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This introductory lecture gives the motivation for the course, some information about the people involved and the organization of the course, a high-level overview of the course's topics, and an overview of the assignments which are an important part of the course program. The Web is, in the words of its creator Tim Berners-Lee, a "global information space." The Web is relatively new, but the vision of a global information space is at least a century old. There is no practical obstacle whatever now to the creation of an efficient index to all human knowledge, ideas and achievements, to the creation, that is, of a complete planetary memory for all mankind. Discussions on Hypertext have sometimes tackled the problem of copyright enforcement and data security. Like earlier attempts at building a "global information space", the Web was designed in response to the information management needs of large-scale, institutional science.
The Web is composed of standards: rules and practices to which technologies must adhere if they are to be considered part of the Web.
Next week we will begin looking at Web standards in detail, starting with HTML (the HyperText Markup Language). It can be hard to understand web technologies without a basic understanding of filesystems, directory structure, and file paths. Some URL paths are not translated into file paths at all, but are interpreted in other ways (e.g. Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) have been designed as a language for better separating presentation-specific issues from the structuring of documents as provided by HTML. Looking back at these early visions can give us a sense of the recurring problems in human communication and information management to which the Web was intended be a solution. Suppose I could program my computer to create a space in which anything could be linked to anything. These are of secondary importance at CERN, where information exchange is still more important than secrecy.

Earlier hypertext systems did not allow for broken links, and thus required central coordination. Tim Berners-Lee was able to build upon previous technologies and incorporate ideas from previous systems to meet these needs. Most of these standards are developed by standards bodies, organizations that publish documents defining Web technologies. This lecture provides an overview of these topics and shows how web servers build upon these fundamentals. It introduces the basic functionalities of a browser; retrieval and rendering of Web pages. The conceptual structure and overall logical organization of a computer or computer-based system from the point of view of its use or design; a particular realization of this.
Organization, supervision, or direction; the application of skill or care in the manipulation, use, treatment, or control (of a thing or person), or in the conduct of something. Yet we must be careful to avoid seeing an unbroken line of technological progress where there was none: many of the pioneers of information management were forgotten, and later generations constructed their own pragmatic historical narratives.
The whole human memory can be, and probably in a short time will be, made accessible to every individual. All the bits of information in every computer at CERN, and on the planet, would be available to me and to anyone else. His emphasis on decentralization, use of existing infrastructure, and decision to make WWW technology freely available enabled it to spread and grow quickly.
But sometimes standards develop more organically, from technologies that become popular and are widely implemented without a formal process. In particular, we look at page titles, meta tags, inserting text and images, using lists, and creating simple tables.

Selectors specify to which elements of a document a set of declarations (each being a value assigned to a property) apply; in addition there is a model of how property values are inherited and cascaded. Any modern browser needs to support more than just HTTP and HTML; it must support CSS for stylesheets, JavaScript for scripted Web pages, various image formats, and popular applications such as Flash. The 1993 decision to allow commercial uses of the Internet, and suitability of Web technology for e-commerce, resulted in explosive economically-fueled growth. However they arise, Web standards are critical for the existence of the Web, and they can have enormous economic and societal impact.
Attributes can be used for more layout control in the HTML tags, but most layout issues are deferred until the CSS lecture.
The biggest limitation of CSS is that it cannot change the structure of the displayed document. In addition, browsers can support additional functionality such as off-line operation, or in general more application-oriented features such as AIR or Silverlight.
In the process of its remarkable growth, however, some of the properties of the early web were de-emphasized (e.g. It can be reproduced exactly and fully, in Peru, China, Iceland, Central Africa, or wherever else seems to afford an insurance against danger and interruption.
It is a matter of such manifest importance and desirability for science, for the practical needs of mankind, for general education and the like, that it is difficult not to believe that in quite the near future, this Permanent World Encyclopaedia, so compact in its material form and so gigantic in its scope and possible influence, will not come into existence.

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