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Remember to change your passwords and check your bank account for the next several month to make sure the hackers that got all that sensitive data from Adobe don’t access your accounts. Audition CS6 has been so well received by reviewers and production professionals around the world, and you now have several options for buying it. The value proposition is even better when you consider some of the cool new apps that are exclusive to Creative Cloud, such as Adobe Muse, the new web design application, or Adobe Story Plus, which is otherwise only available on its own as a subscription. Audition users and production companies will benefit from flexible pricing, where you can add or remove seats, depending on your current workload. Creative Cloud members will always have access to the most up-to-date software, and they get an integrated platform for their creative workflow. We’ve read a lot of comments, and of course there are negatives and positives, let me give my opinion, and feel free to add or comment (agree or disagree). Let me first take away some questions I read over and over, but do remind that I’m not an Adobe sales person, attached to Adobe or whatever, the answers come from just reading the website and working with the Creative Cloud for a year now. There is absolutely no need for internet, you can work just fine without an internet connection, the apps are on your hard drive, the only time you need a connection is for updates (and that was always the case) and once every so often the software wants to check your subscription (probably once a month).
Let me see you probably spend more on starbucks in 2 days than Photoshop in a month, you probably spend way more on internet OR Xbox live OR HBO OR a sports channel etc. And this is probably also where Adobe is getting a lot of heat from, people are frustrated because they probably do realize there is no competition, well at least not for some people. All your software up to date whenever you want it, as soon as there is a small update or a new camera out there it can be updated right away. I would have no problem with a system where you take a 2 year subscription and only with that subscription you own the software that you are using at the end of your subscription, if you continue for a year or a month or whatever after that, that’s ok but after that initial 2 years you will own the software so if you stop paying Adobe will freeze your software versions and you can still work with it. Adobe has to realise as the world shrinks, that some people use their apps in Africa and other parts of the world where paying for anything online is a big big pain, internet connections are abysmal and there are a myriad other problems. It only has to check your subscription like once every month and that’s not intense in data. I also think those differences are too high, of course we have 21% VAT in the Netherlands but even then….
I can see a huge share of their non-professional market disappearing with people unable or unwilling to pay a monthly subscription. When things are tight I think this is a great way of spreading out the payments, not all at once but a fixed amount, on the other hand I agree when you say I would just skip an upgrade, so I’m not disagreeing with you.
It’s very simple, if you have a system that WORKS now and you freeze it for 100 years it will STILL works like it does today.
Frank, in my humble opinion, constantly dissociating yourself from Adobe doesn’t help this case because if you are in Bed with NAPP, Scott Kelby and his gang, you are in bed with Adobe. I am an Adobe influencer, yeah that’s right, but trust me IF Adobe would do something that I think is wrong I would OR not post about it, OR post about it in a negative way. The only reason I posted this blog post is to give my critique, and I REALLY think Adobe should add this option so people do own something at the end, but also to clear up some misunderstandings. Now if Adobe would pay me 6 figures a year I would still post what I think, Adobe doesn’t pay me anything and I just wanted to make that crystal clear. I HATE that when I stop paying I’m left with NOTHING, and when I write HATE I REALLY mean HATE. At point I want my software to still work, but without any support from Adobe, I can live with that.

