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Adidas has celebrated Barcelona’s Lionel Messi breaking the record for scoring the most goals during a calendar year, with the release of an advert.
Messi broke the record, previously held by former Bayern Munich player Gerd Muller, when he scored his 86th goal in 2012 last night. Adidas, who’s boots Messi wears, then released an ad featuring both an old Addidas black boot and a new yellow one, with both records placed beneath. Muller had held the record for 40 years, with Messi surpassing the 85 goals mark when he scored both goals for Barcelona to beat Real Betis 2-1 last night (9 December).
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The magazine is filled with stories and advertisements (almost all for York Barbell) about building the perfect physique, rejuvenating your sex life and techniques, weightlifting, the world's strongest men, personal success stories of everyday bodybuilders around the nation, and more.
Some of those names might not mean much to us, by they were superstars in the world of bodybuilding and strongmen in the first half of the 20th century, and Strength and Health magazine knew that name-dropping those individuals would certainly help with the sales of Hoffman's various products from York Barbell. I'm Chris Otto, a journalist who also enjoys exploring the worlds of books, ephemera, history, folklore and knowledge.
One the most interesting lives I've come across while writing Papergreat is the that of Lada Draskovic . This advertisement comes from the 1910 Wanamaker Diary that I've been blogging about throughout the year.

Saturday, Joan, Sarah and I attended a homeschooling association curriculum fair here in York County. Gelatin molds, for some inexplicable reason 1 , have remained one of the running themes of Papergreat over the years. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. In fact, many people can use this ibeacon device for specific uses, such as for shopping, entertainment, education, business and many more. It is great to use this feature from now on if you are the one who like to spend free time shopping at mall and department store. With good media of advertisement that is available in Cubeacon, it can make you find easier to find the best product that you need. No personal information is collected, stored, or distributed as a result of your visit to our site.
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