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Any personal information voluntarily disclosed by you on this web site will never be abused or sold to any third party. All information is strictly confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than to accurately serve you and your business. When we interviewed Italian projection mapping artist Luca Agnani last week, he gave us a brief list of noteworthy peers he worked alongside at the City of Lights festival in Moscow, last fall.
One name he emphasized was Roberto Fazio—an Italian digital artist with a studio based in Bologna. In support of Agnani’s praise, we decided to profile a few of the works Fazio had a hand in.

As part of his commission by US-based digital memory solutions company Lexar, Fazio worked with studio partner Luca Brioschi to create a 3D projection that spreads its grid-plane across two screens, strategically set side-by-side to form a corner. Fazio developed the piece alongside Gianluca Macalusco, member of the Italian digital design group DEEP. At the end of last year, Fazio led a workshop at the City of Lights festival in Moscow, Russia, where he taught participants with a nascent interest in 3D mapping the basics for realizing their aspirations. Some much needed insight, considering this relatively new iteration of spacial augmented reality is becoming more and more prominent in digital arts scenes the world over. For his WEATHERIZE Data Visualization installation, he gave users the ability to see weather patterns of major cities of choice in captivating graphical forms.

Aside from that, he’s been an active supporter of contemporaries in his scene, as represented by his Twitter feed, and the various interviews of peer artists he hosts over at his website.

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