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Overall, our multiplayer experience has been created to cater to all different players, and we feel that when people play the game they will be able to get the experience they desire.
Props to not only United Front Games, but Sony as a whole, for keeping games pure and just plain fun.
It’s also good to know that UFG actually heard, and then responds to the demand during the beta testing. 2)We will support VOIP, so if you and your friends have headsets you will be able to talk to each other while in game rooms, races and even in the Mod Spot. Infinite WarfareYour first look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, including details on Modern Warfare Remastered. In May 2010 alone, the racing genre landscape saw a drastic shift away from traditional racers and towards titles injecting creativity and originality, blurring the definition of both arcade and simulation racing games.
Split Second stripped away staples like emergency brakes and manual shifting, and added a bombastic element of citywide traps and triggered explosions to your arsenal.
Finally, we come to Bizarre Creations' new combat racer Blur, which has often been called 'Mario Kart for adults' - even via publisher Activision's own marketing campaign. Blur takes that formula and splices into its vehicular combat aesthetic in ways that are often times brilliant, and other times infuriating. Shock fires three lightning domes to the front of the pack, drastically slowing down any cars that drive through them. Nitros give you insane bursts of speed, let you airbrake quickly to avoid collisions, or take sharp turns with ease. Shields and Repair kits round out the defensive options to protect you from collision and weapons damage and repair some of your health respectively. To Bizarre's credit, the multiple uses for each powerup add tremendous depth overall, and they were not stingy with their placement on each track. Blur itself has two distinct personalities, and if you're the type of gamer who prefers a solitary single player experience, prepare for a laborious campaign structure and heaps of frustration. Single player is set up to necessitate repeated attempts at most races due to multiple requirements on each track.
Bizarre Creations gets another pat on the back for including local, 4 player splitscreen which performs smoothly and boasts an assortment of options, race types, and tweaks.
All told, Blur is merely a competent racer buoyed by a rich and endlessly addictive multiplayer experience. Jason EvangelhoVideo Games ExaminerEver since owning the original Pong console, Jason Evangelho has been captivated by the art and immersion of video games.
Several months after that E3 show it was announced that Warhawk would be multi-player only, and would not include any single-player missions.
The game supports 32-players online which, while down on the 40-players in Sony's Resistance: Fall of Man, could be due to the wider variety of combat options available. The online game modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and an all-new Zone Mode.
In terms of graphics as I previously mentioned the 2006 showing looks a little less exciting in terms of scope, however it's still visually impressive. One of the great things about this title is that the developers did release a limited trial in America so gamers could test, and send feedback to Incog so they could fine tune the game prior to release.
With a release date currently targeted for late September Warhawk is shaping up as a fantastic multi-player title on the Playstation 3. The idea was that you could put a PS3 disc into your PS4 system, Sony’s servers would identify what game it was and then stream that game from Playstation Now to a PS4 at no additional charge. Why let users play the PS3 games they already own when you could charge them $5 for a few days or weeks of streaming access to it on a title per title basis? This is the one feature I wanted most from Playstation Now before yesterday’s reveal.
Gimme Gimme Games was founded in 2010 and has been flying by the seat of their pants ever since. Mat from UFG, back again to talk about all the split-screen goodness in ModNation Racers for PS3!
First, there was the online race experience (up to 12 players), while the second was the couch racing experience. This was a lot of work, but we have managed to create a great experience where four friends can settle down for some great kart racing. Here in the office, we all play it on a daily basis with each other, whether it be online or at someone’s desk in split-screen.
It’s been looking better with each trailer, and splitscreen means me and my little bro can play together. You know i really like the split-screen and 4 player split-screen OFFLINE, but the ONLINE split-screen is what will truly shine, every game needs to incorporate this (well not EVERY, but at least a lot or some for that matter), now FPS’s should follow suit with the online split-screen! My friends and I are have already been planning a couples night where we can see which individuals and their significant others are the best cart racers. It would be awesome to see the look on my friends face after they get a rocket up their… muffler. ModNation Racers brought a bubbly personality, sly humor, and simple tools enabling gamers to create their own full-fledged tracks and share them with other PS3 owning, kart-racing fans. But despite the similar weapon design, Blur draws a closer parallel to Twisted Metal and Wipeout with licensed cars.

