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Creative advertising ideas is not just about having which advertisement is the boldest, loudest and eye-popping visual effects. In this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas we will go and sit in extremely cold cinema to prove a point, change a key to escape, bring back someone we loved and build a quirky machine just so we can have the best parts of a sweet treat. Havas Worldwide advertising agency was tasked to create a campaign that would help launch a donation campaign.
Being stuck inside the cubicle or being tied down in front of the computer all day can be exhausting and escaping once in awhile is the only solution. Last week we featured David Neevel’s quirky machine used to take out the cream of the Oreo cookie. Creative Advertising Ideas : Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas. Celebrating and promoting upcoming talents since 1998, Young Director Awards is a recognized fringe event of the Cannes Lions. To create a good brand interaction McDonalds Helsinki, Finlad along with DDB challenge their customers to create and name a possibly best hamburger in the world. Dogs are adorable but their poop is not specially when their owners don’t clean it up. Before we head to a close we would like to say thank you for the support and we appreciate you guys a lot! It is the weekend again and we are jotting down some of the best and creative advertising ideas that we have all over the internet for your inspiration.
For this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas we are featuring Brazilian Luthiery, Kian for their one of a kind guitar poster. Using the very same techniques of creating guitars, Kian has decided to create an amazing guitar poster for their advertisement. Belgians are always wary of the weather and this was proven that 3 million people consult the images of meteo-cams on the Belgian coast.
Using a simple, straight-forward and an old-school approach to make their audience intrigued with their ad. A good illustration is totally useless without a narrative but in Gain’s latest advertisement, they have managed to create one that has a good amount of tension in it as well. That concludes this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas and we do hope that you guys got inspired! Check out few examples of truly innovative and out of box advertising campaigns both in print and outdoor advertising.
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AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Sometimes for an advertisement to be creative it has to step out of the norms and push boundaries.

This campaign spearheaded by FiftyFifty is to help the homeless and to educate the people  of how it is like to be homeless and sleep in the icy streets of Germany. This time David isn’t the only one working on clandestine projects in order to build a contraption to pick out parts of the Oreo cookie. Always on the look out for visually appealing stuff he scours the internet and the bustling city in search of inspiration.
Together with Ogilvy & Mather France they have created a series of simple yet useful outdoor ads that not only shows their brand but also helps to improve life in the city.
For their newest print ad, YDA is taunting their target viewers to not just satisfy themselves with Facebook likes, compliments by their girlfriends and their mothers but eventually aim higher. Their creative advertising idea is to focus on the creators and the hamburger’s uniqueness, DDB created a campaign that tries to show their hamburgers in a way not seen before. Meanwhile, Volkswagen takes 2 in this week’s list with their badly kerned billboard in Italy and a new type of wobbler in Belgium. Looking at Volkswagen’s latest outdoor advertisement the made use of bad kerning to show the automobile’s latest technology which is the Automatic Distance Control. To attract new customers to try out their cars, Volkswagen along with DDB Brussels created this new medium that they call meteo-wobblers.
They used a “fold-in” ad for their self-promotion wherein they have created an interactive experience that is straightforward and definitely cuts through the mountain of clutter.
A different and creative advertisement is sure to stir the monotony and add the buzz about the product.
In my 6th period class we have an assignment to create an ad either on an existing product or make one up and im not sure what to do it on. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Before the modern times the most creative an advertisement can get is by employing the use of witty words and entertaining images in order to catch people’s attention.
The agency asked the fans of the game on who are the most lovable characters of the two great games on social media site.
By sending out batches of 800 pieces a specially designed ESC key replacement to remind people working in the office that there is away to escape the daily grind of work.
Fans of Audrey Hepburn are delighted to see their favorite actress back on screen again creating an online buzz in Twitter. Meet Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup, Fienup likes cream while Kudrowitz loves the cookie part. We’d also like to hear your insights and if we missed something give us a beep at the comments section.
His tools for mass creation is a Canon 500D along with a wide array of lights and lenses plus a 4 year old (but still fighting) laptop. Today we are again counting down some of the creative advertising ideas for your inspiration!

Instead of putting up PSAs or public displays what McCann Madrid did is they went on a direct mail campaign.
Next is a no nonesense direct marketing ad for McMillan and lastly we are checking out some quirky illustrations for Gain. Using high quality materials they were able to craft an amazing looking guitar poster that plays and sounds like a guitar. Wobblers are basically those dangling little pieces of paper or plastic that is often seen in grocery aisles to take someone’s attention. About the McDonalds ads, I’m not a big fan of fast food, but they are pretty creative.
They handed out blankets with QR codes printed on them to the audience while showing a live video with the homeless being interviewed on what is happening on the theater. These special keys are sent out to prospective customers inviting them to test drive the latest Land Rover LR4 as an escape.
Despite the overwhelming support for the ad there still those who find the ad to be of bad taste but despite the on-going online debate, we here at YTD thinks that this advertisement of Galaxy made a really good use of CGI technology. Together they built a machine that separates the cream and the cookie parts for their satisfaction. Ads appear on television, as well as radio, newspapers, magazines and as billboards in streets and cities.
Presenting the Oscar Mayer Original Collection, ditching the tacky packaging and then making use of a more premium looking packaging. The campaign was so successful that the sign-ups for the test drives increased by 208% percent.
They try to get people to buy their products, by showing them the good rather than bad of their products. Other than the nasty surprise, the mail also comes a note that owners will be heavily fined if they ever again forget to clean up their dog’s nasty business.
These ideas and creative profiles are essential source of inspiration and learning for designers’ eye.
A You can learn from these advertising ideas and use it to fuel your ideas and start building your own creative concepts.During the marketing campaign, there are different ways to deliver your unique advertising idea to the audience or the viewer such as the outdoor that you can meet in the street banners and billboards.
I like to see new creative ideas for learning and enjoy abnormal advertising methods.This post includes some wonderful ideas for some house holding trademarks.
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