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At Ignition Graphix creative design studios: we specialize in the art of visual communication. Look for copies in all Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and clinics from Cache Valley, Ogden area, Salt Lake valley and now the Heber Valley.
Summer 2015 Mountain Express Magazine, Park City Cupon Book & Heber Valley Guide are now available. Look for your FREE copies at many of Park City and Heber City Utah's finest accommodations, restaurants and retailers.
Interview clips from both Kristin and Ryan get cited on this video by the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Using the barre as a prop, Fitbarre Fitness & Barre Studio blends elements of ballet, yoga and pilates to an upbeat and motivating soundtrack over the course of the 60 minute class.
The first women’s private members’ club in London – Grace Belgravia sits within a beautiful Grade-II listed Georgian building. The first women's private members' club in London - Grace Belgravia sits within a beautiful Grade-II listed Georgian building.
The first women’s private members’ club in London - Grace Belgravia sits within a beautiful Grade-II listed Georgian building. A 24-storey Green-Tech tower in Newham’s Royal Docks, the proposal includes commercial uses at ground level and 161 apartments on the floors above. Located at the base of the Centrepoint tower, the Atrium showroom is a carefully choreographed showroom, which utilises a series of rotating, interlocking wall panels that transform the bright day-lit space to a darkened showroom with a simple twist. The coolest penthouse in Notting Hill - with hydraulic double curvature moving glass roof panels connected by a footbridge over two existing mansion blocks. This multi award-winning office design has been dubbed “the happiest work place in Britain”.

At the base of London’s Centre Point, Modular Moroso showcases signature pieces from their furniture and lighting collection. What We’re DoingThe Knot Collective is a place where people in creative industries can share thoughts, insights and ideas. The Sofia, Bulgaria headquarters of ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi were in need of a renovation, so with the help of architectural firm funkt, they got a fun, informal space that encourages employee collaboration. Needing workspace for 30, the 120 square meter (or 1291 square feet) office was gutted, leaving only the structural elements of the building. Most of the furniture is built from raw MDF, letting the artwork and colorful beanbags be the pops of color throughout. Simple seating and tables are made from MDF and can be moved around when extra seating is necessary. A mound of beanbag chairs are colorful and provide extra seating (or a place to take a nap). Simple hanging bulbs are used throughout for overhead lights, playing off the minimal and scaled-back design. The compliment to Ignition Graphixa€™s graphic design, commercial printing and web development skill sets is our professional experience in marketing and advertising. Set over nine storeys with over 200,000 sqft of space, the development will be the new centre for London’s modern creative and media companies.
Comprising of 81 dual aspect apartments, 5,000sq.m of commercial space and two landscaped courtyards, the project achieves a 'Very Good' Eco-Homes rating.
Featured in BBC3’s Dreamspaces, the radical space-age form snakes across Swindon's silicon tundra. Featured in BBC3’s Dreamspaces, the radical space-age form snakes across Swindon’s silicon tundra.

This infographic includes all awarded US agencies but does not include media or independent production companies.
I love how this feels almost like a chemistry table of elements and communicates in a flash how the mighty have fallen. It was interesting to put the data together and create a picture of the breadth and depth of US agencies in relation to Cannes awards.
We believe that cross-disciplinary collaboration is the future of innovation and design and we hope to create a forum where critical thinkers can tap into a broad range of knowledge, participate in lively discussion, and share thinking that shapes the future of creative businesses.
Slowly, they built the office back and let the agency’s work be the determining factor in how it was decorated. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and writes about her life, inspirations and creative pursuits on her element75 blog. When you combine the artistic medium of the graphic and digital arts with marketing and advertising street smarts - what you receive is combustible in nature.
On the first day back in the unadorned office, the employees helped turn the space into a place for creating. As clients expect these businesses to be creative (and a website is often one of the first things potential clients look at), ad agencies need to have effective and impressive websites.Below is a collection of 30 agency websites from all across the globe. I might even chnage my current advertising network whit some of these :DB-unit Feb 13 2011Ace article. We will be sure to return the respect.Christian Bennike - Webzoo Feb 15 2011Great article, but I agree with some of the users that everything has to be flash based.

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