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According to Designer Giovanni Tondini of GT Graphics, instead of giving the brand a unique identity, generic logos give the company an anonymous image, eschewing the brand’s strong points and history.
The use of the font style “satisfaction” has been a common fixture for brands trying to project class with a personal touch, but instead of appearing as a personalized signature, these logos are so similar that the font has become much more like the font style “papyrus” for brands trying to project “mystery”. Every industry related to real estate: sales, leasing, construction, or even repairs, has probably one company with a logo under a roof. Seeing a logo under this trend can give a consumer an eerie sense of familiarity, because most of the companies in the health industry have been using logos of trees with people or hands as their trunks.
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The most successful companies have perfected their logos throughout the years and some are even constantly updating their logos to keep up with their brands’ evolving identities. In an industry where renovations are considered as routines, brands should not be built on outdated cliches. The companies who follow this trend have initially planned to project belongingness and being natural, but the similarity of these logos is unnaturally overwhelming. A good logo does not need to follow a trend, and since it should reflect the company’s strongest points, borrowing from other brands is never a good idea.
But with the landscape of today’s market, logos are becoming more and more generic, to the point that the use of logos becomes more of a requirement than a tool for recall.

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