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Making the decision to go ahead with search engine optimisation (SEO) services can be very daunting to anyone that isn't familiar with what it entails. The first step that we take whenever we begin any consultation is to understand the core objectives of the client. Through our consultancy services, we have helped to enable companies to understand their target market and identify key growth areas. To find out more information on Wow Internet's SEO consultancy services and to have a full evaluation of your current activities, contact us via our online enquiry form. I recently had an epiphany while reading a post about the differences between the playing strategies of amateur and pro tennis players. In this case, what really struck me was the conclusion that the most critical difference between amateurs and pros really boiled down to the simple fact that amateurs play to minimize their mistakes while pros are focused on winning each point. We work to minimize our churn risks, reduce escalations and generally do whatever it takes to keep customers in the “boat” – to prevent them from leaving. Consider that, on the whole, the current Success playbook is heavily focused on lowering churn, resolving retention issues and determining how to recover from some misstep or malady that occurred during onboarding or the Sales process. The bulk of today’s Customer Success strategies are built from the ground up focused on not losing.
Instead of waiting for that heart attack to occur and the resulting triple-bypass surgery, why don’t we get ahead of things and get in there with the Success equivalent of diets, exercise and vitamins? Seeing organizations start to invest in Customer Success earlier and earlier is, in many cases, a good indicator that progressive companies are considering how to make the strategic shift from not losing to winning. A major part of this paradigm shift is a fundamental change in focus, a move away from fixating on what we can do to improve things that are happening at the tail end and toward looking to influence what is occurring at the tip of the spear so that we can avoid entire classes of issues.

This transition is critical if we are ever to get out of the constant TMS (triage-mitigate-save) loop.
The fact is that if you want to drive extra traffic through to your website, SEO is often the answer.
Through using our years of experience within search engine optimisation, web design, social media and conversion rate optimisation, we are able to provide you with an extensive consultation that will improve your entire digital marketing strategy. Once we understand the vision that you have for your online marketing, we can then devise a strategy that will be most effective toward achieving this. As well as this, we will devise strategies that will take advantage of these opportunities and bring in additional revenue for our clients. Our origins make total sense when you consider that most businesses only embraced Customer Success when they had to. Because of this, Customer Success can often feel like an emergency room: you’re fighting so hard just get a patient stabilized that there isn’t time to think about what should have been done to prevent the situation from ever happening.
A winning strategy attacks the smaller, root issues at their source rather than waiting for them to fester into something dramatic and systemic. That said, investing earlier is not enough we need to change the game; we need to shift the paradigm. In order to break this loop, Success needs to be able to start shaping and influencing what happens during the initial portions of the customer lifecycle so that we can start to focus on delivering more successes, instead of saves. Using our experience and knowledge within online marketing we consult you on what would be the best use of your hard-earned money toward achieving your goals.
For this, we look at all of your activities through a 360 degree approach in order to outline any synergies, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of your current strategy.

By integrating all aspects of the online strategy alongside each other, we can keep a fluid workflow and a consistent image to the brand.
When you consider things in this light, we’re playing the Success game more like amateurs than pros. When I throw out a polarizing statement like, “We’re playing like amateurs,” what I’m really trying to do is to draw your attention to the intention in your current strategy. At their core, these strategies are all about minimizing, forestalling or avoiding the loss. For proof, you have to look no further than Success’ origins and the drivers that brought Success into being. Most companies didn’t start out designing for Success, they either brought it in after they built a base or retrofitted it into their operation after they had one too many “Oh sh*t!” moments and had to do something to counter issues like high levels of churn or challenges with the monetization of their customer base. Our 360 degree model takes into account all facets of website optimisation in order to bring them together into one strategic vision. Consistency itself is a factor that lets most small businesses down; therefore we ensure that every online activity stays in-line with the core strategy and is managed accordingly. BLOG COMMENTS POWERED BY DISQUS Prev Next Subscribe to Our Blog Last News ?Which they are the fonts most used by professional designers?

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