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Yesterday, T-Mobile USA took to their Facebook page to tease their 4G LTE, which is still in its infancy stage.
Long story short, it is going to be an uphill battle in terms of playing catch up, but at this point, there is no rush.
We saw a few of our readers saying they would make the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile as soon as 4G LTE came to them. While vast areas of their network remain GPRS and EDGE, in 2013 that’s just plain sad. Being able to use any unlocked GSM phone, have updates as soon as they are available, and use my phone overseas are worth more to me than Verizon’s coverage. The exact reason Obama was elected then reelected, hype was too strong and too many uninformed people who a slogan or a rhyme will conquer over facts and performance.. For me it would be price, GSM phones (can buy Nexus phones directly from Google), and unlimited data. I would love to switch to t-mobile but their coverage is an issue where I live and travel between Ga and SC.

The unlimited everything monthly plan is also about $70 as well which is about $50 less than what I am currently paying. HSPA+ download speeds are about 15mbs in my neighborhood which is the same as what I’m getting right now with VZW. Straight Talk has some serious limitations though, best bet would be to go directly to tmobile value plans.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. It was reported last week that their first market was to go live in Las Vegas any day now, but it looks like they are still waiting to flip the switch. Being grandfathered on unlimited data is the only thing that has kept me there but now that they are axing that I’m out. To save me it will require something like the Motorola X phone unlocked and reasonably priced.
That is still probably the best plan I’ve seen in the US though – I wonder how many of you really *need* unlimited data!

My wife has already made the switch and as soon as my contract is up in April, I’m jumping the magenta train as well. I won’t argue that VZW has the best coverage, they just have the worst customer policies. Upload speed is where HSPA+ takes the hit, but I can deal with that until the LTE network hits my area. The main reason is the fact that VZW decided to stop grandfathering in unlimited data customers. Sad when marketing wins over even the mildly informed consumers (which is what I consider most DL readers; a step above the average).

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