Powerslides, overtakes, drafting, and other skillful moves were recognized and players were rewarded accordingly.
Blur comprises 50+ licensed cars and worldwide locations like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hackney UK, Barcelona, and Japan. At every turn and straightaway, you'll often need to decide instantly which powerups to snag depending on your defensive needs, offensive aggressiveness, and position in the pack. During each race, you must place third or better, and meet various "fan demands" which are inspired, if incredibly hard.
If you're about to fork over the same $60 for multiplayer, you're gleefully encouraged to do so.
It won't dazzle you, but you'll be so dialed into the on-track action you likely won't care about the cityscapes whizzing past you. The combat is ferocious, the track variety is stellar, and the different vehicle types (Rat, Tuner, Drift, etc) allow players to race with their own preferred style.
Not content merely reporting the news, Jason is a resolute gaming enthusiast delivering honest, intelligent, and witty coverage of the industry we love. Now I'm not talking about the original PSOne title - which, by the way, was a standout title on the system - but rather the spiritual sucessor which is due on Playstation 3 in only a few short months.
Then we had the 'downloadble only', 'Blu-Ray only' news going back and forth for a few weeks before Sony confirmed the game would be available on the Playstation Store and in retail stores on Blu-Ray disc.
While in the air you'll fly or hover in the Warhawk to engage in intense dogfights with dozens of fighters and ground forces aimed your way. It will be possible to customise your soldier with an unlimited combination of armor and squad markings. Incognito Entertainment have created hundreds of square miles of high-resolution terrain filled with a brave new world where old and new technologies merge. Indeed there have been several changes made including allowing Warhawk planes to evade missiles easier, reducing the effectiveness of sniper rifles and reducing the power of flak cannons. Either Sony are going to dramatically increase game pricing for their Playstation Store, or those buying the game in the shops are going to be paying a hefty premium to have the title on disc.
We still have a couple of months until we see the game for ourselves, but it looks like one to keep an eye on. Before Sony’s reveal of Playstation Now yesterday, some fans had hopes that Sony would honor the library of games PS3 games consumers already possessed.
Sure, they could charge users a subscription fee for the privilege of playing PS3 discs via the cloud on PS4 systems but I think they really want to make big money on these game rentals they’ve been talking about.
That way if someone who sold their PS3 wants to show their friends how great The Last of Us is on their PS4, they have to pay X amount every time to rent it via Playstation Now.
It would effectively make every Playstation system in the future backwards compatible, regardless of what the internal hardware was. The Last of Us will probably still cost $40-$60 at retail brand new by the time Playstation Now hits this summer but what about smaller, cheaper PSN titles on PS3? Sony is making a lot of strides with game streaming and this service could end up having a huge impact on the gaming industry. A tale that starts out with a man behind a terminal, who inevitably falls asleep hitting a button, causing nuclear fallout, then ninjas. It is hard to beat the multiplayer experience on the couch against friends – I think we can all remember this experience from other games we have enjoyed, and we were keen to make sure we delivered the same frantic experience for ModNation Racers.
What we have delivered is a fantastic local multiplayer experience reminiscent of some of our best local multiplayer play sessions from years gone by.
The game is so much fun to play and with us nearing completion of the title, we can’t wait for all our fans to join the ModNation in May! Almost all the time now you see developers making games have you using multi-player only online. The game isn't shy about putting its marked difficulty on display early, and this is coming from someone who has excelled at racing titles for the past 22 years. Essentially you're tasked with impressing various figureheads in each region by pulling off a number of alternating challenges. The multiplayer component offers finely tuned playlists, a deep progression system which showers rewards at you after nearly every event, and Modern Warfare 2-style loadouts which you can customize more deeply as you level up.
Buy it and obsess over it for the multiplayer, but be leery of Blur's frustrating, difficult single player. The game was first unveiled at E3 2005 with a video presentation showing hundreds of vehicles flying around the air - it certainly wasn't in-game as we laster found out.
