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Marketing Communications & Advertising 12 Prepared by Deborah Baker Texas Christian University Revised chapter Dr. 394 Learning Objective 12-2 Marketing Communicatio 0 n Communication The process by which we exchange or share meanings through a common set of symbols. 394 Learning Objective 12-2 Marketing Communication The Communication Process Originator of the message in the communication Sender process. 397 Learning Objective 12-2 Marketing Communication Characteristics of Public Relations B B ..
397 Learning Objective 12-2 Marketing Communication Characteristics of Sales Promotion C C . 397 Learning Objective 12-2 Marketing Communication Characteristics of Personal Selling D D ..
398 Learning Promotion Goals,0 12-3 Promotion Goals, Objective Tasks & AIDA Concept PERSUASION OBJECTIVE • Encourage brand switching SWITCH PHONE CO • Change customers’ perception HUYNDI CARS of product attributes ???
399 Learning 12-3 Promotion Goals, Objective Tasks & AIDA Concept The AIDA Concept Model that outlines the process for achieving promotional goals Action in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message. 407 Learning Discuss The Effect Of 12-5 Objective Advertising Advertising and Market Share ? New brands spend proportionately more for advertising than old ones. 408 Learning Discuss The Effect Of 12-5 Objective Advertising Advertising and the Consumer ? Average U.S. Learning 411 12-6 Discuss Creative Decisions In Objective Developing An Ad Campaign Advertising Campaign A series of related advertisements focusing on a common theme, slogan, and set of advertising appeals. 411 Learning 12-6 Discuss Creative Decisions In Objective Developing An Ad Campaign Steps in Creating an Advertising Campaign Step 1.
411 Learning 12-6 Discuss Creative Decisions In Objective Developing An Ad Campaign Step 2A.
412 Learning 12-6 Discuss Creative Decisions In Objective Developing An Ad Campaign Unique Selling Proposition Desirable, exclusive, and believable advertising appeal selected as the theme for a campaign. 416 Learning 12- 8 Media Decisions in Objective 12- 8 Advertising Cooperative Advertising An arrangement in which the manufacturer and the retailer(s) split the costs of advertising the manufacturer’s brand. 420 Learning 12- 8 Media Decisions in Objective 12- 8 Advertising Factors Influencing Media Mix Decisions Cost per The cost of reaching one Contact member of the target t market. 422 Learning 12- 8 Media Decisions in Objective 12- 8 Advertising Media Scheduling Continuous Advertising is run steadily Media Schedule throughout the period. This entry was posted in Marketing and tagged communications integrated marketing marketing public relations Assignment First Draft Date Word Count LaQuinta Yasheaka on December 10, 2012 by La-Quinta Munford.
Integrated marketing is a management concept designed to make all aspects of marketing communications (such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing) work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation.

The concept of integrated marketing only came into practice within the last 20 years, so if you were stumped by the term, have no worries!
Researching the core principles of integrated marketing is the best way to gain a better understanding of what IMC is.
Since integrated marketing is a blend of departments, companies that use it intend to get the most out of their marketing communications campaigns. Advertising: Can successfully reach a large number of consumers, but can come with an expensive price tag radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, Internet, and billboards.
Direct Marketing: Used to encourage direct responses to radio and TV, in order to reach targeted audiences to increase sales and test new products and alternate marketing tactics. Public Relations: Builds trust by presenting the product, company or person in a positive light. Many companies are still adjusting to the field and may not have a position for an integrated marketing specialist available, but many expect their departments to come together and implement integrated strategies.
I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, so marketing strategy is not something that I am an expert on, and when I attempted to learn about integrated marketing communications in the classroom, I found that my textbooks contained literally two pages on IMC.
That being said, I’d be interested in hearing how other young professionals were introduced to integrated marketing communications. Share your experience and how it helped you better understand the concept of integrated marketing communications by leaving a comment below. About La-Quinta MunfordCreative, spontaneous and full of laughter, are three things that describe La-Quinta! Reply ↓ TrinidineWissen December 26, 2012 at 9:51 am What is Integrated Marketing Communications? If you interesting in "Marketing Communications & Advertising" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template. Promotion Communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response and then reassures. Functions of Public Relations Executes Evaluates public Executes programs to attitudes programs to “win” public Ecology Curbside Identi ti fies areas Programs of f public interest Recycling Publicity: Public information (good or bad ) about a company, good, or service appearing in the mass media as a unpaid news item. Integrated Marketing Communications A method of careful y coordinating al promotional activities to produce a consistent, unified message that is customer focused. Frito Lay Baked vs Frito Lay Regular ? A certain level of exposure is needed to affect purchase habits.
Enhance Institutional corporation’s identify Advertising Advocacy Advertising Designed to enhance a Mobil Oil Bud Responsible company’s image rather than Drinking prom om ote a particular product.
Product Advertising • Stimulates primary demand for Pioneering new product or category Saturn Western Products in Russia • Influence demand for brand in the Competitive growth phase of the PLC.

The number of target consumers Reach exposed to a commercial at least once during a time period. With so many definitions, books, courses and articles about integrated marketing communications (IMC) it is hard to stick with just one perspective and since it’s still developing, it is mainly defined by the organization that practices it.
If you can identify what concepts and tools best relate to your professional experience, you will be able to understand what areas of IMC require additional expertise and what areas belong to a young professional with your skill sets. Keep in mind that IMC is a mixture of marketing, public relations, advertising and other fields, so you may find that understanding integrated marketing will give you a leg up in your field. By strategically identifying the target audience’s needs, wants, interests, and expectations, an IMC team can incorporate the best tools and concepts from each area in its communicate plan.
Become acquainted with successful and unsuccessful integrated marketing communications campaigns and strategies. So, if becoming informed means taking an additional course in public relations or marketing—do it! I learned about IMC through internships and my own research, which made up for the lack of information available during my undergrad years. A self-described PR junkie, small business owner and mother of two wonderful boys, she obtained her bachelor's degree in communications and public relations from Montclair State University. For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file.
Public The marketing function that Relations evaluates public attitudes, identifies areas within the organization that the public may be interested in, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance. Personal Two people communicate in order Selling to influence each other Traditional Relationship Selling Selling Planned presentation to Accomplishment of one or more prospective mutual objectives.
Pioneering Product Advertising Competi ti tive Designed to tout the benefits Comparative of a specific good or service.
If you are a public relations or marketing major looking to enter a company with an IMC department, be sure to learn and understand how public relations and marketing are different, how they overlap, and most importantly how they compliment one another. Without internships, I would not have been able to see how integrated marketing programs can be used to benefit a campaign. Audience The ability of an advertising Selectivity medium to reach a precisely defined market.

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