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3GP file format is a multimedia format defined by Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which was designed to match up with high-speed data transmission of 3G Network. Blu-Ray Player is a powerful player that not only play Blu-ray disc, folders, but also supports 3GP videos and other video format files. 3GP Video Converter is a free and professional tool which is designed for converting 3GP video to MP4, AVI, or MOV video format and any audio for music players.
Maybe you have recorded some interesting videos with your phone, and you are struggled to look for a way to convert it to MP4 files for a easier playback.
How to Play Video with Video PlayerYou might have imaged that you own a video player which could play all kinds of media formats. Encounters take over the song, but York’s slothful speed makes an increasingly morose London.

3GP videos have two resolution videos: resolution of 176 x 144 for all phones that support 3GP format and 320 x 240 for phones with widescreen, MP4 player, PSP, as well as iPod touch. However, the memory and maximum file size of 3GP video, together with resolution limits vary in different devices. 3GP file format is similar to 3G2 file format, another container format, which is mainly applied in CDMA-based mobile phones.
A 3GP file is popular with its small file size and strong mobility when played on mobile devices, while it is inferior to AVI file format when used on PC for its less universal compatibility, less software to support it and low-quality video image.
There are many popular videos players in the world, including 3GP Movie Player, Media Player, Quick Time Player, RealPlayer, and more.
Here, we strongly recommend 3GP Movie Player to watch your 3GP movie which will give you unusual visual and auditory effects.

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