Take to the skies and engage in high-speed aerobatic dogfights or hover to provide crucial aerial support to surging ground troops. On the ground you can take control of armored tanks or utility vehicles to defend your base or launch a ground assault. You will also be able to set up competitive clans and stay organized with user friendly communication tools. Impressively the developers have introduced a "Push to Talk" for Bluetooth and USB headset microphones to cut down on the background noise generated when they are always on - as is the case in many other games - and also now identifies who is talking. We do know the Blu-Ray version will include some exclusive content such as behind the scenes videos and artwork, but if we're paying 50% more for that version it hardly seems worthwhile - or perhaps it's a way for Sony to push people towards downloadable titles. This puts money into Sony’s coffers, effectively forcing users to pay for content they may already own.

Since users will have to be connected to the web to use Playstation Now Sony could throw in a check-in period where the server checks to make sure the game disc is still in the PS4 system every now and then. Still it would have been nice had they shown a bit more respect for users who already owned physical copies of PS3 games had they implemented this feature. What do they charge for stuff like Pixel Junk Monsters, a cult classic tower defense game that sells for $10 on PSN? Will Sony honor these titles and let Playstation Now subscribers stream them at no additional charge other than the initial PS Now service fee? Still its disappointing that Sony doesn’t plan to honor the games PS3 users already own with Playstation Now. And be sure to head over to GameTrailers to catch the first four official behind-the-scenes videos! The weapons themselves are a nod to Mario Kart and visually inspired by Wipeout's futuristic designs. For example, barging 4 opponents into water, wrecking 50 cars, and winning time trials by a large margin. In stark contrast to the singe player campaign, you can finish dead last in a multiplayer race and still gain fans, mods, awards and new cars as long as your wheels were moving on the asphalt.
This is a multi-player only game available in either download or disc form due out in September. On foot you can choose from a powerful arsenal of weapons, including rocket launchers, flame throwers, and proximity mines. Not to mention all the digital PSN content consumers have purchased on PS3 over the years that will probably go into limbo with Playstation Now. They can’t possibly charge the same amount for sub-$20 PSN digital titles to be streamed on a title per title basis as full priced retail PS3 games. Will all the people who get Bioshock Infinite for free on PS3 this month via Plus have to pay $5 on the PS4 to play the game as a rental or will they be able to stream it for free since Sony already “gave” it to them?
It seems like Sony is entirely capable of pulling something like this off but for obvious (monetary) reasons they just don’t want to. Sadly, once the cut-scene was finished, the vibrantly colored visuals were gone and replaced by a 2.5d game that looks as if it was an HD PSOne title. Do you play together, helping each other out or do you take your friend out at every available opportunity? Again, you can play action or pure race, as well as race on any tracks in the game created by United Front Games or other players. At any time you stock up on a maximum of three powerups placed strategically around each track. Don't be mistaken, the single player experience is lengthy and various race types beyond the standard ones (Destruction derbies, time trials, one on one races) ensure variety. Simply put, playing Blur online with 19 opponents is exhilarating, addicting, and full of surprises. The selling point though was the game was the first to make use of the Sixaxis' motion sensing to control the flying vehicles. Advance on-foot to frontline positions and key locations with an array of devastating weapons, mounted guns and emplaced defense turrets.
Expansion and vehicle and character customization packs scheduled for download through 2008. The game’s stylistic choice of using polygons, and what could be guessed as an attempt to look animated, leaves the game from beginning to end looking bland and dated. Two things ultimately drag it down: The excessive difficulty, and most importantly how damn amazing the multiplayer is.
It's crystal clear Blur was tuned to perfection for multiplayer, and we're confident in saying it warrants the price of admission.
In a rather nice twist the developers aren't just providing multi-player thrills online for a single person but, as you may have seen from the surrounding screenshots, also 2-player and 4-player split screen on a single console. More importantly, two players can play together on any tracks developed by United Front Games or anyone online. So I am happy to see split-screen added into ModNation Racers and hope in the future more developers will put this almost all but forgotten feature back into there games. There are only 3 offensive options: Shuriken – the ability to throw a ninja star knocking an opponent back, Punch – a close range area effect that knocks an opponent back and Force Grab – which picks up one of the randomly spawning boxes and tosses it, knocking an opponent back. If you didn’t notice the trend, the primary method of disposing of an opponent is to knock them off the stage. The real depth falls into the super abilities that you can level up, which will give you better skills in staying invisible (don’t move and you become transparent), stronger punches, more shurikens, a third jump and a few other options. This means that a great deal of the matches are running with bots, AI controlled characters that completely change the game, as they fly.

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