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Powerhouses such as DDB and TBWA Worldwide still represent the "Mad Men" era on the avenue (the corporate HQ of Omnicom, their parent company, is still on Madison). But most of the nameplates are smaller, lesser known agencies, not the giant global names that used to have their headquarters there. We decided to take a walk down the street and snap pictures of the remaining shops on Madison Avenue. Chanel and Karl start a little ad campaign promoting the reopening of their Chanel store in Soho, of course Renn is alongside Baptiste Giabiconi, ad already appeared in the latest issue of Interview.
Design SCENE is a daily style and design destination and home of monthly print & digital magazines Design SCENE and MMSCENE as well as internationally distributed magazine D'SCENE. Veteran journalist Jessica Soho has announced her retirement as first vice president for news programs at GMA Network to focus on key news shows. Leaving her executive duties, Soho (pictured) will continue to host her weekly primetime news magazine program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) on GMA and Brigada on GMA News TV as well as anchor her nightly news program State of the Nation (SONA), also on GMA News TV. Insurance group AIA has launched a new round of work to promote its core retirement and MPF products, tapping Leo Burnett for the ..
The results are in for our first quick poll and while numbers were only modest 44 (of you voted), only two said they allow pre-rol.. Simon Squibb, managing director of Fluid Group, said first and foremost the company’s focus is to make the website a portal of interest. Instead of just banners, the agency plans to add key sponsorship to the site and within the shops linked to 400 SoHo businesses and offer deals and incentives to all the sites users. A series of billboard, print and online campaigns as well as through the use of word of mouth and in-office marketing service with Venue Alliance, a marketing platform for food and beverages, will be launched in the coming months. Maybank has launched its revamped brand image in an attempt to strengthen its regional reach as well as appeal to the younger audi..
The Ministry of Communications and Information has roped SapientNitro's Kim Douglas on its committee to grow its infocomm and medi..

The video crew members, representing Midnight Blue, New York's first late night cable TV sex show, thinking they had shot every kind of sexual perversion known to man, were totally grossed out by the site of female dogs humped by male dogs for money.
When WABC TV called, saying they wanted to do a documentary on the Cathouse, Skaggs refused to take them to the facility, saying he had gone underground due to harassment, but instead provided them with the previously shot video of the Cathouse for Dogs (this done after Skaggs clued in Alex Bennett, Midnight Blue producer, who gleefully went along with the hoax).
While Mad Ave still houses plenty of ad agencies a€” a Google Maps search returns hundreds of results on the avenue a€” many of the most significant nameplates have long since departed. After becoming production news manager in 2000, she was quickly promoted to bigger roles as acting news director in 2002, VP for news in 2004 and VP for news programs in 2008. Friend Tony Barsha played a bogus veterinarian on site who, when interviewed, explained that the female dogs were injected with a drug called Estro-dial to artificially induce a state of heat. A staff photographer was there to take a token photo of each dog getting it on, and a dog groomer to primp the dogs before and after sex. To be sure their viewing audience "got it," they got down on all fours and shot the humping dogs from a dog's eye view. In fact the ABC documentary had won the Emmy Award, making it all the more interesting that the network never retracted the story. If a bitch was already in a natural state of heat, she would be given a contraceptive called Ova-ban, so there would be no fear of fatherhood.
During the second interview, a week after the first article had appeared, the writer suspected it was a hoax. While the right synchronization (or “synch”) license can move mountains for TV and film viewers, they can be even more momentous for the music artist who’s song gets picked (does an iTunes ad placement sound good to anybody out there?)Formed in 2008 in New York City, Jingle Punks have rolled onto the scene determined to break the synch licensing mold. As any one who's ever owned a dog knows, any horny male dog will hump space once his mojo kicks in. Their Jingle Player is its own little technological breakthrough, an intuitive new take on search and delivery intended to make life a lot easier for music supervisors for TV networks, production houses, film studios, ad agencies and beyond.
But they also seem to have the human thing down as well – Jingle Punks understands that the artists they work with make the music that makes them tick, and they have an open-door submissions policy to back it up.

What is your business model, and who does it benefit?A: Our business philosophy is that having great music is only part of the game.
However, the way they are organized makes it difficult to find the diamonds in the rough.Our material is a lot more current, and the way we deliver our music is through our proprietary database technology called the Jingle Player. First, we make sure all of our music is tagged in our system before it becomes ingested for general use. But, from all the conversations I have had with people who are veterans of this industry, they tell me our tools are what sets us apart.The Jingle Player GUIWe are not trying to do the job of a music supervisor with the Jingle Player. Artists see the quick dollars and jump towards this when it’s offered, not realizing that in this game, sometimes slow and steady wins the race.
We tag it, clients type in the type of music they are currently looking for and begin to narrow down their choices from there.Basically, we are not hard-selling music supervisors with an agenda. We don’t try and push our cool-band-of-the-week just because they have a single out and “need” to get in “90210” or “Entourage”. Our company has a meager staff on a day-to-day basis, but this ensures that the way music is ingested is done in a thoughtful way.That being said, if we had a very large and well-trained group of Jingle Musicologists on staff, we could ingest over 5000 new cues a month. I have been doing production music and worked as an editor for Viacom for almost nine years. I also have played in bands my entire life and managed to meet some amazing contacts which I am only exploring now, while I was in my band phase.Dan has been working in database and computer systems for many years, and his past experience includes Electronic Arts game programming as well as work on the Apache Helicopter systems for the US government.

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