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If the initial payment starts one month after receipt of the funds, you should select YES from the dropdown provided for each loan. Even though the Loans worksheet has a 5-year maximum term (details are only calculated and entered into the planning for up to 5 years), enter any long term loan (f.e.
Enter the details of any deferred loan in this table whereby the interest rate can be 0% or more depending on the loan agreement. If you amortize a deferred loan, click on the MANAGE DEFERRED LOANS button to go to the amortization tables. Flexible loans can be handy where you wish to enter the loan amount, the amortization and interest payments as is needed.

The table provides a 5 year financial summary of operating results, financial position and ratios of the projections. Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) or cumulative annual growth rate measures the rate of change in a value between two points in time (first year and fifth year in our case). The principal payments and the interest payments will be entered into the Cash Flow and Income Statement worksheets. The principal payments and the interest payments will be entered into the Cash Flow and Income Statement worksheets starting one month after receipt of the funds.
The tables are used to calculate the loan schedules and the data is then inserted into other worksheets where appropriate.

In business, CAGR is used to describe the growth over a period of time of certain elements of the business. Enter any payment into the Amortization rows in the month where the payment is actually done. If you feel you have added something valuable, please consider sending us the worksheet so we can add it to the program for others to enjoy.

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