get rid of them! This summer, I visited the dermatology every three weeks, so in total I went to her four times. If it hasn't helped by 2 months or if you get lots more in the meantime, call your docs office for further recommendations. The wart itself is keratin (skin protein), and needs to be gently exfoliated or scrubbed away over time. I've been to 3 dermantologist, 1 urologist, and 2 doctors and tried all recommendations even from random people but to no avail they dont go away. I know some of you go pretty gung-ho with your at home remedies, and sort of attack the warts till they're gone. Definitely disinfect your feet as soon as you can after wards but as long as you don't have any cuts or sores you really aren't at any risk because the virus cannot enter.
Anyway, I was looking it up and there's some personal statements that says, to scrape it, or to like use nair to soften up the warts.But the thing is, wouldn't that just cause the genital to bleed and spread some more?
She used a combination, varying between freezing them and applying acid soaked cotton balls to them.

I went to her for the last time 6 days ago, and in total, I had about 7 warts on my fingers, each on a different finger. I started out with three eensy teensy warts and now I have like fricken twelve or something. However I have known of several women that had persistent cell changes even after surgeries, women that had reoccurrences of cervical cancer after a hysterectomy.
Also, the derm told me if we treat the others on her forehead, her immune system might be able to kick the ones on her eyelid.)Thanks! When I first went to her, I only had 4) Well, this last time, she put acid on all of them.The blisters have popped and peeled on all of them.
I am leaving the state to go back to school in a week, which is why I won't have time to see her again. She prescribed me tablets to boost my immune system to fight off the virus, and she prescribed me a Zyclara cream to apply to the warts twice a day while I'm at school.I have been applying the cream, and she said the skin around it would get itchy and irritated, which it has.
I think the risk of having a cancer recurrence is slightly more of a concern for me than going into Valtrex psychosis. I move the skin around it, but I'm not seeing any fluid move or bubble like it needs to be popped.

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