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The problem exposes online video content to the rampant piracy that plagued the music industry during the Napster era and is undermining efforts by retailers, movie studios and television networks to cash in on a huge Web audience. The software doesn’t encrypt online content, but only orders sent to a video player such as start and stop play. Adobe said it issued a security bulletin earlier this month about how best to protect online content and called on its customers to couple its software security with a feature that verifies the validity of its video player.
An Amazon spokesman said content on the company’s Video On Demand service, which offers as many as 40,000 movies and TV shows on its Web site, cannot be pirated using video stream catching software. However, in tests by Reuters, at least one program to record online video, the Replay Media Catcher from Applian Technologies, recorded movies from Amazon and other sites that use Adobe’s encryption technology together with its video player verification.
The free demo version of Replay Media Catcher allows anyone to watch 75 percent of anything recorded and 100 percent of YouTube videos. However, even if a user doesn’t pay, the stream still sends the movie to the video catching software, but not the browser. The networks scrambled to post videos on their own sites in a bid to capture another stream of advertising revenue from a growing audience, but they have struggled with how best to show commercials which fund the programing when played on the Web.
YouTube, which started the online video boom before being bought by Google Inc for $1.65 billion in November 2006, has also struggled to cash in on its popularity even though its user base continues to mushroom.
One possible solution would be to protect the video with a digital rights management (DRM) system.
The lack of content protection, according to Baker, threatens all the business models used today to fund video on the Web. Forrester analyst James McQuivey said he doesn’t believe the video stream catching technology will entirely derail the advertising-supported business model used by the networks for online video. In filmmaking, technological advances continue to break down barriers to creativity: large film cameras have given way to smaller, more portable equipment. Tangerine is currently available on Netflix for those among us who havena€™t seen it yet or who want to see it again. Before you rush out to shoot a cinematic masterpiece with your iPhone, however, there are a few things you will need to know. The iPhone lets you shoot video right of the box, but it lacks some controls and finesse a filmmaker may need in order to compose a professional-looking shot. At the bare minimum, you will want the ability to set white balance, control and lock your aperture setting, and adjust focus. Even though mobile cameras are getting better, most do not come close to the same dynamic range as film. Adobe Premiere Clip offers a wealth of options for making and finishing beautiful videos on your phone. Regardless what you use to shoot your movie, youa€™ll want an easy workflow to take your footage and audio into postproduction. For Lewis, who formerly taught video production to teenage girls, this is an exciting time for filmmakers who are starting out or who dona€™t have a lot of money. Small cameras offer documentarians endless possibilities without the intrusiveness that comes with a traditional production team. The surf is up in this meditative short about catching and being with wavesa€”it was shot using an iPhone 6s using the FiLMic Pro app, aided by a Beatsgrip rig and a DOF lens adaptor.
She has provided design and branding services for clients across the not-for-profit, heritage, media, education, food, retail and publishing sectors. This was designed stupidly,” said Bruce Schneier, a security expert who is also the chief security technology officer at British Telecom. To boost download speeds, Adobe dropped a stringent security feature that protects the connection between the Adobe software and its players.

Adobe invests a considerable amount of ongoing effort to help protect users from potential vulnerabilities,” it said in a statement. However, the stream catching software separates the commercials and the program into two separate folders, so people can keep the programs without the advertising. A Seattle-based company called Widevine Technologies has a DRM system that can encrypt online videos using Flash. He started with a Technical Blog in 2008 and is now founder of multiple technical and IM blogs.
Sure, you can you capture your cats for a quick Facebook post or record your kida€™s violin recital to share with the family.
Wea€™ve all experienced the seasickness that the hunt-and-seek effect of a video shot on a phone can causea€”the phone cana€™t hold focus, the light levels bloom and then fade, and everyone looks a little green. Your optic options are numerous and growing; there are a slew of telephoto, macro, and fish-eye lenses out there that can help you realize your creative vision.
We can forgive and forgeta€¦but nothing annoys, aggravates, or tests the fundamental core of our humanity more than bad audio. And if youa€™re looking for something more professional, Clip makes it easy to send your rough-cut and raw footage into Premiere Pro.
Among the several available options, Adobe offers Adobe Premiere Clip, a free app for iPhone and Android. Experiment and see how far you get using your phonea€™s stock features, and then the find the apps and add-ons that work for you. Creeer slow-motion-effecten om nadruk, spanning of drama toe te voegen, en versnellingseffecten om het verhaal te versnellen. His expertise includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Technical Writing. You may need the ability to pull focus, targeted zoom options, and multiple aspect ratios to choose from. Make sure your areas of interest are well lit, and brighten up the dark areas so they dona€™t get lost. You can slap the phone on some sticks and lock it downa€”but what if you want more-dynamic shots? While the iPhone captures decent audio, you may want to opt for better fidelity and more control. Dan Tomimatsu interpreted that literally by turning a five-yen coin into a water lens for an iPhone. I am not quite sure how this iPhone 6 video experiment was shot, but ita€™s really cool, if you get my drift. Ita€™s the dawn of new era for moviemaking, and there has never been a better time to phone it in. Designers and fans are creating their own quirky posters to advertise their favorite cult and indie movies.In this beginners tutorial we’ll be creating a fan-art poster for indie favorite ‘Like Crazy’, and look at how you can bring an authentic fan-art style to your own poster designs. Budget drove Bakera€™s choice, but that was not the only benefit, and the resulting footage is intimate and powerful. For bloggers and social devotees, this app offers an easy way to quickly upload your HD videos to Facebook and social networks. Several sites offer great tricks and tips for lighting your shots, but you will need a decent lighting kit, especially for working indoors or at night. Ita€™s best to have an adept sound person on hand with an external sound recorder and a full complement of microphones and booms to capture the best possible audio for your film. According to Bronwyn Lewis, the product manager for mobile editing at Adobe, Premiere Clip is designed with several use cases in mind. In Premiere Elements is het nu heel eenvoudig om teksten en beelden te animeren met de ingebouwde voorinstellingen.

