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APSince the war on drugs began in 1971, America's prison population has surged 700 percent to 2.4 million. Prisoners have become part of the economy, manufacturing and assembling products for major corporations, while private prisons have emerged as multi-billion dollar operations.
Now thatA there are more Americans under correctional supervision than were in Stalin'sA gulags, it's officially out of control. We reserve the right to remove any comment we feel is spammy, NSFW, defamatory, rude, or reckless to the community. Use your own words (don't copy and paste from elsewhere), be honest and don't pretend to be someone (or something) you're not. In 1970, just under one-half (48 percent) of the worlda€™s population was younger than 20, a nearly equal percentage was ages 20 to 64, and only 5 percent was 65 and older. Manatees have made a huge comeback as a result of significant improvements in habitat conditions and threat reduction. The elder daughter of POTUS and FLOTUS will follow in the footsteps of many first children of U.S.
On Face The Nation today Lindsey Graham appears to agree with John Boehner's assertion that Ted Cruz actually IS Lucifer, the devil.
Ruth Gates estimated that about 60 to 80 percent of the coral in Kaneohe Bay has bleached this year.
Only about 1,267 West Indian manatees could be found in Florida when surveys began in 1991. The ESA defines an endangered species as one currently in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range, and a threatened species as one that is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future. The manatee protection measures put in place by federal and Florida officials, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and industries resulted in the establishment of over 50 manatee protection areas and have played a key role in reversing the species’ decline.
Significant advances have also been made in reducing the threat from entanglement in fishing gear. I was reading through all the negativity and stupidity this morning while drinking my coffee and something said, ‘how about some good news?’, so I typed in GOOD NEWS and found your site… Ahhh! Your daily stories have allowed me to rekindle a certain appreciate for the good things in life. When I read the newspaper, I look for the good news because every thought we think changes our biochemistry.
If news is not really news unless it is bad news, it may be difficult to claim we are an informed nation. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about these things.
I am a professor at Case Western reserve University and absolutely love your work--it is very significant. I enjoyed reading the positive stories… I am heartened by the goodness and generosity that I see in people… Keep up your good work. I was absoutely blown away by the fact that there was someone out there in the world who had not only thought of creating a Good News Network, but who had done it for ten years.
I was just at one of the big news websites and thought "these people make it seem like the end of the world is coming." Then I found you. The platform for my work is Albert Einstein's 'Knowing' that the only way to change anything is to change the thinking that created it. I am totally sick of hearing about murders, drugs, and all the rubbish the commercial networks bombard us with. I want to tell you that your Good News Network has helped me through bad times in my life when I struggled through anxiety and depression and sometimes doubts of faith. I can't tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy getting the GoodNews Network newsletter each Wednesday. I have a 7 year old son and we don't watch TV, listen to the news, or read newspapers because so much of it is negative and full of pain and hate -- things his little body does not need.
I realize how this event (the "Miracle on the Hudson") had touched people's lives, how ready they were for good news, how much they wanted to feel hopeful again. As a parent, small business owner, and citizen I congratulate you on having such a wonderful website.
Unless one makes a deliberate effort to seek out good news, what one gets from the media is frequently less than uplifting.
The Federal Reserve provided unprecedented monetary stimulus in response to the US financial crisis. It dropped its short-term Fed Funds target rate to zero, and provided unprecedented liquidity as part of quantitative easing (QE) programs starting in September of 2008.
In September of 2008, the Fed served as the lender of last resort to the financial system that was failing. US financial markets normalized by 2009, and total profits of US corporations represented in the S&P 500 (SPY) index rebounded strongly and surpassed their 2007 peak in 2011. Private business investment is considered to be the primary driver of subsequent gains in productivity, which in turn drive sustainable economic growth. Corporate treasurers and CFOs invest their companies’ cash based on expected returns on investment, as they should. As you can see in the chart above, the trend in net private investment as a share of GDP started to falter in the 1990’s. As you can see below, productivity growth has slowed since 2006, other than a rebound in 2010 which didn’t last.

Designed to be back-stop severe financial crisis, central bank emergency monetary policies are not only ineffective in stimulating the real economy, they actually degrade it in the long run.
