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Today's young comedians are from Healing Primary School.Pupils from Healing Primary School share their jokes with the Grimsby Telegraph readers.
Outline of stages involved in healing of skin wounds, and comparison of primary and secondary intention. Anyone can learn and use energy healing (often known as Reiki but there are many different types and techniques of energy healing) because we are all connected to the infinite source. Over time I created my own technique called primary healing as I felt that it was best to work directly with the infinite and divine source of all creations and tap into the infinite field of unconditional love and light.
I always like to encourage everyone to see life as a path and journey and working with the primary energy from the source will bring harmony, balance, peace and unconditional love into your lives.
Healing has to happen on the inside so I encourage you to empower yourself and to bring peace, harmony and unconditional love into your life.
Sometimes a root cause might lie in an unhealthy diet or it could even be that for most of our lives we have lived with fears, anger, swallowed too much or were not able to let go of things.
Everybody is born with the connection to our primary, infinite and divine source and everybody is pure love and light. Wound healing, also termed as tissue repair, is restoration of the continuity of the cells. Fibrosis – involves the repair of dense (fibrous) connective tissue, distinctively noted by the formation of scar tissue. Increased capillary permeability – After a tissue is injured, the capillaries become very permeable. Clot construction – Clotting proteins that leaked from the blood would create a clot and eventually stops the blood loss. When a scab is picked away from the skin where the wound is present, bleeding is experienced because of the delicateness of the capillaries of the granulation tissue. During my courses participants learn to connect with the infinite source of all creations and use its pure and loving energy for healing purposes for ourselves and others as well as guidance or to manifest things in our life. It might be that we work too much, don’t eat well, don’t exercise enough, don’t share our burdens and sorrows, don’t speak up.
In the book she published pictures from Jeanette Gerkens Kuhlow which show through thermography how Reiki works.

As we are all individuals and feel things in different ways, we also feel Reiki differently.
When tissue injury occurs, the body stimulates inflammatory and immune responses and the process of wound healing would initiate almost immediately. Increased capillary permeability allows fluid abundant with clotting proteins and other substances from the bloodstream to seep into the injured area. Presence of clot would hold the edge of the wound together and wall off the injured area to prevent any bacteria and other harmful substances from spreading to surrounding tissues. Tissue of the skin and mucous membranes (epithelial tissue) regenerate beautifully so as the fibrous connective tissues and bones.
So when you decide to start your healing journey  be prepared that such a journey can bring a lot of beautiful experiences but also painful experiences.
If our immune system is weak (or our chi is low) then the likelihood of catching it is higher. In any case we can use energy to help us heal on different levels but also if we use again our thoughts and our intention to heal then this alone can be so powerful! Whatever it is, it’s a message that tells us that it is our responsibility to listen to our body and look after it – on all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual level).
Over time our energy becomes more and more suppressed and we forget our connection to the source. Think about it – some people can see auras, which is nothing else then an energy field. She takes a picture of a specific area before Reiki is given, then another one while Reiki is given and finally one after Reiki has been given.
Some people might feel tingling in their fingers or hands, some people might feel heat in their hands, some people might feel that the hands are cold. These tissues would grow into the damaged area from the neighboring uninjured blood vessels. These connective tissue cells are responsible for synthesizing the building blocks of scar tissue, also called collagen fibers, to permanently restore the continuity of cells.

It is important to understand that we don’t need pain to learn but we can learn through love. If our immune system is strong (or our chi is strong) then we might either not catch it at all or recover much quicker. During a primary healing  class you do a self-attunement to re-awaken your connection to the primary and infinite source and to remember your true essence of unconditional love and light.
One of the characteristics of granulation tissue is its tendency to bleed freely due to the fragility of its capillaries.
However, many of us still believe that their learnings have to be painful or that they are part of karmic learnings. Stop giving away your power to others because you can heal yourself and because you are an amazing being of pure love and light.
The energy is always present and inside you, however you can connect to the primary, infinite and divine source to work as a channel for such a high frequency energy.
A very small percentage of people might take some time to feel the Reiki flow – or perhaps they might not be aware that they actually feel it when they do. By working with high frequency energies you not only raise your own vibration but also assist people who you work with in raising their vibration and ultimately the vibration of our planet Earth, Gaia.
Thoughts create your reality So create your reality filled with unconditional love and light, surround yourself with people who like you want to heal and grow and give and receive unconditional love and light. They are still so open minded so they can often see what we adults can not or don’t allow ourselves to see.

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