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The growing influence of the internet has made these classic principles look a bit archaic in light of the new relationship that businesses have with customers. They research a product on their PC at home, head to a store to handle it, scan its barcode with their smartphone, and start reading reviews and checking competitors’ prices in the aisle.
In the past, promotion consisted of brand-created messages, with every brand claiming its products were the best. Consumers can find opinions from real product owners online at any time, and no amount of marketing can cover up this first-person transparency. Customers don’t care about product features or usability if a product fails to solve their problem.
Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement, development and change management. I have thought about them being behind the times and you do a wonderful job of modernizing them. I think you are taking the four Ps too seriously: they are just a way of remembering the main elements of marketing that need to be considered! But I do think the addition of People is very valuable – because each of the 4 Ps is affected by the target audience, and there may be several different target audiences for any product. The four Ps are reflective of traditional marketing and therefore out of context in a digital marketing setting.
I’ve been using the 8Ps of 21st Century Brand Building ever since brands like I-pod and Google changed all the rules. Here’s what I use after getting my clients to discover the obvious emotional truth that their brand should be based on.
I love the diagram btw, they make it visual that marketing is all about people, not brands. In this day and age, it has become a must to put the consumer at the heart of your operations. I agree we should be more generally shifting marketing strategies from a top-down approach to a more conversational, agile approach to market, which I think is in line with your 5Ps approach.
It is long overdue for marketing to take responsibilty for creating accountable strategies that not only initiate customer relationships, but develop them. It used to be that marketing and sales were two separate, and sometimes adversarial departments. In reality, it is when marketing and sales overlap and work together that customers start buying. If so, then it is likely that a “marketing budget” is something which is thought about only in the deep dark corners of your mind. We’ve all heard the phrase “spend money to make money”, which is the perfect way to describe marketing.
How you spend your marketing budget is key: get it right and you will be able to see measurable progression, get it wrong and your money is wasted.
The above is a scenario which we see across the world, and it’s a mistake which costs millions, and has even been the death of companies. The latter will help you notice that what you are doing is actually adding value to your business, and the former makes sure you actually do it!

Have you ever wondered why the large brands have suddenly become so interested in becoming approachable? Humorous posts, personal customer interactions and banter between brands – brands want to look less like the big corporations they are and more like the trustworthy local company you are. Mama used to say “to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME”, which is especially good advice when it comes to business! You could have the best company in the world, the most innovative product, the best experience – none of it matters if you don’t tell your customer. They don’t know you and they have no automatic reason to care about anything you have to say. Feelings are crucial, and research from Psychology Today has shown that feelings impact the perception of a brand significantly more than facts or features do. But then their Marketing Director explained that the adverts weren’t about the product, they were about re-introducing how “eating Cadbury’s chocolate makes you feel good”.
A simple way to get started in this process is to think about what excited you about your company in its early stages – this is your starting point for getting customers emotionally invested into your brand. About Jennifer KennedyJennifer Kennedy is the sales and marketing manager at Cuckoo Design, an award winning integrated agency based in Manchester, UK. Be More Successful Discover how to become more successful at anything by signing up for my free email course on successful goal setting.
The 4Ps of marketing, also known as the producer-oriented model, have been used by marketers around the world for decades.
In a day where customers seem to know everything about your business, the old marketing mix that the 4Ps offers is increasingly at odds with how business is done today. Instead of merely promoting a message, the most successful brands today get consumers to promote it for them by first delivering great experiences, then encouraging and enabling consumers to talk about them.
Absent alternatives, consumers have traditionally settled for products and brands that don’t fully meet their needs. While many studies show there is a direct correlation between a healthy, productive culture and a company’s bottom line, the majority of companies spend little time thinking, let alone doing anything about, this topic – even when they’re spending lots of time thinking about their four Ps. If you refer to places like twitter and Facebook, there are certain hours in a day people wille read your text more carefully or notice you sooner. The internet allows our products and services to solve the problems of people that we don’t know because there is information available on the web about what we do. The tools that consumers have, allow them to make more well-informed decisions rather than being fed the information we as marketers (in training) want them to have. The issue we still face, as some of the comments highlight, is the 4P predominance with a focus on performance and profits. We take that responsibilty seriously, and have researched, developed, and tested the Internet Marketing 5 step process that ensures results can be tracked, measured, and improved on. Marketing’s job was to capture attention, create desire, make contact and then pass the job on to sales.
Marketing would defend itself by saying that sales did not follow through, or did not listen to the customer. By combining the experience (which comes from sales) and the message (which comes from marketing) customers are delighted with their experience with your company. You don’t believe marketing will work for you or your company, so you don’t give it the attention, support and drive that it needs to succeed.

Block out your diary in advance for activities, meetings and planning sessions devoted entirely to marketing. Compare the productiveness of these meetings (including eventual impact on the bottom line), with other “vital” uses of your time such as auditing, dealing with suppliers and other selling efforts.
Niche forums your customers are on, social media Q and A’s, creating content for social media portals they visit – you have to put your name on all popular social and digital mediums. Their most popular advert of recent times featured a (really quite talented) rumming gorilla.
Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. But “good enough” products are no longer good enough, because consumers have more choice than ever before. So of course price=value and product =solution or benefits (it is a pretty standard rule of marketing to sell benefits not features).
Not something which strikes you as chocolate themed, and almost certainly not featuring their target market. Learn everything you can about your particular company, from products to culture to their core values. Your company has events, corporate training calls, videos, documents etc and it is your job to attend when you can and get connected.
In the transparency created by consumer usurpation of promotion, only truly valuable brands (as defined by consumers) can charge a premium. 50% of advocates recommend a brand because they had a good experience with a product or service. We’d need a trigger, perhaps a disruptive business model, that would showcase the benefits of 5Ps, not only for companies and shareholders, but also for markets, consumers, and their global environment. You have to know your destination before you begin your journey – it will help you to be more efficient in getting there. Your sponsor or upline has more than likely will have calls, webinars, training and attending is necessary. Building strong and engaging relationships with your customers is key to the successful communication of your product or service offering. There are so many industry events, attend a few, build some relationships and rub shoulders with those that have built a successful business. No way, you would be there everyday, talk about it everyday, pass out your business cards and do what you could to grow your retail store.
Listen to all the conversations around you, you will start to notice that people need your opportunity.

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