Frank, I actually think that if any organization stands a chance of getting Adobe to listen to the users is NAPP. To put the topic on numbers, on the european prices you would have paid photoshop CS6 with about 36 months of CC subscription. Actually the biggest change is the price and the conditions to use the software under the new license agreement. The biggest advantage for the user is that you always have the newest software and never have to upgrade to a newer version anymore the really bad thing is that if you quit paying, your software stops working. I have just bought CS6 (an upgrade from CS4) I do not need or want every latest little new feature. Adobe is one of the world’s largest and most diversified software companies with many of the most respected and recognisable software brands including the Creative Suite line, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and many others.
Software4Students have been providing students with teacher and student editions which are fully functional versions of your favourite Adobe software but with better pricing to match tighter student budgets to give you great Adobe student discounts. As an official reseller, Software4Students works closely with Adobe to make sure students have full access to the lowest prices possible so we wanted to let you know where you can get a great deal on Adobe CS6 software which you can access at anytime, anwhere with Adobe Creative Cloud. If you want to get access to Adobe Creative Suite 6 tools and more at any time from any device, find out more about the Adobe Creative Cloud here or watch the video below.
The Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to the full range of Adobe Creative Suite 6 range of software tools and more. Cloud storage gives you the ability to access your files from any device meaning your files are always right where you need them. With Adobe Muse, you can create complete websites for desktop, tablet and mobile without writing a single line of code. With InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, you can create an unlimited number of iPad apps – without writing code.
I ended up editing a circle and manually adding the inner curve and straight ends as it was easier than drawing completely from scratch.
I started out with what turned out to be my final design, with white shapes on a red cloud.
As ever, grab LiteIcon to make applying the icons much easier, and check out this guide on how to use it if you’re stuck. And Lightroom, the popular digital photography workflow management application is included, too.
You may also find the 20GB of included storage useful, for example if you are moving between an office and a home computer to work on a project.
If you already own Audition, Soundbooth, or Creative Suite,  we are currently offering special upgrade subscriptions to Creative Cloud for only only $29.99 a month. We work a lot in situations where I don’t have internet on my laptop and it always works. For the hobbyist there are some alternative, for example Pixelmator, Gimp, Paint, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Aperture it all depends on what you need and what you want. Also don’t worry about your images, on newer software it will almost always open the older files. Though i’m the only one whom does out of or my photog friends whom operate crack versions.
I would strongly support the idea of having a frozen running version of the software after say 24 months of subscription.
The real issue in my opinion is the price other than that it is a good move that can benefit Adobe and the users but to make everyone happy they have to lower the price. Adobe Creative Cloud members get access to new products updates and exclusive Adobe software news as it is released so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest news from your favourite graphic design software brand.

It’s integrated with Adobe’s own hosting service, so getting your site up and live is quick and seamless. Just save files to the Adobe Creative Cloud Files folder on your desktop, which includes up to 20GB of storage, and start sharing between devices and team members, or with clients. The standard price of $49.99 per month is less than most cell phone plans or cable TV subscriptions.
I think those businesses just trying to get on their feet right now, will take this the hardest, future Adobe CC customers. I am good with this model, I am a bit concerned (as I am pretty old) that when I die the access to my photos for the family will be a bit difficult. While changing the colours over I accidentally switched the inner shapes to a very dark grey, and I actually really liked the results. With Creative Cloud, Adobe is building an awesome digital hub for integrating your tools and your workflow. The problem for hobbyists and part time photographers is greater than the cost of using it at $50 since we often do not know what next year holds and if we will still be shooting often enough to warrant photoshop or premiere for example.
While it is very likely that I will join the CC for Photoshop if I don’t find an alternative in the next few years I WILL be actively looking for alternatives (after 18 years as an Adobe user and 10 years as a business customer). They promote it as such and the listening ears at Adobe take this and then apply it globally to the rest of us. I know a bunch of people that still work on CS4 or CS5 (you can see that in the photoshop user magazine section where they renew a given brand).
Instead of a lifetime licence agreement you now have a monthly license agreement for a higher price while Adobe makes more money and has more control. This design, along with variations on these colours and a red-on-white icon can all be downloaded from the link below so you can pick the one you like best from the bunch. For those with regular work I think this could be the way to go, perhaps a bit cheaper, but all a right off for the business.
And if I ever stop paying the $50 a month, adobe will strip away my ability to open any of my past projects that I have been working on for the last 5 years.
Changes and upgrades with MAC OS software may be the factor that forces me go with the CC because Adobe will not continue to make CS6 compatible with computer OS forever in the future.
World’s best tools Get the Adobe CS6 tools you rely on every day, along with new apps like Adobe Muse, Edge Tools & Services and more. A product at the end of a fixed rental term would be a nice thank you from Adobe, so if you need to take a break, for whatever reason, you still have something to show for your payments, after all the CC rental of PS over, say 18 months, will be more than what we’ve been paying for an upgrade, which you can continue to use for as long as it works for you.
If you quit paying the car rental fee you can not drive it anymore despite the fact you bought a nice stereo for it.
How are you willing to keep creating proprietary adobe projects knowing that the day you decide $50 no longer fits your budget (probably when you stop shooting professionally), everything is lost and you will not even be able to open a single past adobe project.
This will be even worse for videographers as nothing else will open premiere or after effects projects. I have read a lot about this on forums, and most of the comments about it are NOT positive. Hopefully they will see this and change aspects of their decision similar to what happened with NetFlix and all their customer complaints.

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