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Scientists may disagree about the mechanism of evolution, but all agree evolution is a fact. Oscillating universe: our current universe is the latest in an infinite series of oscillating universes. The multiverse: we exist because our universe was naturally selected from an infinite number of unobservable universes.
Publishing radioactive dates without the error bars, and with anomalous results thrown out.
Straight out of Computex, ASUS has a pair of pretty little laptops that boast fantastic 4K screens, while still coming in pretty damn slim. And then if you are inclined to (try to) use all the pixels on that screen for gaming, ASUS also announced the ROG GX500, basically a black version of the NX500, but with a Nvidia GTX 860M inside for graphics. No word on pricing or availability for either yet, but the 4K laptops are certainly coming.

Even on gaming, with my 28 inch 4k monitor (was a present), I dont feel like im getting a better experience then when i was on a 1080p one. Much like the city in which it was originally founded, the annual Burning Man festival has gentrified, and its wealthier attendees have been criticised for building walled-off compounds and bringing private chefs in the name of comfort.
SpaceX has released some new information on what it will cost you to send a satellite into orbit aboard their Falcon 9 or Falcon 9 Heavy rockets. Marissa Mayer may be the captain of Silicon Valley's version of the Titanic, but that doesn't mean she's going to drown with her angry shareholders and discarded Yahoo verticals. Sure, when i go back to the 1080p i notice it, but i still think i would be just as happy with the 1080p, and be blissfully ignorant. That's why a group of longtime Burners who also happen to be tech company millionaires decided to break off and start their own festival. Instead, she'll be rolling around in nearly $US55 ($71.6) million worth of cash, stock options and other assorted benefits.

And to push its pixels, it packs an Intel Core i7 processor, a Nvidia Geforce GTX 850 and 16GB RAM.
Will it actually be of value to most people who will be doing web browsing and video (non 4k) watching for 99% of the time?
For reference, that’s ever-so-slightly thicker and heavier than a 15-inch Macbook Retina Pro, but with an even crazier screen.

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