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3DCart is a shopping cart which has a lot of really cool features which I think will benefit merchants immensely. There’s even a live chat ready with a customer service for merchants to ask any questions in case they need help. The live chat customer service can be easily minimized but it’s good to know that someone is there ready to offer assistance.
Their trial store comes pre-populated with products, orders and customers so that new sellers can get a feel of what an actual store would look like. Tip for improvement : It would be good if 3DCart could allow merchants to edit or customize the Carousel slides in terms of text, text color, font type on the actual slide. I like the fact that merchants can catch a glimpse of what the theme will look like in desktop, tablet and mobile phone look when they click on any of the theme. Other than that, the themes look like they could use a fresh makeover as what’s making them look acceptable was the big picture on the main page. However, I think 3DCart should have a short video to teach new merchants how to use their Drag n Drop feature.
The shipping section looks clean and I was quite impressed that 3DCart has a number of international courier companies integrated with their ecommerce solution to cater to their international customers.
Now about those 100 supported payment gateways, I found out that you would need to click on Add New to access them in a drop down list.
BBB recently updated 3DCart’s rating to an A after they managed to closed all their complaints.
3DCart offers fantastic tools especially in the area of conversion and they offer adequate support. The welcome email, typically triggered upon joining a mailing list, is one of the most important emails a customer will receive during the course of their relationship with a business. Whether a welcome message is presented in a magazine style ad or more of a hero image representative of a business’s website, a well-designed welcome email aims to inspire brand loyalty and entice its recipient with a sense of exclusivity, excitement, or other powerful emotion.
A welcome email is not only a golden marketing opportunity, but a cause for celebration too! Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can optimize and customize your Welcome Email to start increasing opens and conversions today. The word “welcome” sets your introductory email apart from other promotional emails, and ideally should be the first word to appear in your subject line. The majority of retailers send out their welcome emails immediately after sign up, and for good reason too! There are numerous ways to collect emails for your mailing list, including the checkout process, a sign up box on your home page, or a pop up box that advertises a strong call-to-action. Once you’ve acquired a subscriber’s email, one of the first things you’ll want to do is ensure all future promotional emails land in the customer’s inbox instead of their junk folder. Your subscribers may have all signed up on your home or checkout page, but that doesn’t mean they all share the same interests or preferences. A subscriber is less likely to feel “spammed” when they receive information personally tailored to their shopping habits, rather than receiving mass generic emails that may not contain offers or information deemed valuable.
Once a subscriber has signed up for your newsletter, it’s only polite (and logical!) to give them a glimpse of what’s to come. Your social media pages are (hopefully) up-to-date information-hubs that reflect the latest news, sales, and discussions.
The design of your welcome email, from color palette and font to images and copy, should elicit a powerful emotion that resonates with your store’s brand.
When crafting your email, ensure all components create a cohesive message that reflects your business’s tone and message.

