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At one time radio was the only way to hear the latest pop songs, and albums and to keep up to date with the top selling singles in the charts.
Before music television (MTV began in America on August 1st 1981) young people listened to the radio, and bought singles after they had heard them on the radio. Radio is about people, and getting people to talk is the most basic job of a radio presenter, researcher or producer. Welcome to the external assessment (exam) component of the CCEA Moving Image Arts GCSE qualification - it is worth 40% of the overall GCSE and comprises a 1.5 hour online exam. A lot of students who develop practical work for media courses forget about sound - poor pick up, unwanted background noise, alternating sound levels (when you dona€™t want there to be).
Music is important across all media sectors from radio drama, soundtracks for film and televison, sound for a computer game, web site effects to obviously music production.
Understand the key features used in three types of Digital Moving Image Production a€“ fictional, factual and promotional.
The BTEC First is a great qualification that will prepare you for the world of work or further study.
You will learn how to use software and hardware that is used in digital media industries a€“ by photographers, editors, sound recordists, web designers and games designers. Although we have workshops and revision sessions listed below, we would also be thrilled to offer you a more bespoke package. We are also keen to work with teachers and departments and can offer CPD for your subject specific needs. Understand organisational structures and ownership in the UK radio industry a€“ this learning outcome will be achieved through a 10 minute pitch presentation and report to a panel that want to ensure that you know about different types of commercial radio, what PSB is, other types of radio in the UK and the different funding models before they agree to commission your programme proposal.
This is an interactive DVD with excellent, practical examples of film - perfect for teachers of moving image, be it English, Creative and Digital Media or Film Studies.
We know that editing can be very tricky to teach, time consuming for the students and make the real difference with a final production (and grades!).
Depending on how well equipped your centre is, we can model production work and provide opportunities for students to be creative too.
B324 is the more creative, production based Controlled Assessment as part of the OCR GCSE Media Studies course a€“ if taught over two years it is recommended that the pupils start B324 in year 11 allowing for 10 weeks minimum (dependent on weekly contact time) to complete the project which comprises 30% of the qualification (see example Year 2 Mini SOW below).
Note: Music or sounds from CDs should be uploaded onto the computer hard drive first, rather than importing from CD.
Sound is a feature often dismissed by students as the least important element, when in fact it can provide as much meaning for the audience as every visual and technical facet. In this scene from Reservoir Dogs the song playing on the radio a€?Stuck In The Middle With Youa€? is contrapuntal to the action, revealing the psychopathic nature of Mr Blonde. Community Radio Stations or RSL radio a€“ Restricted Service Licence Radio Stations exist in most communities.
They are excellent places to make contact with as they can present opportunities for students in terms of observing and participating in radio production.
It's pretty easy to spruce up a room in your home by slapping a fresh coat of paint on the walls and moving some furniture -- it's the same room, but it seems new. I've been a loyal Audition user for almost 10 years, going through three major versions of Syntrillium's Cool Edit before Adobe bought the app and retooled it a few years back.

This space doesn't allow a full description of all the new improvements, so we'll quickly hit the high spots.
The all-new Mastering Rack offers the ability to stack multiple effects plugins for audio processing.
Overall, Adobe Audition 2.0 is an amazing upgrade -- a huge leap forward in virtually every area. A feature-rich free sound editor for the Windows platform, WavePad allows users to record audio from inputs such as the microphone or record player, import sounds and edit music files.
Once you've uploaded the music that you wish to have in the software, you can easily add effects to the music, such as a basic fade.
Whether you are a beginner mixer or a seasoned professional in the music business, WavePad will help you mix your sound until you've got it just as you envisioned it and are ready to let the world hear you. Find the membership that best meets your needs – Single-app, Complete (includes ALL the tools Adobe offers,) or Teams (perfect for collaborative environments). The SoundCloud integration alone will save me a ton of time and I’m excited to see how smooth it is. Radio is a great way to listen to music, and radio is a great friend on a long journey or just at home. Questions need to be tailored to the needs of the programme and to what the audience expects. You will be producing a complete mainstream genre narrative fiction film based on an initial idea or theme of your own.
In the exam students respond to a range of stimulus material including unseen live action and animated film clips, sound clips, film stills and script extracts - we will give you clear guidance below. Our suggestion is that you complete this part as a PowerPoint or Prezi audio-visual report that links to video clips and has screenshots to illustrate. We will work with you and your resources to provide a session that improves the learnersa€™ needs. For real change, you have to tear down and rebuild, along with the fun of electrical and plumbing issues.
Our dual-monitor setup and Turtle Beach surround sound card also proved very useful after installation. Quickly add a compressor, reverb and limiter to your waveforms, rearrange the order for a different sound and sample the output with various plugins turned on or off. With a slick new interface, better use of resources, loads of bundled goodies and the ability to play nice with all the other kids in the Adobe family, it's hard to imagine a better executed upgrade.
The user-friendly software makes it easy for musicians to make their own mixes or digitize their favorite vinyl records as the software imports almost every sound file format, allowing you to important from hard drives, CDs and even flash drives or memory cards. Tabs on the bottom of the screen allow the user to easily move between open files, separating and integrating them as needed.
The ability to burn music and the tone generators are both extra downloads, though they are free. This is not the frustration you get on the bus when you have to stand all the way again, and you really do want to tell someone something. The actual program installation took only a few minutes, but the installation of over 5GB of supplemental files added enough time for a short lunch break.

Audition 1.5 made some nice advances in processing and effects, but the interface remained virtually unchanged. And while it all looks very fresh and new, it also feels familiar, which made our tests nearly painless.
Once you dig into the program, you'll notice several dialog screens and effect controls are holdovers from the past.
Tasks are easy to perform in WavePad and also easy to undo if you decide that you don't like the resulting sound. The zoom tool easily highlights specific parts of your sound files so that you can mix and master them to perfection. That could make a reasonable item for a short comedy sketch, but it will not make a film or television programme. I guess the best way to describe the new UI is "slick" -- not just visually, but also from a usability standpoint. Of the new plugins included with Audition 2.0, the Multiband Compressor -- licensed from Izotope -- is the most impressive.
While previous versions would hesitate when switching files or opening plugins, Audition 2.0 never flinches.
Controls and options are laid out logically and most functions are obvious at first glance. With version 2.0, Audition has raised the bar with a clearly marked and highly usable multitrack view and mixer window. With four completely tweakable bands of compression, sliding crossover points and a final mastering limiter, this plug-in will quickly win you over with its remarkable capabilities. I can't give you a number, but this was immediately noticeable as I ran version 1.5 on the same test machine.
The text-to-speech generator allows users to record their own voice and digitize it, resulting in a robotic sound for your track.
Dual-screen users have the luxury of one screen filled with editing options and the other with a full-function mixing console. Yes, this is an audio editing program, but Adobe's competition all offer better MIDI implementation.
With the right hardware, multitrack recording is now a breeze and mixing is no longer tedious but enjoyable.
Online help is better, but still meager, with precious few step-by-step instructions for specialized functions. And Audition 2.0 still chokes on one of my pet VST plugins -- a plugin that works fine in every other program I use. In fact, several times during my initial exploration, it felt very much like I was making filter adjustments in either of those programs.
This bodes well for newcomers and seasoned Adobe suite users; learn one interface and the rest will follow.

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