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Businesses will often have entire teams dedicated to communicating with followers, and will spend a significant chunk of their budget acquiring new leads from the Internet. From blogging to pay-per-click advertising, there are plenty of ways to establish a web presence. We’ve all heard the term, “it went viral” when referring to heavily viewed YouTube videos, comedic memes and social media games. We have compiled 5 examples of social media marketing campaigns that went viral to prove just how powerful it can be.
Nothing draws the eye more than a mouth watering image; however, giant chocolate bars are certainly nothing new. Non-profit organization WATERisLIFE created a controversial social media campaign that was inspired by humorous memes.  The company – who are dedicated to bringing clean water to the third world – produced a documentary complied of clips of the underprivileged alongside captions of common complaints from the privileged. The video was a huge success and managed to amass over one million views within the first day. During the build-up to Christmas 2013, Wilkinson Sword released a hostage video featuring three elves who are arguing about whether or not they should shave off Santa’s beard.
The video was promoted via the brand’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages and received widespread attention throughout the UK.
Voters are now eagerly anticipating the follow-up video this year which will determine the fate of our truly beloved Saint Nicolas. Aside from establishing a marketing campaign that gets the fans involved, Wilkinson Sword have created an on-going series which will bring voters back each year and remind them of their famous razors – which just so happen to be the perfect stocking filler. When Heinz launched their new Five Beanz product, they created a quiz on their Facebook page named, “Which bean are you?” Fans used this quiz to determine which bean they were based on questions about their personality.
In addition, Heinz gave participants who shared the quiz ten times on their Facebook page a goodie bag.
Urban Hilton Weiner weren’t a particularly big name before their ‘pay with a selfie’ campaign, but now they’re one of the most talked about brands in fashion.
Their marketing campaign awarded those who posted a selfie wearing their clothes, along with the hashtag #urbanselfie, a $10 coupon. This ingenious marketing technique accomplishes everything that any retailer would want from a social media campaign – it exposes people to specific items of clothing, encourages social sharing, and most importantly, gets people in stores and buying clothes they wouldn’t have otherwise purchased. While the $10 coupon may seem excessive and put many companies off taking such a bold move, it’s a small price to pay for such widespread and effective exposure.
Internet marketers are now placing an increasing amount of emphasis on building communities via social networks and are integrating each platform to deliver a constant stream of exposure.

Guest Author:  James is a self-employed blogger and wannabe entrepreneur and works with Distinctly Digital. Ryan, I completely agree that striking a chord with your audience is paramount, that is what all 5 of the above have done in one way or another for sure. This information will be useful for having a proper social media sharing strategy for our business. Regarding videos, I think it can provide a huge impact on social media sites for user engagement. But efficient and effective planning is critical to the future of any company or organization.With a marketing plan in place, you have better control of the required action items, resources and budgets needed to be successful.
Chocolate and Facebook are universally loved and by incorporating the thumb, Cadbury’s have cleverly managed to create an image that’s contemporary, unique and instantly recognizable.
What’s genius about this social media campaign is that it was designed to get followers involved. They’re a great way to get fans actively involved with a marketing campaign without using too much obvious promotion. Real-time marketing has become the “it” thing in advertising and nowadays all one has to do is login to a social network and within seconds they will be exposed to some form of advert; no matter how discreet it may look. In fact, acquiring a ‘Like’ on Facebook or new follower on Twitter is held in higher regard than unique website traffic. Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings. We have few real problems, Knowing this, you snap at attention and note the nature of the message, as well as the cause behind the campaign. Selling an inspiring dream, solving some pressing problem or bringing awareness to some big issue in a creative way are all means to making an impact with social. You can only go viral when you try not to go viral, meaning, you detach from outcomes and share something truly inspiring, and memorable.
You are also in a better position to execute and put those requirements in motion.Also, for any marketing plan, it is always beneficial to have agreement from all employee levels. Television shows and film production companies have been using this promotional method for years; but until Heinz, the food industry hadn’t utilized it. However, what’s most appealing about social media is that unlike other forms of online marketing – such as PPC and SEO – it’s completely free. You will find James at many of the leading technology conferences across the UK and Europe.

Since the success of the Heinz’s quiz many other food companies have gone on to use the same marketing method with huge success. This will help you to determine how effective your marketing efforts have historically been and the results related to those efforts.
The goals must aligned with the objectives of the business and be specific, measurable and obtainable. The goals of the plan must show a target return on investment but must also be flexible enough to change in the name of making better progress.
There are many products and services available which are geared toward a varied audience while other products target a niche market. Hard work and extensive research conducted at the beginning will significantly help during the creation of the plan later. Research is tangible feedback so without knowing this information you are guessing about which steps to take next.
If research is not performed, it is easy to miss your target audience — which can lead to missed opportunities and sales down the road. The strategy will highlight how a specific product or service will be promoted to the identified client. Marketing strategies are utilized by all companies to drive brand and product awareness, increase sales, launch new products or services and provide profit to the business.
The plan must be built with an end-result in mind and be tailored to specific markets.Creating a successful marketing plan is a lot of upfront work.
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