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Online Marketing plays a critical role in overall marketing mix of an organization, as the percentage of internet consumer spending grows, more and more businesses are allocating portions of their budgets to online advertising. Prabhat Media Creations- provide an integrated online advertising campaigns that exposes to prospective buyers. Occurring simultaneously with ad strategy, online media planning and placement is employed in an ongoing effort.
Facilitates bidding and controls budgets on thousands of keyword phrases for all of search engines. It’s a scientific fact the wording of titles and descriptions impacts click-through rates, especially for paid searches. 72 Advertising's graphic designers have been producing traditional newspaper advertising, posters, flyers and more for over 30 years. If marketing & advertising on the Internet for your product or service is your goal, allow me to let you in on a key piece of information:The online marketing a€?spacea€? has changed drastically over the last couple of years.
My SEO strategy saves you time because I know how to find extremely low competition keywords that allow you to rank high in the search engines quicklya€¦and, I allow you to benefit from the fact that my business is the running of this very website where your one page business listing will appear.Since Ia€™m constantly adding new content and pages to the site, the search engines love to rank its pages high in their search results and keep those listings.

To drive return on investment or return on advertising spend, a thorough and diversified online advertising strategy must be in place, one that combines PPC, PPA, PPI and social media marketing tactics for optimal performance of the campaign.
Once a campaign begins, we track pertinent information such as traffic, conversions and user behaviour. Target budgets for PPC and PPI campaigns are set, while ideas for creative and promotional campaigns are conceived and organized.
It ties in closely with analytics to determine which networks, creative ads and keywords are yielding the best conversion rates. For example, using the same titles and descriptions for “cars” and “used cars” is a classic mistake and lost targeting opportunity.
The goal is to design a series of interactive banner ads relative to different types of products.
Even though we now focus mainly on Internet advertising, there is still a place in today's wired world for newspaper ads. OR,Log countless hours on your computer trying to compete with the hundreds, or even thousands, of websites in your niche?I know the answer is obvious but with the reality that more people use Google than the Yellow Pages in our modern times, ita€™s vital that you and your business appear at the top of the search engines in order to survive.

Gone are the days when you could put up a website or webpage, become ranked well for your relevant search terms and then benefit forever from those rankings.Today, a search engine like Google expects to see websites constantly updated with new, fresh information. Our approach to online advertising combines creative messaging with required back-end analysis, to see what’s working and what could work better. Time-consuming as it is, Nine Digital experiments with variations and writes targeted copy for each keyword phrase to ensure optimal client benefit.
Contact us today and let our years of experience make your next newspaper ad more effective.

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