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I spent most of Friday fiddling with iPhoto '09, and you can read my first impressions here.
As you might recall, when iMovie '08 first debuted, there was quite a substantial outcry in the Mac community. But it appears Apple has listened to user complaints, because iMovie '09 sees the return of many of the features that were missing from iMovie '08.
Perhaps most interesting of these new features is the addition of a new precision editor window. The precision editor essentially lets you "zoom in" on your video clips, magnifying the sequence of the selected video clip as well as the one preceding it. You also have better control over the audio track, the title animation, and the sound effects--you can change them or move them around, for example. If you've ever had a problem with shaky videos, you'll like iMovie '09's video stabilization feature. The last addition to the iMovie '09 application is the ability to edit music, especially when you're making a music video or something that's music-focused. We're still working on refining the rest of the iLife '09 review, but we'll get some of our screenshots posted shortly. Nowadays, Apple's Mac and Microsoft's Windows is the main operating systems for personal users. There is so-called virtualization technology that enables you to run Mac and thus iMovie on Windows. On one hand, some professional iMovie for PC alternative video editing programs has complex user interface, which makes it hard to master and use. Supports all popular video and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, QuickTime, VOB, MP3, even video from DVD discs and more. Below is a comparison table for Apple's iMovie and the best iMovie for PC equivalent - Movavi Video Editor. On Saturday, I spent some major quality time with iMovie '09, and I have to say it's pretty easy to grasp. They include dynamic themes, video effects like speed and reverse play, and plenty of new title animations. The selected clip is on the bottom while the preceding clip is above it, and the grayed- out areas are where the clips overlap in the transition.

Just select "Analyze for Stabilization" and iMovie will do its best to analyze every pixel to correct any jerky movements. Themes are basically video templates that let iMovie add titles and transitions automatically to your project, without you having to do much to it. You drop beat markets in a music track, and iMovie '09 will attempt to match the video clip durations to match the markers. Many people use both Mac and Windows PC computers - usually Windows at office, while Mac at home. On the other hand, some iMovie for Windows software applications only provide you with basic video editing tools. Just import photos and videos, add music and stylish titles, customize transitions, and it's ready for sharing your masterpiece with the world. I'm no professional, and I'll admit that I preferred iMovie HD (or the '06 version) to iMovie '08, but it's not too bad. And of course iMovie '09 has a couple of new features that help replace the missing timeline. You will now see that the bottom half of iMovie has been taken over by the precision editor panel. This way you can have better control over the way each clip transitions just by clicking the spot you want to cut.
For example, we wanted to match up an exact part of a song to a specific point in a video clip. Now when you drag a clip on top of another clip on your project, you're presented with a few options--insert the clip, replace the clip, or just insert the audio.
Bear in mind, though, that if you're using a low-quality camera, it can't fix the blurriness inherent in the hardware. If you want, you can go back and manually add theme elements like titles and theme transitions.
You can choose from a variety of animated maps to show your location, or if you're shooting a travel video, you can create a map that animates your journey and make your own mini travel documentary. Someone may also have transferred from Mac to Windows for its more and more optimized features.
But you have to pay for operating system and the software itself; it requires dual boot and runs the OS-in-OS slowly.

Like Movavi Video Editor, AVS Video Editor, Cyberlink PowerDirector, Corel VideoStudio, and so on. Regular users will easily edit video with common tools like Trim, Split, Merge, Rotate, Add Music, and so on; Professional users will control everything as they want. You may use our software in copying material in which you own the copyright or have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner. In fact, I created this short little video of the public pillow fight in San Francisco on Valentine's Day 2007 in about three hours (It could've been shorter, but I spent most of the time finding the source material).
You can combine the title animations with animated backgrounds or green screen effects if you want. If you're previously a Mac user and familiar with iMovie, now want to edit videos on your Windows PC computer, you need an iMovie for PC video editing software. If you want, you can adjust the amount of stabilization in case you want the video to look shakier. The key features of Movavi Video Editor include broad support for various video sources, video effects, transitions, titles, endless sharing possibilities.
This smart program provides quality video editor like iMovie that came all the way from Adobe Premiere Pro’s line of video software. This app can make photograph cloudscapes, plants, and crowds accelerate their speed to add further visual impact. Along with this is its stop-motion feature, which can make a real object seem to move solitarily. It is a great video editor, which offers extensive utilities for semi-professional video editing. However, Jahshaka is an open-source program, which can be a huge problem for beginners since it might cause technical problems a newbie might not be able to handle. It provides the essential functions for video editing; however, it lacks on quality and speed. Hundreds of other video-editing software, aside from the aforementioned programs, are available over the internet encouraging not only those who experienced problems, but also those who need a video editor he or she can trust.

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