If you’re in the business of creating new, awesome content to bolster your SEO efforts, why not promote it right in your welcome email? Aside from your About Us page, your welcome email is perhaps the greatest place to share your business’s unique or exciting story. Countless retailers offer vouchers or incentives to push their visitors to sign up for their mailing lists. An increasing number of emails are opened on mobile devices, with recent reports suggesting that mobile email opens have now surpassed desktop (54% for mobile!). If you’re not satisfied with your welcome email’s opens and conversions, try your hand at some of the above strategies. Based on the ever popular WOW platform our 3dcart Slideshows are easily implemented in to your store.
If you have not done so already, please be sure to update your email client software so that it uses secure connections. As a courtesy, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on configuring several of the more popular email clients to the appropriate settings.  Please visit the link below to review the configuration steps now. COO and co-founder of 3dcart, developer of an e-commerce suite for businesses of all sizes. The interface is a little different from those of its competitors so it might take a little getting used to for those thinking about migrating to 3DCart. 3DCart has outlined all the basic steps that one would need to complete to get the store running all located on the main dashboard when you sign in.
Currently, their carousel allow merchants to add in the image with a link as well as set the size of the image under Advanced Settings. Merchants who have a bit of coding knowledge could try to edit the HTML and CSS to change the look and color of their theme. When I clicked on payment methods, it basically showed PayPal Express Checkout and Persolvent. This is a good sign and we see it as an improvement by the company in taking action to make their solution better. However, they really need to put up better looking templates to keep up with their competition and make their Drag n Drop template editor more user-friendly. As the crown jewel of any retailer’s email marketing effort, the welcome email sets the tone for the type of relationship a business hopes to build with its customers, and can serve to aid or hinder a brand’s image.
According to a study by Experian, welcome emails not only generate 4x the total open rates and 5x the click rates of all other promotional emails, but they also have a transaction rate 9x higher than bulk mailings! You’ve secured yourself a subscriber, and it’s up to you to do everything you can to keep them – starting with the very first email your customer will receive from your store. Customers who have just signed up for a mailing list have expressed genuine interest in a brand, an intent to purchase, and a request to build a relationship. Asking a recipient to add your email to their white list, either via the header or footer of the email, is a great way to accomplish this.
Depending on the type of product(s) you sell, you may benefit from personalizing future emails. Most retailers typically include a rather vague message akin to “Now that you’ve subscribed, you’ll be the first to know about our future products and deals.” Consider spicing up and reinforcing your mailing list’s value with additional perks that’ll really incentivize shoppers to always open future emails. Give your subscribers a chance to follow your brand by promoting your Facebook, Twitter or other social accounts right in the footer or header of your welcome email. You may want to adopt a humorous, elegant, or edgy vibe that matches your image and product. Your brand should always maintain a consistent image, so don’t stray too far from your already established marketing tactics and designs.

Show subscribers that you’re actively engaging, creating and discussing important issues related to your brand, product or industry. Telling your story is a unique tactic for differentiating your brand from your competitors, an essential marketing tactic if you’re competing in shark-filled waters.
Consequently, it’s of paramount importance that you go the extra mile to ensure your welcome email looks awesome not only for desktop readers, but for your mobile readers as well.
I will be available through email on a very limited basis, but will try to respond as quickly as possible. If you find the wizard annoying or distracting, you can close it as it will automatically pop up again whenever you login to the trial store.
It would be great if merchants can make the changes to their slides with the font type, size and color to make it more convenient. They used to offer free themes and premium themes but I guess the premium themes have been discontinued. Anyway, good that they’re offering 1 month free for merchants who wish to use Visa Checkout. With welcome emails less likely to be regarded as spam, and frequent strong call-to-actions, it’s really no surprise that this single email can produce such phenomenal numbers.
Customers have a stronger reaction to content when a message appears to be tailored specifically to them. Consider adding safe sender instructions in your email for recipients who may not be familiar with the process. You can accomplish this by acquiring additional information from your subscribers, such as what types of emails or what kinds of products they’re interested in. Reinforce the value of these pages by giving readers a taste of what can be expected by following your page, such as sweepstakes, exclusive product previews, and more. Today’s shoppers are looking to purchase from business’s they trust, and few measures can instill such a powerful emotion like an active online presence. Providing readers with a memorable recap or highlight of your business’s early days can help promote brand loyalty and establish a personal connection with readers. It’s a tried-and-true tactic that’s continued to lure in deal-and-discount hunters for years.
Failing to deliver a memorable mobile experience will not only make your brand appear out of touch with today’s trends, but will probably result in countless lost sales too. Most importantly, like all other aspects of your eCommerce store, keep your email’s content fresh and up-to-date for optimal impact and maximum conversions.
We also provide you easy to follow documentation to easily add or change images in your slideshow. You may want to opt for humor, excitement, or something a bit more subdued if you’re selling elegant or luxury products. A welcome email arriving days or even hours later not only poorly represents a company, but will more than likely result in the loss of a potential customer. A name at the start of an email allows a brand to individually connect with a shopper, despite it being an automated message. Whether you’re offering a free product, a one-time use percentage-off coupon, or free shipping, an offer is an excellent way to start building a positive lifetime relationship with new subscribers. We’re not sure when this offer will expire as they have graciously extended the sale period.

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