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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A list of non-traditional advertising tools that fit the bill for small businesses and grab customers' attention. Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Traditional Advertising Low-level of engagement with many people Non- traditional Advertising Offering information to a selected few that can influence others. Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Traditional Advertising You often have to choose one channel against the other because of cost considerations.
Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Traditional Advertising Offers the same information to all recipients. Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Traditional Advertising First and foremost, you need money.
Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Traditional Advertising Examples: printed, radio, TV ads, flyers etc. Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Generating buzz and WOM -Quite unlikely to do this by using traditional methods, especially if you’re on a limited budget; -More likely to achieve this employing rather atypical methods and tools. Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Guerilla Marketing -the use of low-cost, unconventional methods (like grafitti) meant to ‘stop Location is a key aspect of this tactic, usually seen on consumers in their tracks’ the street. Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Content Marketing -people pay attention to things they care about; - marketers should first offer them something of value before ‘pushing for a sale’.
Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Digital Signage is like having your own TV channel that only presents relevant information to your company and its audience.
Non- traditional Advertising for Small Businesses Digital Signage is all about location- based, Internet- powered communications that are timely, fresh and accurate and fit the bill for SME’s.

You can advertise with effective reach and frequency, even if yours is a small enterprise with a very limited budget. Small-business proprietors often view advertising with frustration and a sense of futility.
If you operate a small business that meets a need or fills a market niche, and your business is growing slowly without advertising, I can promise that radio advertising would be effective for you.
In time, radio’s powerful “magic snowball” will magnify listeners’ perceptions of your ads and your advertising budget will seem six to eight times greater than it is. When Bill and Shirley visited me a few years ago, Bill shook my hand and said, “Here’s the man who made me rich.” But he was wrong.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Non- traditional Advertising Tools are cost-efficient and you don’t have to discriminate against them because of money. Non- traditional Advertising Offers time & location- sensitive information that suits your audience.
Non- traditional Advertising Examples: guerilla marketing, content marketing, digital signage. Use a PFP (Planned Fixed Position) schedule designed to assure effective reach and frequency.
These instructions apply to larger budgets, too, with the difference being the time or patience required.
Take, for example, the story of Bill and Shirley Naill and Artistic Cleaners in Wichita, Kansas.

What enabled his enterprise to prosper was the entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork of Bill and Shirley, a great marketing bridge, and hard work. It demonstrates how the power of radio amplifies the smallest of budgets, making it the only advertising medium whose benefits are available to every enterprise in America, regardless of size.
Digital signage allows me to supply all the news I need and publish them straight from my offices to our sites” Review Systems Sectors using it: Retail Education Healthcare Public sector To learn more about it download our whitepaper. Don’t be seduced into using other advertising media or promotional gimmicks that could fragment your limited budget.
You should be comfortable paying the bill every month without counting on your advertising to immediately increase your revenue.
Over time you will achieve the magic snowball effect that multiplies your schedule exponentially. As the amount of money spent intelligently on advertising rises, the time needed to achieve reach and frequency with a station’s audience decreases. Their success at their small 12.5-footstorefront building enabled them to establish several branch locations in the Wichita area, as well as a highly-profitable tux and bridal gown rental business.
I merely executed the radio campaign that told his story through the exclusive and effective use of one radio station. Growing your business through word-of-mouth can be the last gasp of a company that has dribbled away its limited budget on an unproductive media campaign.

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