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President Dilma Rousseff appears likely to be suspended from office through impeachment in the next few weeks. Congratulations (and Thank You) to our design & development team, our editorial staff, our sponsors, content providers, promotional partners, and our extended family at the Arnold Sports Festival for a remarkable 100 days. For nearly two decades Dan has produced countless hours of media, earning a reputation as a leader in the world of fitness & bodybuilding publishing.
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H.264 Waterproof Megapixel IP Camera with a Array IR LED 20m IR Range for Outdoor Use Updated!!! The non-profit organization, EducationSuperHighway (ESH) noted that 99% of the nation’s K-12 schools are hooked up to the internet, but 80% of these connections don’t meet the U.S. Think of it like someone who spends more money fixing up the outside of their car than the inside.
Not all schools are shooting for the flashiest gear; some just aren’t getting the intended bang for their buck. They explain that this mismanagement of funds has resulted in schools having, “the same amount of Internet access as the typical home – with 100 times more users. We are building a national database of the broadband infrastructure in every K-12 school and designing best practices based roadmaps to 100MB+ for each school. We are creating an Education Geek Squad to help schools implement 100MB+ broadband infrastructure and aggregate purchasing. We are developing a low cost network assessment appliance that will enable schools to easily monitor and manage their networks. We are supporting efforts to maximize the impact of the E-Rate program and encourage telecommunications carriers to accelerate the deployment of high speed broadband in school neighborhoods. In their article, Forget About Blended Learning Best Practices, Innosight co-founder, Michael Horn and senior education research fellow, Heather Staker argue that it is ineffective to take the best practices, the attributes of what good organizations do, and assume that they are the causal reason for their success. Rather than looking at blended learning as having only one “correct” format or method, they advise others to look at it as the innovative, morphing thing it is. This is why we need to study the models defined in their May 2012 release, Classifying K-12 Blended Learning. They suggest that most elementary schools could easily utilize the rotational model because, “a large number [of schools] already employ activity-center classroom models that lend themselves to adding an online-learning station.” It would be as easy as plugging an online instruction portion in to their day of teacher-led instruction and collaborative group activities. The station-rotation model in action could look like this: Through teacher-led instruction, a class starts out by reciting King Phillip Came Over From Great Spain – to help remember scientific classification (kingdom, phylum, class, etc…).
For middle and high school, they suggest the simplest way to employ blended learning is the self-blend model. As an easy way to begin using blended learning, they close up their article by encouraging schools to launch credit- and dropout-recovery programs with the flex model. The Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities is pleased to announce its participation in Digital Learning Day. Digital Learning Day is a nationwide celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology that engages students and provides them with a rich, personalized, educational experience.

The Digital Learning Day website offers ideas on how classrooms, schools, districts, or states can celebrate Digital Learning Day 2013.
The report covers data taken over a twelve-year period, from 1996 to 2008, and compares student performances in traditional classroom settings and online settings by drawing on 99 studies making quantitative comparisons between the two settings. Josh Luthi is a computer science student at the University of Kansas and has a penchant for politics. According to a Statista survey, Facebook users spend about 6.5 hours a month on the site (I think that number is a bit light).
Students can pop on their Edmodo account after school and post questions about homework to the newsfeed they call the “activity stream.” They can turn in assignments directly to the teacher and teachers can grade and send it back to them right away. For teachers, Edmodo is a service they can use to make the classroom a more collaborative environment. Britain unveiled its Olympic uniform designed by Stella McCartney.Despite the insistence of the Brazilian government and International Olympic Committee that the Games will be ready, storm clouds are gathering. During the day students counted to 100, wrote and pronounced 100 in other languages, jogged for 100 seconds, took 100 steps, graphed coordinates to create a 100 Day party hat, colored sunglasses shaped like a 100, measured classroom items that were 100 cm long, and made a book of opposites for counting 100 pictures. Mary Parish School follows the examples of our Patroness Mary and her Son, Jesus Christ, by serving others, by preparing academically for our future and by respecting all of God's Creation. Some 40 athlete refugees have been identified by the IOC as possible contenders, with a selection to be made in June, a UN refugee agency source told AFP.The torch harks back to the ancient Olympics, when a sacred flame burned throughout the Games.
Dan has conducted numerous A-List interviews, serving as host and lead commentator for the Mr. Information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is composed of an integrated combination of PSD (position sensitive detector), IRED (infrared emitting diode) and signal processing circuit. The FCC’s E-Rate program provides $2-3 billion per year to help schools upgrade their broadband infrastructure.
They have the loud exhaust, the flashy rims, the fat racing tires, but not a penny goes toward the little rusting four-cylinder underneath their hood scoop. Doing so, would transform this hypothetical classroom into a blended station-rotational model.
Next, they hop online and play a matching game where they order classes or match animals as vertebrate or invertebrate, mammal or reptile. This is where students take one or more courses entirely online to supplement their traditional brick-and-mortar courses.
They aren’t asking for some huge and total overhaul of a school and they aren’t telling anyone that blended learning is the only right way to teach.
We’ll be blogging about Digital Learning Day and some of the activities and goals of the day in the coming weeks and months. The inaugural Digital Learning Day—held February 1, 2012—quickly gained momentum as a grassroots effort in states, districts, schools, and classrooms. Just the other day, I was sitting around thinking about what we did in our passing time before we had apps and Facebook to waste the minutes on (some real heavy nostalgia, right?).

Either way, it makes sense to design an educational platform in this way, everyone knows what it is and almost everyone uses it. With notifications, teachers have another way to remind students of what assignments they have due.
They can take a “Classroom Pulse,” which tells the teacher the overall class reactions to a lesson or topic while students can tell the teacher if a lesson was unclear or if they enjoyed the way it was delivered. It’s a great tool to add to a school’s utility belt, it’s fun, accessible, and free; any school can use it, anywhere. Olympia contest, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, while also appearing as host & moderator at the Olympia Press Conference. They could finish the unit in a collaborative station where they work together making a poster of a kingdom of dogs, pencils, shoes, of anything. They can take these at their traditional school, from their bed, up in their childhood tree house, wherever works best for them.
With adults present as monitors or facilitators, “students move on an individually customized, fluid schedule.” If a school has a computer lab and a teacher or two with some spare time, they can easily implement this. It highlighted and celebrated successful models, great teaching practice, and effective uses of technology to improve learning for all students. Digital Learning Day is open to all educators in public, private, charter, and homeschool settings. It’s totally addictive, to the point that I deactivate my account each time finals week rolls around. Even my sixty-three year old father has some idea what it is, though he doesn’t use it and, at times, calls it SpaceBook. Just like sharing a link on Facebook or posting to someone’s wall, teachers can share lesson plans, ideas, and connect with other schools and teachers using the program – which reached 10 million users just a few days ago. Despite its extreme availability, there remains the ever-present problem of some students not having access to a personal computer and some schools unable to find funding to supply them with one.
Even if a school spends all their money making sure they have the coolest, shiniest, most advanced bells and whistles – iPads for every student or a new-computer smell down every hallway – they’re only as good as their connection. Not a bad way for students to make up some credits and not a bad way for schools to help keep students on track with graduation. Digital Learning Day 2013 will build upon the momentum of its first year through a drumbeat of positive messages, resources, and educational materials in digital learning topic areas. Today, after reading the article, Edmodo Evolves Closer to In-School Social Network, I’m thinking about how productive it can be.
As computers are becoming more and more essential to our daily lives, I trust that we will find more ways to make them available to everyone – that’s simply supply and demand, so keep on demanding.

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