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As a requirement to run these visualizations, you will need a graphics card that supports at least shader model 2.0 (most DirectX 9 graphics cards will), which might seem like a high requirement for visualizers, but how else are you suppose to create visual magic right? I would so go back to WMP if they had the integration with a store that Apple’s iTunes does.
By golly these are the sort of neat things that Microsoft employees should be being paid to make. Bundle it with the WMP download and give those chaps a bonus- this provides some much needed rejuvination to the WMP visualizations. In both cases your best bet is to go to either the Nvidia or ATI web site (depending on your card) and download the latest drivers.

Of course the blame is not all Intel’s, Tim, we should change the framework so that we detect this case and fall back to software vertex processing. I’m not even sure that the Media Center vis plugin format is the same as that for Media Player.
Sure, what comes in the box are still visualizations by definition, but I couldn’t consider any of them eye-candy.
If you’re looking for some awesome WMP visualizers or something to match your Vista screensavers, then give Psychedelia a try. Visualizations NEED to be updated…I expected at least a couple in Vista with WMP11, and yet I was dissapointed.

Recently, a new visualization pack made by two Microsoft employees in their spare time is worth checking out.

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