The uncomfortable idea that central banks’ monetary policies are becoming ineffective has already begun to draw increasing attention in the market. Satyajit Das (2016) The Age of Stagnation: Why Perpetual Growth is Unattainable and the Global Economy is in Peril. The report estimated that in 2014, the total recruitment level of the fish, or the percentage of new fish that survive each year, was below 3.7 million fish, the second lowest level ever. Only 11 percent were in the supremely unhealthy range meeting zero of the goals, 34 percent met one, 37 percent met two, 16 percent met three and 2.7 percent met all four.
Today, as a result of lower fertility rates and longer life expectancy, the share of global population under age 20 has dropped to about 35 percent, the population between ages 20 and 64 represents 58 percent, and ages 65 and older represent 7 percent. Only about 1,267 West Indian manatees could be found in Florida when surveys began in 1991. Any comments that are sexist or in any other way deemed hateful by our staff will be deleted and constitute grounds for a ban from posting on the site. She said that her team used to look for bleached coral within the reef, but now they have to look for healthy individuals in a sea of pale corals.
Madeleine van Oppen, who does coral research at the Australia Institute of Marine Science, won the $10,000 Paul G. Since then, the population has increased 500 percent – to 6,300 in that state and 13,000 overall. Fish and Wildlife Service announced in January its proposal to down-list the status of the manatee from endangered to threatened under the Endangered Species Act– yet keep intact federal commitments to protection that will allow the population fully recover. After a review of the best scientific and commercial information available, including analyses of threats and populations, the FWS  proposed the reclassification and has opened a 90-day comment period in which the public is invited to submit scientific or technical information that will aid the agency in reaching its final decision. Retrofitted water control structures have resulted in significant decreases in manatee fatalities, and power companies are working cooperatively with federal and state conservation managers to address warm water outflows at wintering manatee congregation sites. Additionally, manatee rescue, rehabilitation and release organizations help save dozens of manatees yearly, with a majority successfully released back into the wild.
Daily, I was affected by Panic Attacks which were triggered from the news and all it's negative content. A few months ago I realized that I was getting really bogged down by all the terror and destruction that hit me first thing in the morning, and throughout my day. I felt constantly worried and agitated and it was hard to enjoy doing things I loved to do. I feel like I can never truly be happy as I always get this sense of encroaching doom and most of my fears are heightened by media sensationalism. When I read it I can see how my prayers for worldwide peace and tolerance are being answered. Michael Vick, steroids, exorbitant contracts, etc.) I'm glad to see GNN come out with a sports section to report all of the good things that are happening in the world of sports. A Christian message is one of "good news' and our congregants thrive hearing these news items from the real world. Working in the mental health field means, among other things, passing along helpful tools like your site. I check your website everyday and it gives me hope, comfort, and reassurance more than words can say.
As a chaplain at a life care retirement community, I lead a discussion group on current news with seniors each week. I am SO thrilled to be able to show him stories on your Website and talk to him about the positive, Good work that is occurring here on Earth. We've had a worldwide economic downturn, and people are confused, fearful and just so ready for good news. It lifts my heart, gives me courage, and renews my belief in ALL humankind when I read the stories you highlight. These emergency policies were coordinated with other major central banks (though I will focus on the US in this article). Most observers recognize that asset prices are elevated – and some criticize the Fed fiercely for supporting asset bubbles (though one is ill-advised to bet against the Fed). These investments include new technologies, advanced processes, infrastructure, equipment, and workforce training – which then yield long-term benefits for the companies and create growth and jobs in the economy. Cheap borrowing at record-low interest rates and confidence in continued stock markets gains boosted expected returns from share buybacks. It plunged during the Great Recession, and the recent rebound took it just above the lows reached during previous recessions.
One might argue that the Fed, under the leadership of then-Chairman Alan Greenspan, failed to contain (if not contributed to) this financialization. The ECB and the BoJ took these policies a step further than the Fed by implementing negative interest rates – and their economies are doing much worse than the US. 5, 2016: A prospective buyer inspects fresh tuna before the first auction of the year at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Under current levels of reproduction and management of the fisheries in the Pacific, the likelihood of rebuilding stocks to healthy levels is only 0.1 percent, the report says. A study conducted by Oregon State University, the University of Mississippi and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has awarded nearly every adult in the country a failing grade.

