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January 21, 2013 By Julie J 3 Comments This vintage advertisement includes illustrations of free gifts you could have earned with an annual subscription to Babyhood magazine in the winter of 1897. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Julie is a vintage enthusiast and a Photoshop addict who loves to take pictures, scrapbook and cook.She collects old books and new recipes. We’ll be creating most of the design in Adobe Photoshop, so let’s say this is just a Photoshop tutorial! If you want, you can set up some rulers in the center of your document so you know where to place all of your elements later on.
This is an optional step, it’s regarding the rulers that you saw in the above screenshot (where I added the gradient in). Converting them to smart objects will allow you to edit them freely later without losing the image quality.
There are some other nice elements in that free sample pack, so feel free to use whatever you need to make your design look great.
I think the design could do with some more floral elements or something like that, so I recommend you search the web and try a heap of different things.
To get our latest articles, subscribe to RSS feed or sign up for our free email newsletter. I haven’t used illustrator in forever, and this has made me want to use it again… I like the way you made that ribbon, very useful stuff! Anine: you just have to select a shape (using one of the selection tools) and copy (CTRL+C), go to your Photoshop document and paste (CTRL+V). This is just a little blog dedicated to finding (and contributing) great web design resources for all!

Invert the background layer using ctrl+i and make a new layer, with soft round brush paint some blue areas behind the car. I think it is a little bit too dark, so we use the adjustment layer – curves and brighten it up. On new layer, make the left corner a little dark, the light is not going there so strong, that is why we make it darker. Once you’ve added some stock photos, now you can paint the rest with a small brush, use the same colours like the tree and start to paint your wooden root. I found some stock photos of the stones and put it on the bottom of the project, also add one more wooden root on the left.
The same stones I put on the left background, that give as an effect, like the car is staying on rocks.
So some random vines will on purpose grow out of the ground to stop my sh*tty car from moving foward and ruining the environment.
You’ll probably have more control over the colors though if you use RGB as the color mode. Before you start transforming or editing your stocks though, you should first right-click them in the layers palette and convert them to smart objects. Open this in Illustrator and take a few pieces from it and place them in your Photoshop document.
I added a similar layer style (as above) to the tree layer, except I lowered the opacity slightly and made it a bit larger. Sometimes this takes a while to get right, just go through your font collection and find the right font combination. If I missed something out, or you need help with anything, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Then copy a few of the shapes from the Illustrator document into your poster design (in Photoshop).
But then it became super blurry, and I am confused as to why since I thought vectors will remain sharp. Don’t forget about the shadows, paint it with a soft round brush just like we did for the car shadows. This is always a good thing, because birds show you the scale of the illustration… the same is with the people on the images. I personally would have left out the birds, or moved them to a slightly darker part of the image as they are a little distracting to me.
We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. I scanned the image larger than it appears in the magazine plus created each of the items in black and white clipart format.
You can either create your own, download some for free, or buy some for a couple of bucks (credits). If any the edges of the brush look a little dodgy in some areas, don’t worry about it, we can conceal that later! Select a texture, place it over your canvas and mess with layer modes, opacities and level adjustments (for the texture itself). Unfortunately the PSD file from this tutorial was way too large for me to upload, so I hope you can do without it (for now, at least).

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