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In association with Method UK, David worked on a number of projects for the yearly Top Gear Live event, held at various venues across the UK. This advert appeared in many tabloid and broadsheet newspapers nationally, as well as magazines and other media. Several online banners were created, animated and eye catching for use on websites with significant viewership. Without a successful cover, it is unlikely that your book will get the attention that it deserves. DESIGN MANDATE: Design a book cover for an investment company whose focus is on 'green' and 'clean' investing.

If you'd like to sell your photos, just click the Big Stock Photo link below and get started.
If you feel you'd be a creative asset to our team, if you need to sub-contract some design work, or you just have an opportunity that you'd like to discuss, please forward your request, portfolio, or resume by email, or simply give us a call. The Top Gear live advertising campaign featured the Stig, and the presenters from the show.
Assuming you want to sell as many copies as possible, this is your single most important element of your marketing campaign and will enhance the salability of your book. They'll give you the opportunity to summarize your book, and tell the reader as much as you can (within a small space) to ensure that they understand the content or theme of your writing.

Typeface, size of typeface, leading, linespacing, margins, and layout all affect the overall reading experience of your book.
Each advert was dynamic and had to give a flavour of the event without giving too much away.

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