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Digital agency 360i has named Jeff Anderson group creative director to lead the advertising for accounts including HBO, Toyota, Oscar Mayer and Clinique.
Anderson, who joins from CHI&Partners where he served as executive creative director, will be based in the agency’s New York headquarters. I sat down with Adam Kerj, Chief Creative Officer at 360i, to discuss the state of the creative today. QIn this new era of data and technology, what has been the fundamental change for creatives?
About Davis & Gilbert Davis & Gilbert LLP is a strategically focused, full-service law firm of more than 110 lawyers. About Ron Urbach Ronald Urbach is the Chairman of the leading advertising law firm Davis & Gilbert LLP.
The Online Advert titled Discover was done by Gentleman Scholar advertising agency for brand: Oreo in United States.
We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. Who is furthest along in the race among traditional, digital and media shops to be all things to all marketers? I wouldn't say digital over media or media over search because they're all pieces of a gigantic puzzle, right? I'm really trying to immerse myself in our clients' business needs and also understand the different players here and the different talents.
Creating amazing work in lots of different disciplines or types, if you will, for lots of different types of clients. Last week, Bing announced the most significant update to its platform since its launch three years ago, by introducing a new social structure to its search results.
Microsoft has had the jump on Google for quite some time now when it comes to privileged social data, winning both the Twitter fire-hose deal and enjoying a cozy relationship with Facebook.
In fact, a week prior to the announcement, it appeared Microsoft took a step backwards, reverting to an old familiar top-ten look for results.
Significant changes to the platform include the addition of “snapshot” and “social” bars to SERPs. The snapshot bar will be immediately to the right of natural links and will leverage APIs to populate data related to your search.
Combine that with Pierre’s creative vision, a relentless curiosity and unequalled capability in the industry, and the decision was easy. The creative juices of the advertising industry – agencies and advertisers – run around the clock, fueling the demand to produce novel ideas.

But ultimately, it’s still about big, simple ideas.  Consumers don’t fall in love with technology, they in love with great ideas and great storytelling. Founded over a century ago and located in New York City, the firm represents a wide array of clients throughout the United States and internationally on virtually every legal issue, including advertising, marketing, regulatory, intellectual property, corporate, litigation, labor and employment, real estate, taxation and private client services. With over 30 years of experience, he represents numerous advertising agencies – including those considered the world’s top creative agencies – and some of the largest advertisers and marketers on all aspects of advertising law. Her #WeighThis campaign for Lean Cuisine aimed to redefine the brand as about more than just dieting.
But it will be won by agencies that truly have those capabilities as opposed to those who rely on vendors. And with Tweet and Like counts clearly poised to be the new relevancy king-maker signals, the most surprising thing about yesterday’s announcement is that it took so long. This turned out to be clean-up in preparation for pop-out panels, which allow for enhanced results and apps, and a right-rail for social. Natural search links will remain on the left side of the page, similar to what was rolled out in last week’s UI Update.
The social bar on the far right will house social networks that the searcher opts-in to connect to (i.e. This scheme is much like Google+, except for the data Bing is leveraging and how it’s presented. While Google had to invent their own new place for this integration, Bing is able to tap existing Facebook communities, which may provide a far easier transition.
Details are still forthcoming, but the thought is that rail ads will be in the snapshot area. Given that this area is about to get more crowded, your ad could be lost in the content or be completely covered. The “People Who Might Know” section in the social bar is going to be a great opportunity for brands that have an active social presence. We’ll break down the headlines and simplify the complex in a way that’s both helpful and actionable for brands connecting with consumers in the Digital Age. In the background lurks a complicated world, a spider-web of new opportunities, challenges, and impediments. It did this by bringing women next to a scale and surprising them by not weighing them, but instead asking them about their biggest achievements in life. That's a big part of my job because I feel like epiphanies can come from any department if we're all talking together in a really efficient way. It's so simple that you feel like you've come up with it yourself, but of course you haven't.

In this new scheme, the pop-out panels can provide shopping or reservation apps right on location to satisfy the user onsite.
Bing is trying to out-social Google and combat Search Plus Your World by leveraging its exclusive partnership with Facebook and the APIs from partners (LinkedIn, Twitter) and competitors. The ads will likely be above the content populated by “snapshot”, but they could also be below the content. Social posts that relate to search topics will be more likely to show up in the Social bar if the brand’s community is active and engaged.
With a voice 100 years strong, preeminent advertising law firm Davis & Gilbert LLP is often heard on this street, helping the industry navigate that world. Every time I visited him he'd tell me a long story about how he invented Tony the Tiger the week before, or Snap, Crackle and Pop.
This bar will take information from these services and display content relevant to the search query. Let’s not forget that the social bar does require a login on Bing, just as Google+ does on Google.
While Bing describes this update, which lives under the slogan, “stop searching and start doing”, as the social crux necessary to deliver people information they trust, the changes are more likely an attempt to take what people love most about social and apply it to search in order to grow market share and differentiate itself from Google.
In addition, contextual pop-ups from the natural bar or the social bar could cover the ads (for example, the screenshot above shows Sara Davis’s Facebook info covering an Orbitz ad). This means that brands should create a social presence that provides value to their community. Ron Urbach, the firm's Chairman, will peel back the curtains on the advertising world each week to share his unique perspective on the world as he sees it.
The bar is divided into three sections: People Who Might Know (it will take info from your friends and say how it matches your query), People Who Know (will leverage experts specializing in the query area that may or may not be a direct social connection to the searcher), and Activity (shows curated posts from your social network). As a consequence, social advertising and community efforts will need to increasingly focus on engaging users, not just acquiring fans. He will also sit down with the very people shaping the industry to discuss hot button issues. He'd tell a very long story about how the meeting went and how he came up with the idea of something like the Kool-Aid man, which had been created years before. But once I did, I went to night school at SVA for about three years while I was managing two restaurants.

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