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AT&T iPhone Unlocking Down Worldwide since Tuesday – Suggests Permanent Shutdown! In the grey-market, end-users, cell phone repair stores and wholesalers of used devices rely on these third party unlocking companies to circumvent the carrier requirements. A college friend of mine called and asked if I could get an unlock done for him because his provided had been down for two days; he wanted to know if I was able to submit it through our unlock company. I thought that maybe the recent government shutdown might have something to do with the extended unlock downtime. Alternative Third Party Online Service Providers – Not all service providers are shut down. Buy Verizon iPhone 5 or 5s – Verizon iPhone 5 and 5s already come factory unlocked for the GSM network out of the box. According to a few legitimate sources, we can now confirm the shutdown stems from AT&T.
Most unlock vendors have since reinstated IMEI unlocking services on their website along with IMEI Status checks; at a varying cost of $20-$35 per unlock. I’ve been banned from a few forums, sent some nasty comments and received some wild e-mails for even referencing that an unlocking shutdown was coming. I do not know ONE unlocking company that can truthfully guarantee successful unlocking of one or many devices via IMEI for iPhones ANYWHERE as of today. If I had known I wouldnt have bought the phone but i jumped on a plane and no longer in the states. If you search my username on ebay: rokstar4life you will see my listing for unlocking iPhones.
Its almost 2month now since i got my iphone 5c and still cant get it unlocked it seems like there is no Hope or reliable source even coming anytime soon not even with Jailbreak. Previous to things really jamming up, iphone 5c and 5s were more difficult to unlock that others. The web site that you suggested idevice guys, they claim they can unlock any 5s or 5c from ATT for $99, also if I`m ATT customer what that means, I still can’t unlock Iphone 5s.
Otherwise after 6 months people have success by calling up and telling ATT your going out of the country and need it unlocked.
Right now I stand by my last updates comments stating that I know of no company who can process iPhone unlocks reliably and consistently at any price. Hi everybody, I am frustrated of paying 100 usd for unlocking I have to wait but till when? I would sell it on eBay or craigslist for as much as you can get, or find a friend or college who has AT&T to submit for you.
I have been google more than 2 weeks to get iPhone 5s unlock but anywhere else price from $99 up to $130 ouch !!!,,!, but have to wait more than I week to get an unlock.
My direct Source is working fine but the average time is bananas, 3-7-14-18 Days and sometimes i get a refund it went from $0.99c to $45 credits. As of now, you could try someone but make sure you pay with paypal and fund the transaction with the credit card on file for additional protection. Don’t think their trying to squeeze anyone and hold the initial money hostage because their not asking to pay the balance of the increase.
Several clients have called to ask us and frankly, I tell them I can’t recommend anyone that can provide better service than their previous unlocker. Today we are going to share another interesting method to bring back Classic start menu in Windows 7 and the best part is that it doesn't require any 3rd party utility. This manual method takes advantage of our Get Quick Launch toolbar back in Windows 7 tutorial.
UPDATE: The path which we set in Step2 contains program shortcuts which were installed for all users in your system. How to Disable or Enable “Shut Down Event Tracker” (Reason UI) Feature in Windows Server and Client OS?
I don't understand step 5 as I don't know what you mean about a placeholder or what it looks like. If I create a new folder in Libraries called "start" then try to cut and paste it says "start is empty No folders have been included in this library" and then an option to Include a folder.
Maybe i'm not even close to what I should be doing so that's why I humble myself and ask for your help, usually figure things out, but i've been without a computer for awhile and this windows eight has changed and hid everything. Finally got a "Start Menu" to show up on the toolbar but "Programs" is listed behind it rather than in it and when it comes up it's a full screen, not a list.
Once shortcuts have been created, add them to Current User if you only want them available for you, or to All Users if you want everyone to see them. This shortcut should make it much easier for those wanting to create a start menu from a single shortcut. Blacklisted News is an independent platform for critical coverage of world news and beyond. Whether you're a media buyer or an individual, we have simple cost-effective web banner advertising rates and packages.

