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We then use the B2B buyer decision map to identify specific differences in what each segment wants to know.
As always, we would love your input on how this B2B buyer decision map compares to how you are marketing to your customers. Early Warning wanted to pursue growth opportunities outside their existing industry sectors and solidify brand positioning.
Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. If you’re just getting started with lead nurturing but aren’t exactly sure what content to send and when, we’re here to help! Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. And all too often, this is all that the marketing team brings to the table.When that is all you can report, you lose a lot of credibility in the organization.
Elevation was able to make Early Warninga€™s brand tangible by drawing parallels between provocative imagery and nostalgic ideas to communicate the companya€™s security offerings.
The worksheet below will help you organize your nurturing efforts by outlining the stages of your sales cycle (note: you may have more or less than six) and the audience(s) that you’re trying to reach. Visit our Lead Nurturing Lab to work through some interactive drip programs and download our full Lead Nurturing Handbook! That’s because, while interesting, these activities are all on the cost side of the equation — they don’t say anything about contributing to the success of the company.Activity metrics are good to know internally.

The goal is to automatically move prospects through the sales cycle and bring them to a sales-ready state — without wasting sales reps’ time with unnecessary manual processes.
Then, you can map pieces of content to the appropriate stage of the sales cycle based on the needs and pain points of your intended audience.
You can refine your segments over time with more robust analytics and data but a quick segmentation is a great place to start knowing more about your customer and what they want to know. If you want more information on the timing of lead nurturing emails, check out our “Perfect Timing for Lead Nurturing” article.
With more channels to engage with, and more devices to engage on, tracking the customer journey is no simple task. This brings us to the second category of marketing metrics.Engagement MetricsOk, so you’ve moved beyond activity metrics and want to show the results of your activities. And with so much information at every buyer’s fingertips, Forrester says that 90% of the B2B buying process happens before the customer ever reaches out to a salesperson.Here’s what a B2B customer journey may look like. Notice that we didn’t say “typical” — with so many different ways to go through the buyer funnel, hardly any journey is typical.A marketing manager is going to attend a marketing conference in a week, and decides to check out which companies are going to be in attendance ahead of time. When the conference rolls around, he drops by your booth, chats with your sales reps and scans his badge, making him a lead. And, are the new paid media campaigns effective?All of these questions can be answered with engagement metrics: views, clicks, likes, comments, time on site, click- through-rates (CTRs), etc. A week later, he sees your company name pop up in a Twitter chat and it occurs to him that he saw you at the conference.

But then the chat goes on and he forgets that he was going to check out your website again. Once a visitor fills out a form and becomes a lead, they typically go through a “qualifying” process.
The next day he sees one of your ads on LinkedIn, remembers that he was going to search your company the day before and types in your company name on Google, where he proceeds to navigate to an ebook and downloads it. After a few weeks of swapping emails and answering questions, he brings his boss, the VP of Marketing, into the conversation. After a few more emails and phone calls she agrees to start a trial.Suffice it to say, there is a lot of consumer data to track and make sense of. If you’re selling enterprise software, an employee of a three-person startup can fill out a form and download your ebook, but that doesn’t make them a potential customer.As soon as a visitor turns into a qualified lead, they are passed to the sales team.
Just in this hypothetical journey, there was a handful of touchpoints, both online and offline, and multiple people were involved in making the purchase. They are no longer under the domain of the marketing team, and therefore, no more marketing metrics are tracked through the remainder of the funnel.Engagement metrics are a good step along the way to reporting marketing outcomes, but they don’t quite make it all the way. After all, you can’t keep the lights on and pay employees with leads.When marketers prioritize achieving engagement metrics — things that measure the top and middle of the funnel — they optimize for marketing itself, not the ultimate outcome of marketing, which is customers and revenue.

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