Since then, the population has increased 500 percent – to 6,300 in that state and 13,000 overall.
Florida counties have made significant progress in developing and implementing manatee protection plans near boat facilities to reduce boater impacts on manatees.
Sometimes, the measure of our work as journalists is not the professional recognition of colleagues, but rather the mark we make in the hearts of readers who see our work. Now, with the Good News Network set as my homepage, I see first the good that goes on in the world and my attitude and state of mind are much better. Thank you for lifting my spirits, after only 10 minutes of reading I felt better about the world in which we live. I am back in fine form, and your site really helps me stay positive and focused on my business.
Perspective is everything, and despite what appears in mainstream news, good does happen - a lot more than I was lead to believe.
They are overloaded with the bad news, and even though we don't want to have our heads in the sand, we need to hear some good news. You have given me a safe place where I can allow my son to browse and follow the stories that interest him. Then I found your site and after reading the first story I immediately felt my spirits lift and I never went home sad again. In such a world of ups and downs and sometimes unbelievable craziness I can always count on GNN to keep me in the uplifted, grateful and inspired zone! In the long term, they were intended to continue to provide support until the real economy caught up.
As consequence, major industrial companies started to fail too, one of which was General Motors (GM). Lower business investment reduces productivity growth, which is major component of sustained economic growth.
At the same time, real economic growth has settled in a low 2% range (with the Fed’s stimulus, mind you). At the same time, investing in growth projects carried low expected returns due to low economic growth.
If the US economy deteriorates, the Fed is prepared to do more of the same, and is evaluating negative rates, as former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s described here. The researchers used four barometers to measure whether someone's behavior could be considered healthy. I think we don't know what the bombardment of crime and violence does to our minds, I think we're in denial about it. Now I’m excited about all the wonderful things around the world, instead of feeling helpless. Reading ordinary news we get a sense that that's all there is, but your site reminds us the world is not as bad as the news would lead us to believe. In this article, I argue that these policies had major negative economic effect of misallocating business investment into financial assets rather than in real assets, which has reduced long-term productivity and economic growth.
Share buybacks in the last three years have been close to pre-crisis peak in 2007 (see chart above). Japanese eat about 80 percent of all bluefin tuna caught worldwide, and stocks of all three bluefin species -- the Pacific, Southern and Atlantic -- have fallen over the past 15 years as demand for the luscious, buttery pink-to-red fleshed fish has soared globally. We need to know that our efforts are paying off, that we can build a paradise -- and we’re doing it. Organizations charged with helping to manage bluefin fisheries have set a goal of rebuilding the species' population to 6.4 percent, or 42,592 metric tons, of unfished levels by 2024.
That is, they weren't looking for people to be marathon runners but just have a moderate amount of 150 minutes of activity a week."This is pretty low, to have so few people maintaining what we would consider a healthy lifestyle," Ellen Smit, a researcher at Oregon State and a co-author, said. But 6.4 percent levels for a species like the Pacific bluefin, which can live for up to 40 years, are no guarantee of a recovery. Many experts believe 20 percent of historic levels is the minimum size for a sustainable fishery. There's clearly a lot of room for improvement."The study's results are considered to be more reliable because researchers used technology to track participants instead of self-reported surveys. The international body that monitors fisheries in most of the Pacific Ocean, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, was unable to reach consensus last year on either short-term or long-term measures to help restore the bluefin population.
For exercise, for instance, researchers used an accelerometer, such as the ones in a phone or fitness band, to track movement. In Europe, officials have agreed last month on implementing a recovery plan for bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean. A next step by conservationists could include efforts to get Pacific bluefin tuna banned from international trading. Pacific bluefin tuna are spawned in the western parts of the northern Pacific but migrate throughout the ocean, complicating management of catches.
If the population of Pacific bluefins drops much further, it may no longer be economically feasible to fish for them.

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