We’ll be using Adobe InDesign, and also dipping into Adobe Illustrator to create and edit graphics.What exactly is an ‘alternative’ movie poster? You get the ideaa€”find the right app to unlock the full power of your iPhone video capabilities, and you are on your way. Ita€™s all about dynamic rangea€”the cameraa€™s ability to capture details as you get closer to true black and true white within a shot.
When immediacy is crucial, Clip allows people to edit, produce, and post videos quickly to blogs or social networks.
Graphic designers and illustrators give a unique spin on the studio-approved artwork (and sometimes overtake the original poster in popularity and recognition), highlighting the key themes of a movie and showcasing them in on-trend matte colors and striking graphics. The higher the range, the more detail you can capture at and between the extremes, and the more film-like your footage will appear. Clip also provides filmmakers the ability to effectively treat the phone as a key step in the production and postproduction processa€”from assembling location-scouting footage and dynamic storyboarding to creating a rough cut for export to Premiere Pro. Clip offers titling features and a Sync To Music feature that lets you automatically sync your cuts to the beat of your soundtrack.
Met een nieuw wisselscherm is het voor gebruikers mogelijk om zich alleen op bepaalde audio- of videodelen van een clip te richten, wanneer dat nodig is. Anamorphic lenses capture a wider aspect ratio by optically squeezing the image that gets captured by the camera.
Structure Your Design With LayersOrganizing your artwork into layers will help you keep different elements on your poster easy to lock, unlock, hide and edit. Introduce Texture and ColorAn alternative movie poster doesn’t have the same purpose as a commercial movie poster.
Choose Fill Frame Proportionally from the Controls panel running along the top of the workspace, or double-click in the frame to directly select the image and use Shift to resize, until the paper fills the frame as best it can.Step 2Return to the Layers panel and Lock the Paper Background layer. Adjust the Fill Color to Mustard.Return to the Layers panel and Lock the Color Background layer. Simple Graphics Make a StatementFor this poster we’re going to be giving a unique spin on the poster design for the indie movie ‘Like Crazy’. Position in the lower right corner of the page, as shown.Step 3Take the Line Tool (\) from the Tools panel and, holding Shift, drag your mouse from left to right to create a line about 245 mm in Length. Pull the Gradient Stops a little closer together, and flip the direction of the gradient by clicking the button to the right of the sliding scale. Edit the text to read just a single letter, ‘E’, and position to the right of the ‘LIK’ text frame.
Apply the gradient to just the ‘C’ text frame, and allow the gradient to fade from right to left instead.Step 3Remaining still on the Typography layer, take the Type Tool (T) and create a new, smaller text frame.
Type ‘FELICITY JONES’ into the frame and set the Font to Futura Book, Size 70 pt, Align Right and Font Color [Paper]. Great work!Step 3If you’d like to export your poster ready for sending to professional printing, go up to File > Export, selecting Adobe PDF (Print) from the drop-down menu. Set the Adobe PDF Preset to Press Quality.Make sure to include Printer’s Marks and your pre-prepared Bleed before you hit the Export button.Ta-dah!
Congratulations!ConclusionFan-art movie posters are really fun to put together, and can present movies in a completely different light to the studio-generated designs.

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