Following a mysterious "third party"'s willingness to show The FBI how to unlock San Bernardino killer Farook's iPhone, court records indicate that the US government wishes to cancel tomorrow's showdown with Apple, filing a motion to vacate the hearing. The US government filed a motion on Monday to vacate Tuesday’s hearing against Apple. Budget or flagships, almost every Android device these days has a fingerprint sensor for securely unlocking the phone. However, most of the devices don’t provide either of them and the sensor can only be used to unlock the device and some other feature like taking a photo, etc. Applock Fingerprint is an all new app that uses the Marshmallow fingerprint API to lock apps using the fingerprint sensor. After you install the app, it will ask you to grant it three permissions from Android settings. Once the setup is complete, you get to choose the apps you wish to lock using your fingerprint sensor.
Cool Tip: We usually use index fingers to unlock the devices and as the OS gives the option to add up to 5 fingerprints, you can give duplicate prints of the same finger to make the sensor more accurate and the accuracy will increase drastically. Status: Offline Thanks Meter: 19,790 ATF First in the World C5-03 RM-697 (3rd Party Box) FBUS Flashing 37 Seconds!!! After being being fully shut down for four days straight, direct unlocking companies are at a loss for words and signal that the shutdown could be permanent.
After sending over the IMEI, I went to our portal to submit the unlock request only to find that services were limited and the cost increased from .60 cents to $22. However, direct unlock wholesalers quickly confirmed it had nothing to do with the politicians’ inability to pass a bill that resulted in a partial shutdown during the same week. This suggests that AT&T is most likely behind the unlock shutdown for third party providers. Everyone from iPhone repair shops, wholesalers, international mobile traders and end-consumers relied on this third party service to unlock their devices.
Many were expecting to have updated news Monday morning, however, no new news is simply more bad news. Most of the major unlock service providers most likely do not have a GSX account themselves, but are relying on an a network of GSX account holders to submit the IMEI unlocks for them.
This would mainly apply to end-users as all the suggestions below are not something any business would easily replicate for bulk IMEI unlocking or wouldn’t make financial sense compared to their cost of sub-$1 unlocks. The iPhone does not have to be one you bought from AT&T, but the used device must still fulfill the original account holders contract obligations. The GSX method surely provided the most direct approach with only an IMEI needing to be submitted electronically. The masses of unlockers (mostly the larger guys pushing volume at the less-than-$1 range) used a handful of direct sources to AT&T to fulfill their customers unlocking request (or had direct access themselves). Expect the cost to remain in the same ball park for the long haul and kiss the days of cheap (under $1) unlocks goodbye forever! Even at such a price, customers are experiencing extremely delayed unlocking times mostly refunds and empty promises from reputable unlocking companies. Enjoy the mobile industry with specialization in buybacks for used mobile phones and broken LCD screens. Anyone know where to go for this, I have paid (and been refunded) by two companies and told by about 5 companies that they cannot at this point due to the AT&T servers being down.
If my sister who has AT&T calls the company and tells them she bought it, will they unlock it for her? Although it is pricey, $125 (due to ebay + paypal fees), it is secure through eBay and if anything happens, I will refund your money. Many visitors here need 50 a day and want to know who you are and your company before posting over $5,000 and crossing our fingers. Because previously the law states that any device manufauctured after early 2013 could not be unlocked.
Get a friend who has AT&T to help you unlock or sell the device before the price drops. Promising or Guaranteeing successful unlock at any price by any vendor at this current moment is only wishful thinking on the providers behalf.
I logged on to my wholesale account at Apple N Berry and they wanted $39, which is more than I charge my customers!!! If anyone knows a good source, it would be appreciated, but I won’t spend more than $20. Like Blowfish, when it’s become really sticky and bad situation with the unlock change, at least they remove the product from their website. If people want thier out of contract devices unlocked it needs to be out of the carriers hands and available at reasonable costs or no costs. Kudos to Blowfish though for not over promising and continuing to take clients money and crossing their fingers that they can get the IMEI’s for iPhones unlocked. Seems now no one can get their phone unlocked (consistently) at any price from any company or individual who had previous access.

It'll move the Programs toolbar near start ORB (Start button) but you'll notice that the children folders under "Programs" toolbar will become visible and will start taking lots of space of Taskbar. As you can see in above screenshot, it looks very close to Classic start menu and we are not using any 3rd party software in this method.
It doesn't include program shortcuts which were installed only for your current user account. Web search led me to Microsoft site which mentions using appdata for backward compatibility, but only through Windows 7.
We don't shy away from controversy, and will publish anything that interests us and matches our focus for the site. Is this how both sides save face with neither side appearing to have given an inch on their defense (or persecution) of personal liberty?
The thing to note is, that there are not many devices on Android M at the moment and, therefore, there is no compatibility list at the moment. The first one is to draw itself over another app, followed by usage access and device administrator. As the app is using the API from Android M, it will not ask you to register the fingerprints again.
I hope to see developers coming up with some new, feature-rich apps to get the similar functionality, but at the same time, I am not sure how compatible it would be with other operating systems like MIUI, eUI, etc.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. To my surprise, there seems to be very little to no press around the issue on any of the popular tech and mobile phone forms or news websites that were quick to cover the announcement of such services earlier last year. Everyone is patiently waiting for any new information regarding last week’s shutdown and the future of the third party unlocking industry.
Honestly, though, for a few bucks more you can get it factory unlocked which carries a much higher resale value when you go to sell and you don’t have to worry about compatibility if you upgrade to new software through iTunes. These companies are experiencing changes every few days and most might not admit so, but they really shouldn’t even be offering unlocking services now. After placing an order for over 1 month, they didn’t bother to contact me and when I sent them an email. Trust us to buyback iPhone, iPod and Android screens with competitive pricing and a hassle free transparent process. Who knows, but if the US Government suddenly places an order for 1 million iPhone SEs, then we have our answer. Submit your article contributions and participate in the world's largest independent online news community today!
For some devices, up until Android Lollipop, you can also use the fingerprint sensor to securely lock apps. With Marshmallow, Google has included native support for fingerprint unlocking and, therefore, 3rd party apps can take advantage of the feature to provide apps that could lock apps and much more. Each of these access’ are mandatory for the app to work and you will be guided with the initial app setup.
There aren’t many options available in the app apart from the settings where you can temporarily disable the lock services and disable the app.
Many sources in the unlocking community suggest that third party providers who use an Apple GSX Exploit Method for Unlocking have been shut down.
I’m not exactly sure of their approach, but the cost for all of them is significantly higher ($25-$60).
If you submit an unlock at this point, even at a high price, you can only cross your fingers and hope that your IMEI gets submitted and if fails, that your vendor will refund you promptly.
There are several service records for prior maintenance done at the Mercedes dealer showing on CARFAX history (see a free CARFAX report on our web site).
Double-click on drag-handle of Taskbar button toolbar (where you see currently running applications icons). But that can only be done if the developer has provided a built-in support by default or if they allow 3rd party API access for these apps.
It'll automatically move the Taskbar button toolbar and you'll see only "Programs" text in the newly added toolbar which you wanted actually. Feel free to ask for Nick when you call if you have any questions or to set a test drive appointment.This vehicle was previously given a salvage title due to a small repairable damage on the rear.
Yes, it's hard to believe it only had such a little amount of damage, I agree, but we have a complete report from insurance company showing pictures of the previous damage, alignment report and a multi-point mechanical inspection certificates are available.

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