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Despite the current proliferation of 3D movies, cameras, televisions and mobile devices, there are those of us who still question whether 3D is here to stay, or if it's just a marketing gimmick that will eventually peter out.
The De-3D glasses work by taking the image intended for the right eye, and delivering it to both eyes.
Megamind is a 2010 animated supervillain comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and Red Hour Productions and distributed by Paramount Pictures. And while new digital 3D technology has made the experience more comfortable for many, for some people with eye problems, a prolonged 3D session may result in an aching head, they said. He said in a 3D movie, these people are confronted with an entirely new sensory experience. Dr John Hagan, ophthalmologist in Kansas City, Missouri, and a fellow with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, said some people who do not have normal depth perception cannot see in 3D at all.

He said people with eye muscle problems, in which the eyes are not pointed at the same object, have trouble processing 3D images. Heineman said older 3D technology involved the use of two film projectors, one that projected a left eye image and one that projected a right eye image. Heineman’s company uses a single digital projector, which switches between the left and the right eye image 144 times a second, to help overcome some of the old problems. Friedman said she thinks most people will do fine with 3D movies and with 3D TVs, but Rosenberg said people may quickly tire of the novelty. One thing's for sure: with current technology, the viewing of 3D movies gives some people headaches, or makes them feel dizzy. Wearing 3D glasses allows one of those images to be seen by each eye, instead of both images being seen by both eyes, creating a stereoscopic three-dimensional effect.

If your eyes are a little off to begin with, then it’s really throwing a whole degree of effort that your brain now needs to exert.
If you're one of those people, but you don't want to be left out when your friends go off to see My 3D Dinner With Andre, this might be just what you need - De-3D glasses.
The majority of “3D” movies coming out aren’t there to deliver some special experience, it’s to unfairly charge extra on an already over-priced ticket. Since Thor is deep into production and wasn’t shot in 3D, it would need the crappy post conversion (hopefully that doesn’t happen).

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