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As most should know already, the default Oak architecture you get with AEM 6 stores the binary content (files like images, videos, pdfs, etc) within the repository tar files. Now for most Sites use cases where your authors create alot of content and occasionally upload a pdf or image, this setup is just fine. Before we start, you should update your Oak version on AEM 6 to the latest Adobe supplied version. You’re going to need alot of disk capacity during the migration as the process creates a new datastore directory with all the data as well as a new repository directory and segment store. Copy your oak-upgrade jar to the base install directory – parallel to the main aem quickstart jar. The output of this command should be bunch of RepositorySidegrade INFO messages and a new repo directory with a segmentstore with tar files and a datastore directory with a bunch of two character long directories.
After a bit of research into how each mongo element is used and its performance characteristics, I arrived at the following sleek(er) configuration of servers. The examples provided were tested using an OS X host but should be compatible on Windows as well as other Unix hosts.
You can now repeat this process on any number of AEM instances as long as they are running on separate ports. To test out the fault tolerance, just ctl+c the mongo instance and watch the AEM driver switch to the elected PRIMARY.
When you install a new instance of Adobe Experience Manager a bunch of content is provided as Sample content.

The good part is that now we also have a  run mode option for installing or not installing the sample content while installing CQ from command line. Once CQ gets installed you verify that none of the Geometrixx related content should have got installed.
Published October 31, 2013  The leading software for photo editing including Photoshop Elements & Lightroom. However, if you want the best performance and the ability to share your data store with other instances, then you should go with an external data store like FileDataStore which we’ll focus on here.
Please test thoroughly on non-production instances before considering attempting this on a working production instance.
You are doubling your disk needs temporarily as the end result is basically two copies of your repo. In addition to the binary data being copied, some of the Oak indexes will most likely need to be re-indexed (automatically). As you can see, if you were to place each element on its own server you’d end up with alot of servers.
There should be a PRIMARY and SECONDARY with an aribter node to break up any ties for voting who is the PRIMARY. The main requirement was being able to preview these images while the author is creating content for that page. Now when you go back to your content page you should have 2 different tabs and both having the image drag and drop functionality.

By sample content I am referring to the Geometrixx sites (Geometrixx, Geometrixx Mobile, Geometrixx Outdoors and Geometrixx Outdoors Mobile) that are provided as samples and references. Our last 7 alerts have delivered combined gains in excess of 300% and there are no signs of slowing down. However, there are probably times you want to eek out every bit of performance optimizations that you can after initial rollout.
Startup took around 2 minutes to complete and I have yet to find anything wrong with the new system.
This should be fairly simple and if you need any information on this leave a comment and I can help. You can extend this concept for more images as long as you make sure the properties are updated correctly for the image cq:Widget.
This post will provide a real working example of a minimal authoring cluster using a fault-tolerant MongoDB microkernel.
The Street was already baking in seasonal factors and sequential improvement from the shift to ratable recognition. Notably, analysts use the midpoint of Q3 guidance as a measure of whether the forecast is positive or negative.

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